Dreamy yacht holidays in Mallorca

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I do not think we're going to discover now that Balearic islands are one of the favorite destinations of tourism international who visits Spain. Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera form a group of islands that year after year are overcrowded by tourists who choose to enjoy their vacations.

Beaches of fine white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, day and night leisure areas…. they are the great incentives they offer to anyone who visits any of the four Balearic islands. Perhaps the quietest are Formentera and Menorca, but it is unthinkable to try the same party and fun in Mallorca or even the queen of the party, Ibiza.

The accommodations in Mallorca

Search Accommodation on an island like Mallorca it is something that is becoming more complicated (and expensive) especially when you do not look for it in advance and wait until the last moment, it is a matter of supply and demand, the higher the demand, the higher the price of the accommodations.

This is why, more and more people are opting for a different type of vacation. And I say different because it's about stay in a boat during all holidays. This provides the advantage that going to any part of the coast is relatively simple although it is important for this that we do not have problems of dizziness, because we already know, the Mediterranean Sea (where these islands are located) is something quiet, but you never know When are you going to have a bad day and there the ocean offers its complications.

Why rent a boat?

Boat rental mallorca can be very expensive, especially when it comes to people who sail a few days a year and, therefore, you are not going to amortize Really the purchase, but it is going to touch you to suffer the expenses.

In addition to dispensing with maintenance costs, another advantage of go to a boat rental company in Mallorca is that they take care of everything so that you can enjoy the important thing: the trip.

Why is it better to rent a yacht?

It is about the “premium” experience, when you rent a yacht charter mallorca the deal On board is completely customized The workers watch over the ship so that nothing is missed.

Life on a superyacht is enjoyed on the high seas, the huge ships guarantee exceptional leisure resources so that the memory is fixed in the moments in which is fondeando. Beyond the idyllic sunsets and the repairing toilets on the deck, the ships serve adrenaline in high doses over the Jet skis and boats that are stored in their apartments.

And the price of these yacht rentals?

The number of zeros in the price of a luxury nautical experience ranges from 4.000 to the 50.000 euros dailys depending on the boat and the customer's demands. Fluctuation is inevitable because there is nothing standard, the plan is plotted on the fly and nothing goes from point A to point B.

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