DisneyWorld: Enjoy with the children the best amusement park

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Easter is getting closer and closer and there are already many families who organize a little getaway for some of those days. For families with children there can be many truly ideal places in the world, where the little ones can learn a new culture and have fun, but the truth is that there is none in the world as ideal as DisneyWorld.

Although this theme park has two or three replicas around the world, one of the closest is in Paris. However, there are already many Spaniards who have set foot in this French capital to visit Disney, but few have chosen to leave the European continent aside to travel to the theme park located in the United States. So that, Be a little more original and take your little ones to the American DisneyWorld this year, and thus live a unique experience, for which you will only have to do the ESTA application. to be able to travel and enter the American country.

What is ESTA authorization?

This is the authorization that will allow you travel to the United States for a maximum period of 90 days. During this time, it is possible to freely enter and leave the North American territory for tourism, business or transits to another country. It is important to remember that With this visa it is not possible to enter the United States in order to work and reside there, because for this there are other types of authorizations. Thus, it is the key authorization to travel to DisneyWorld.

In order to process the ESTA application, all you need to do is meet certain requirements, including being a member of one of the 38 countries it establishes, not having a criminal record, not having any contagious disease that could endanger health public, not having been denied entry into the United States for any reason and not having exceeded on any previous occasion, the period of 90 days that this visa marks.

Once the application is approved, you just have to start the family plan to travel to one of the best theme parks in the world, DisneyWorld. It is recommended to apply for a visa well in advance before booking a hotel and flight to the country, since problems can always arise in the application procedures or that it is denied for any reason.

At Disneyworld, children will be able to live a dream vacation, in the company of their favorite characters from the different Disney movies and trying out the different attractions that the park presents. If the option of spending a lot of time in the park can be a bit tedious for parents, you can always book a hotel outside of Disney, specifically in downtown Orlando, and spend an entire day visiting the park.

In this way, children will be able to enjoy the magic of Disney a lot, but they will also be able to spend time visiting a new culture (the North American), visiting new places and learning about the history of the country.


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