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Guide with the BEST to visit DISNEYLAND PARIS (eurodisney) this 2024 with accommodations to sleep in.

Cheap and economical accommodations to sleep at Disneyland Paris

Kyriad Meaux Sud Nanteuil Les Meaux
blankblankblank Double Room from 33.6 EUR

Camping Le Parc de Paris
blankblankblank Bungalow room from 36.34 EUR

Adagio Serris Val d Europe
blankblankblank Room from 41 EUR

Campanile Val de France
blankblankblank Room from 44 EUR

Hôtel Le Cheval Blanc
blankblankblankblank Room from 40 EUR

Château de Sancy
blankblankblankblank Room from 43 EUR

Residhome Val d'Europe
blankblankblankblank Room from 43 EUR

Guide of Disneyland Paris (eurodisney)

Welcome to what is today the largest amusement park in Europe where you can enjoy all the magic of the Disney universe. Disneyland Paris It consists of two theme parks, Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios that delight children and adults alike.

Disneyland Paris is located in Marne-la-Vallée, an agglomeration of communes in the Seine-et-Marne department, east of Paris, France. The complex is mostly located in the commune of Chessy, 32 kilometers from the center of Paris.

Addition two theme parks, in Disneyland Paris there is a shopping and entertainment area (Disney Village), a golf (Golf Disneyland), seven Disney official hotels and seven other associated hotels.

In this article we are not going to tell you all the attractions and shows that you are going to find at the resort (which is what its official page is for), but those details that are necessary to know before going: how can you get there, when is the best time to go, passes, offers and discounts, tricks to avoid the tailsEtc. ...

Best places to stay in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Undoubtedly, staying in the hotels next to the park is the best option that exists, if it were not for the price of Accommodation is usually quite expensive if we compare it with the accommodations in the vicinity.

Given that the RER train from Paris takes about 45 minutes In arriving at the park, it is important to take into account the advantage of being housed right in the immediate vicinity. In addition, hotels in this area usually have a free shuttle bus to go and come from the hotel to the entrance of the park.

Another advantage of being in these hotels, is that they leave you enter the park an hour before the rest of the public with what to enjoy in the early hours of the attractions almost without queues makes it invaluable.

And I do not say anything to you anymore if you stay in the most expensive of them all which is right at the entrance of the park, you can almost go nap after lunch!

Val d'Europe

Val d'Europe is the largest shopping center in Europe, located only to 5 minutes from Disneyland on the train RER It is, without a doubt, one of the great options to stay on our trip to Disneyland Paris.

As you can imagine, the Accommodation prices are much more affordable than the hotels near Disneyland. This area is also very well connected thanks to the RER train, being able to go to the park on a trip that lasts only 5 minutes. This is important especially when you close the park at night, since a large part of the visitors return by train and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to make 40 minutes of traveling with the train to the top of people.

If you are interested in going to Paris, in 30 - 35 minutes you are at the Chatelet les halles stop, right in the center of the French capital and from where you can take other trains or even meters to go to other destinations.

In addition to the shopping center itself (which has everything you need), almost in front of the station there is a restaurant area where you can eat or dine well and cheaply. The area is residential and quiet, with what, it is ideal for a family trip.

Our lodging to go to Disneyland

About us we decided to stay in Val d 'Europe for several reasons: price, proximity to the park, residential area… And we have to tell you that everything was great! Christine, our hostess, took great care of us, look only at the detail that she left us as soon as we got a cake and some drink in the fridge as a welcome, quite a detail.

We took the accommodation for booking.com (of course) and it is an apartment that is called Appartement near Disney Parks (The truth is that they could have given it a slightly more descriptive name ...). Two rooms, a living room with a sofa bed as God commands, with a mattress where you can sleep great, large kitchen, several large closets ... and above all, taken care of with great care and detail.

After talking with the owner, we discovered that it is an apartment where many Spaniards usually stay, shame that the owner does not speak Spanish, but at least he spoke very good English so it was easy to make us understand. Both the shopping center and the RER train station are 5 minutes walk from the apartment, so getting to Disneyland was a 10-minute thing, a joy!

What is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris?

To go to Disneyland there are two important factors to look for, the tiempo on the one hand, and the ticket cost for another. Spring and autumn are the best times, the temperature is pleasant and the queues in the queues do not become so hard, imagine making an hour of queue with 30 degrees or more of heat (which is what can happen in summer). This is why it is preferable to avoid the months of July and August.

The cost of tickets is another very important factor to consider. Depending on the day you go, the price of one ticket per day and person can cost you up to 30 euros more. It is no joke if you are traveling as a family and are going to pay tickets for several days. The calendar with the price is usually updated on the park's own page (https://www.disneylandparis.com/es-es/tickets/entrada-1-dia/) that it costs to enter both the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios every day of the year.

