Enjoy Havana and know a different lifestyle

Havana - Capitol Building, Cuba
Havana - Capitol Building, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

Havana is a different place with a very particular lifestyle that makes it the ideal trip for those who seek to know special places and who transmit something totally different and new.

The time has come to travel to Cuba and for this we are going to head to Havana, an amazing city that lives a rhythm of life totally different from what we are used to, and hence the fact that it is one of the special destinations that we all have to take into account when organizing our next vacation.

Havana, knows a different rhythm of life

Havana It is a different place and with a rhythm of life that will surely be something completely new for you, and it is that we are not talking about a country to use, but it offers a very interesting and different perspective than we have known to date , so it is one of those essential trips with which you can live a different experience at the same time you know details that will call you a lot of attention.

It should be noted that this city is especially developed with tourism in mind, so that we will have the possibility to access countless places of tourist interest, as well as perform all kinds of activities that we have in mind.

We will have hundreds of restaurants at our disposal among which to choose, including mostly typical foods of the country, but we can also enjoy some other fantastic alternatives with which to enjoy a combined experience and totally away from the monotony, which we are precisely looking for in our escape.

Havana - Varadero Beach, Cuba
Havana - Varadero Beach, Cuba (c) Can Stock Photo

Obviously, depending on the days we have decided to travel to Havana, we will have more or less possibilities when doing the different activities, which is why it is important that you try to organize well in advance to find the best things to do To do, the historical places, museums, monuments, statues, parks, religious and sacred places, churches, cathedrals, concerts, shows, valuable buildings architecturally speaking, and of course we must not forget the emblematic points of interest of the place.

Live Havana through the best free tours

But many times, if it's the first time we're going to travel to the country, doing it without company can be boring and also allows us to enjoy the experience to the fullest, so in these cases we advise you to start with a Free Tour in Havana, so that you will have at your disposal a tour guide thanks to which you will be able to know each and every one of the details of the destinations that you are visiting.

It is important to bear in mind that we will have the possibility to choose between several different tours, so we will have the possibility of adapting them to our needs, whether for example knowing the historic center or even knowing more about the Cuban revolution, enjoy of the city in the middle of the night and, in short, to know Cuba in the most natural and real way possible.

It should be noted that this type of free tours have the slogan "Pay what you think is worth", that is, once we have completed the tour, each attendee will address what they consider to be worth the experience or what their economy, which means that nobody is going to be left out when enjoying these experiences, since we will be able to find something that suits our pocket without having to be giving hundreds and hundreds of laps.

In short, traveling to Havana is a different and highly recommended experience, since you are going to have the possibility of discovering a totally new world that holds a multitude of secrets that you can reveal as you get to know and walk through each of its streets.


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