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Every day we look for more information on the internet, it is a fact, we need agility in the acquisition of knowledge and the Internet is the tool that gives us the greatest capacity in this regard. Knowing new sites, being up to date with technological innovations, knowing which services I should access and which not, is a great capacity that without the Internet today would either be very expensive or we would not be able to obtain it.

Millions of companies from all sectors compete daily to stand out on the Internet. They use blogs, try to be exaggeratedly present on social networks, devise strategies and practice increasingly surprising techniques to get you to click their button.

It is a race in which everyone fights to come first. This happens in all business areas, from food, fashion, automotive or any service company.

There are numerous portals that we can find on the internet where we can find news on tourism, innovation and technology, among others. But if there is one that attracts attention, especially if you are related to the part of Mexico, that is Conexión Abastur, a site where you can find all kinds of news about exhibitions and conferences related to restaurants, hotels, catering, tourism and innovation and technology.

With the Premium option for those who may have a special interest, you can become part of an exclusive community of hotel, restaurant, catering and cafeteria professionals, as well as access to exclusive content about conferences, specialized reports, e-books, and much more.

Conexión Abastur regularly publishes a large number of articles. In addition, this portal does not do any "rehash", that is, it does not copy content previously published in another blog and reuses it. Conexión Abastur creates original content and has a peculiar way of writing: direct and concise.

It is precisely in this portal where you can always find the latest news about the Abastur fair, which, for those who do not know, is the largest business platform in all of Latin America, capable of bringing together suppliers and buyers for three days most important for the industry hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and catering, and which is usually carried out in person between the end of August and the beginning of September. Here you will be able to enjoy the latest trends, technology and news in this constantly growing industry. This portal is one of the most popular for all those who are looking for news and topics of interest on the topics already discussed previously at a global level. Its success is due to the fact that it includes a great diversity of topics in the same space, always keeping in mind the needs of the Spanish-speaking public.

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