How to get to Disneyland Paris (eurodisney) By plane

Probably the fastest way to get there, it's about taking a plane to Paris, either to Charles de Gaulle airport or Orly airport. Once there, you can take different transport options to get to Disneyland.

The Disneyland park itself offers a shuttle (magical shuttle buses) to go from the airports to the park, you can buy the tickets on the website (http://magicalshuttle.es/) or at the same airport to the bus driver, that is, it is more expensive than the traditional trip on the train. The journey lasts almost an hour and is free for children under 3 years.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

[search_flights city = ”paris”]

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From Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland Paris

From Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) you have it easy enough to get there by public transport to Disneyland. On the one hand, there is the option faster but more expensive, it's about taking the TGV from the airport itself, in less than 15 minutes it takes you to the vicinity of Disneyland Park.

If you do not want to spend so much money and do not hurry, the another option is to take the RER train from the airport. From the airport, take the B line of the RER train and get off at Chatellet les Halles. There you change and take line A of the RER train and in 40 minutes you stand in the park.

Of course you always have the option of the magical shuttle that commented at the beginning of the section.

From Orly airport to Disneyland Paris

From Orly the thing is a little more complicated (and expensive) to get to Disneyland, to begin with there is no TGV as in the CDG although yes you can use the magical shuttle.

If you are going to take the RER train, you have to know that there is no train station at Orly airport itself, so the first thing to do is take a shuttle (payment) It takes you to the Antony train station. There you can take line B of the RER train to CDG and you have to get off at Chatellet les Halles. There you change and take line A of the RER train and in 40 minutes you stand in the park. TheAll an adventure!

Reach Disneyland Paris by car

Several years ago we thought of going to Disneyland Paris by car, here there is little to say about it, put the GPS well, spend a lots of hours in the car and spend on gas and tolls, although, yes, it allows you to go your own way and rest whenever and wherever you want.

About us We went to Disneyland Paris by car and the approximate cost since we entered French lands and taking into account that we left from Bilbao, it was between the roundtrip about two diesel deposits + € 150 in tolls, if I remember correctly, there were about 16 tolls between roundtrips.

El parking at Disneyland It costs about € 8 an hour, or at least that is what the Disney Village parking cost us. If you are going to go by car from Paris, keep in mind that an adult trip to Disneyland is € 16, so round trip is € XNUMX per person (in my view, it is cheaper to pay for parking, truth).

Note on prices: keep in mind that the prices indicated will already be a bit outdated but they serve at least to guide you and get an idea of ​​the approximate cost.

Reach Disneyland Paris by campervan

Without a doubt it is one of the options that many people choose to get closer to enjoying Eurodisney, there there is a closed parking (called Pinocchio) which opens every day at 8:00 a.m. This car park is very close to the park and its cost ranges between 30-40 euros per night (as long as you don't have the annual pass, of course), a very cheap price if we travel with the whole family.

This price includes access to toilets with showers with hot water, water outlets, gray and black water drainage and 24 hour security. One thing you have to keep in mind: to enter Eurodisney motorhome parking you have to go through the lockers. If you arrive at night and are already closed, quiet, spend the night on the right side of the entrance until they open the lockers the next day.

If you are interested in renting a vehicle with these characteristics, here is a car rental comparator So you can see the best offer.

[search_cars city = ”disneyland”]

As advice we recommend Do not park too close to the door, because the music from the access to the park can be somewhat uncomfortable throughout the day. Eye, this parking is only for motorhomesIf you bring a caravan you will have to go to the car park (which is right next door). Caravans cannot “sleep” at Disneyland Paris, if this is your intention I am afraid that you will have no choice but to go to another car park such as Le Soleil de Crécy or Le Chêne Gris.

Tickets and transport tickets to Disneyland Paris

We have moved in the RER both from / to the airport and from / to Disneyland Paris, so we leave you with some indications that may be of help. There may be some other option but we have not tried it with what we can not recommend.

Important notice on the tickets and subway and train tickets: we have traveled paying on all the routes we have made but it is a pass especially in the center of Paris the amount of people who pass Olympic to validate the tickets and as soon as you see a canceller Open goes and sneaks. After having returned I recognize that we could perfectly not have paid half of the trips we have made and nobody would have caught us, but we did not do it and we were legal.

Paris Visite

This is the payment we used on our trip to Disney, we took it because after taking account it was cheaper to use the ticket than to continually take tickets. Be careful that there are two types, the one with 3 zones and the one with 5 zones. To move from / to the airport or from / to Disneyland, you will need the 5 zone. The subscription is purchased at any machine of any station.

You can too buy online on the airport page (https://www.parisaeroport.fr/en) and then you just have to pick it up at the airport itself avoiding the super tail which is mounted at the airport train station since everyone who has just landed starts buying train tickets. Yes, worth more expensive in this way (a subscription for an adult of 5 days and 5 zones cost 25 euros more).

