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India can be something disconcerting when you visit for the first time, their customs, their way of life and their culture is totally different from the West. If you have in mind to go through the Indian subcontinent, and are looking for some recommendations to travel there, we have compiled a certain basic information about visas, vaccines, currency, currency exchange, health, security, luggage and other similar.

The visa and documentation: all foreign citizens need a visa to enter India, except the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan. If you combine this destiny with others trips to india You have to process the visa taking into account the number of times you enter the Indian state.

The maps: take the appropriate maps to find places to visit, in India there are usually no signs and signs and dodge as much as possible night.

Food: Indian gastronomy is delicious but you have to be careful, in India it is very common to suffer from traveler's diarrhea and if the first day you already eat on the street, in places of "doubtful" hygiene or you drink non-bottled water, most likely is that you pass your trip to india in the bed.

typical dish of Indian food
typical dish of Indian food @https: //

The mosquitos: they are not like here, in fact they can be dangerous, but then day after day you get used to them and you lose your panic. In any case, it is convenient to carry a powerful anti-mosquito by hand.

Hygiene and cleaning: This aspect for many Indians is totally different from ours. It is not uncommon to find hotels with stained sheets and wet bathroom floors, streets littered with garbage and food scraps. Prepare for flies and mosquitoes, for bad smells and mountains of garbage.

The taxis: the most normal thing is that you use this type of transport to move, the taxi drivers are You can demand to teach the most recent rates and start the meter in your presence. This is something you can do if you do not reach a prior agreement on the price of the trip. The normal thing is to mention a price, and remember that you have to bargain!

The temples: do not think of entering a temple, tomb, Dargah (Muslim temple), Gurudwara(Sikh temple), with shoes or short sleeve or trousers or short skirt. In addition, you have to cover the head to the shoulders with a handkerchief in the temples of Gurudwara and Dargarh. Do not wear black clothes while you are in a Jain temple. Beware of the photos since you usually can not take pictures of deities in the temples.

temple in india
temple in india @https: //

Drugs: much care that drug use is persecuted in India, the penalties vary depending on the region in which you find yourself. In the north there are cities where consumption is not frowned upon and in other areas it can cost you many many years if you get caught with a joint in your mouth.

In cities like Jaisalmer, Pushkar or Varanasi the Bang Lassi is consumed, a yoghurt-based beverage with marijuana inside. There are specific places where it is consumed and appear on the menu of some restaurants or guest houses with the name of special lassi.

The traffic: from among all Tips for traveling to India This may seem a bit absurd, but it is not. The Indian takes care of himself and only looks for himself and driving is like that. If you doubt, they happen and you may not happen in life.

These are some basic tips for traveling to India. It is a complex country, a lot, but it is very worthwhile and to fully enjoy it, it is better to have some information from before.

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