Where to eat in the center of Madrid


Madrid is a great city. There's no doubt. There are thousands of things to do, what to visit, what to see ... The accelerated rhythm that can be glimpsed by the subway stairs hides a lot of surprises, plans and places that one can miss, because everything is almost unique and original. Pizzas, chicken, Mediterranean cuisine or hamburgers in Madrid They are more than dishes, they are a culinary experience because also the places, the staff, the decoration and the presentation of the dishes play their part.

Next, we will advise a series of restaurants, each one of your style, that you can not miss if you like to eat well and eat at ease:

The best burgers in Madrid: they have spoken several times of Bacoa, located in the heart of the city, in the Carrera de los Jerónimos, next to Sol. Here you can taste hamburgers of all kinds, from gourmet burgers to the simplest ones, and there are also hamburgers for vegans. It is distinguished by the authenticity of the flavors. The combination of top quality meat with sauces that are made by hand make those who have already gone to this hamburger in Madrid, come back, and recommend it and with special emphasis on the Japanese burger, with a teriyaki sauce for the most discerning palates. exquisite

Following the thread of the teriyaki sauce, the 47 Ronin restaurant is one of the best valued Japanese in the city of Madrid. Is a journey the land of the cherry blossoms If you move from the capital of Spain and the ideal place for lovers of Japan, its culture and its food. Located on Jorge Juan Street, in the Salamanca district, you can eat both a la carte and the tasting menu (88 €).

Going down a bit and leaving behind the center of the Barrio de Salamanca, in Príncipe de Vergara is Le Coq, a space for everyone who likes chicken. A food sometimes so basic, the equipment of this establishment makes it an exquisite delicacy. From wings, to chicken satay or the famous grilled chicken peru. This restaurant also has delivery service, for those who do not feel like moving, but do not want to give up these dishes.

Returning to the heart of the city, leaving behind the Puerta del Sol, on Calle Mayor, very close to the Italian Culture Center, is Grazie Mille, a place where you can eat some of the best pizzas in the city, cooked by Italians and with the secrets brought also from this Mediterranean country. As a detail for the curious, they will like to know that the owners met during the Erasmus in Madrid, they became friends and started this business venture that more than a business is a visit to the traditional flavors of Italy and a cultural immersion. They also deliver at home.

Vega, Vegan, ecological and homemade. And it is just what many seek. A small place in Malasaña, with few tables but with homemade dishes based on healthy products, many of which would have forgotten their real flavor. Each of the dishes is cooked with care and has been calculated to the last detail and texture.


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