Navigo Pass

Is cheaper payment there is, it is used by a large part of the French and it allows you to travel everywhere but…… it has two peculiarities that make it special. The first is that you need a personal photo with what you can no longer take out the payment on the machines but you have to go to an office. And the second is that, only valid from Monday to Monday with what, if it happens to you like us, that we arrived on a Saturday and marched on a Tuesday, it was worthless.

The great shows of Disneyland Paris

Depending on when you go to Disneyland you will find some performances or others as they change every few months, but there are two that are fixed and that are undoubtedly the essential ones to see and authentic sign of the park, it is the ride for the little ones at half afternoon (Disney Stars on Parade) and the final show of the night on the castle of beauty and the beast (Disney Illuminations).

In addition to these, depending on the month you go, you can find other shows about Star Wars, the King León, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Super Heroes, etc ...

Can you put food inside the Disneyland park?

This is a debate that I have seen in all kinds of forums, "In theory" you can not put food, but the reality is that the two times we have been, we have put food and nobody has told us anything.

Before entering the park you have to go through a area where backpacks and bags are checked. I personally have opened my backpack and have seen that I had sandwiches and they have not been taken from me, they usually let you through with it, but that does not mean you can stop it.

Note: The Food inside the park is very expensive, this is why many people decide to try to carry food in backpacks.

How to avoid queues at Disneyland Paris

I guess there will be skepticism with this but yes, there are ways (and not only those of payment) to reduce the waiting time in the queues At Disneyland Paris, I can assure you that we have been to Disneyland and the largest queue in which we have been has been half an hour, but yes, you have to organize very very well and bring things prepared ... Are you interested? Let's start!

Fast Pass Standard & Premium

The first and clearest is the Fast pass, we must be very clear about the functioning of this system and that, there is a paid version and another free.

The fast pass is a system that only have some attractions at Disneyland (usually the most popular) whereby, you approach a machine that is in each attraction and they give you an "appointment" so that you can ride the attraction at a specific time. This allows you to continue enjoying the park and return later at the time that you have been given to ride the attraction with a minimal queue. Take a good look at the attractions with fast pass since there are always two different queues to access, the standard (come on, the one to wait for) and the fast pass.

Ok, great, but what is the difference between standard fast pass (which has no cost) and payment?


  • Standard Fast Pass: with the entrance to the park everyone has the right to use the fast pass but with a big restriction And it is that, once you ask for a "date" in a fast pass machine of an attraction, until you come back and get on the attraction you can not request a new fast pass appointment in another attraction. Obviously, this limits (and a lot) its use, although with a bit of luck at least a couple of attractions you can remove quite a few lines.




  • Payment Fast Pass: It is expensive, go ahead, but it takes away the restriction of the standard fast pass of having to wait to ride the attraction for which you have chosen the fast pass so you can avoid many queues. Here it is already value each person what is most worth it, time or money?



It is a unwritten rule but the truth is that it works. If you go with a boy or girl and they are disguised, they are allowed to pass along with their companions through the fast pass queue, avoiding on the one hand, having to do the normal queue and on the other, “spending” a fast pass. Eye, the costume has to be the one of the corresponding attraction.

We what we have personally checked in the attractions of star wars and peter pan, as soon as they saw the costumes, they let us go through the tail of the fast pass without problems.

Yes, it is true that on one occasion the person in charge of a fast pass queue did not look at us too well when we asked if we could pass, but in the end it did not hurt us either. Face it and you will see how you save tails.

I insist: it is an unwritten rule, it's because the park staff does it in good faith, so if someone doesn't let you in, don't take it badly either.

Time Magic Extras

This is simple, if you stay in one of the seven Disney hotels from the park itself, you let in from 8.30 in the morning in any of the two parks. Taking into account that the rest of the mortals enter at 10:00, it must be recognized that it has its advantage, at least you have an hour and a half before the rest of the people, surely the lines are minimal.

This offer is also applicable in case you have a annual pass.

Reports & Certificates

We go with the last one, in theory and according to the official indications of Disneyland, if a person with a person comes to one of the two parks certified with a disability of at least one 33%, this person and 4 companions are given priority so that they do not have to queue.

The reality is that, in this sense, the Park staff has enough empathy and if a person appears who presents a report or certificate that shows certain problems, they do not usually put up with you and give you a special pass that allows access without queues to the attractions.

Again and as with the costumes, the only written standard It is the issue of 33% disability certification. Do not take it badly if the park staff put you in any way.

El special pass you give it both in the city ​​hall (right at the entrance to the left) of Disneyland Park or the Information Office of the Walt Disney Studios (right at the entrance to the right).


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