Email marketing, the best ally of the travel blogger?


What is a blogger?

A blogger is the author of a web page or blog, which is responsible for publishing articles every so often, in the form of a newspaper and in chronological order. Blogs can be managed by one or more authors, who, in addition to publishing the articles, are in charge of establishing contacts with their followers or readers, through messaging and comments.

Anyone who has an internet connection, free time and the desire to interact with others can be a blogger, since managing a blog is not only easy but also free. The topics to be covered in a blog are infinite and can range from beauty, fashion, cuisine, cars, politics, to animals, decoration, health, nature, education, travel, among others ... Being a blogger also entails a great responsibility since you have the power to influence others.

And a traveling blogger?

Traveling bloggers are those in whose blogs their authors relate their adventures and experiences lived in each of their trips, accompanied by photos, videos, anecdotes and recommendations of places to visit, best places to stay, restaurants, bars, among others ...

Email marketing as a blogger alliance

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Email marketing is a type of email advertising, whose purpose is to reach thousands of potential customers and inform them about promotions, discounts, catalogs among others ...

An effective, quick and convenient way to get known among the public to whom this advertising is directed is to send these emails in bulk to lists with thousands of people and thus win new customers or maintain the loyalty and trust of the already existing.

Email marketing campaigns for travel bloggers

All bloggers consider it of vital importance to include email marketing among their tools for the application of their marketing strategy and thus in this way reach their readers in a more personalized, direct and efficient way.

Email marketing allows bloggers to make themselves known among thousands of people and thus gain hundreds of subscribers in a very short period of time.

Mailrelay, best ally of travel bloggers


Email marketing helps to sell more, and if the blog is professional and a source of income, Mailrelay will be your ideal email marketing tool, since it allows sending 75.000 emails to a list of 15.000 subscribers totally free, in addition to providing advice of an expert for the creation and management of your email campaign in question, in an easy way and with the most complete statistics. Nowadays you have to try to be professional and take out email marketing benefits to be able to compete with the rest of the network.

Mailrelay makes available to its users the most highly trained personnel in the area, to provide support, advice and help, and thus ensure the success of the campaign.

For a traveler blogger it is important to win more and more subscribers, and for these readers or subscribers it is important to keep informed about all the news published in this blog and this is what Mailrelay offers, the effective communication between the blogger and his followers.

The more subscribers have a blog, the greater their power of reach, influence and sales, this is why email marketing campaigns are becoming a trend to follow among bloggers who want to reach more people.

If you are a traveling blogger and you want your blog to be one of the most popular on the web, and so in this way make known your ideas, publications, thoughts, adventures, trips, recommendations and anecdotes, in addition to winning thousands of subscribers, We invite you to subscribe to Mailrelay and start enjoying all the benefits that it puts at your disposal.

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