Family holidays in Barcelona: in apartment or hotel?

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Barcelona is in fashion. The city is the perfect option for vacations with our partner and children at offer activities for all family members and options for all tastes and desires, from architecture to the sunbed and umbrella. Choose the destination, what is the best option if we travel with the whole family:hotels o un Family apartment near the beach of Barcelona? Let's see the possibilities offered by each of the options, their and advantages e drawbacks.

Our schedules

Barcelona is a living city the 24 hours of the day. We will find plans from very early until dawn. How can we organize so that the hours of the chosen accommodation do not interfere with our leisure?

If the family organization is already complicated during the daily routine, when we are on vacation it can become impossible. Organizing the whole family to meet the schedules set by the dining rooms of the hotels is a task that can unsettle us. Accommodation in an apartment is synonymous with freedom to not having to adapt to meal times, we mark them according to our needs.

In return, if we decide to stay in a hotel we will not have to prepare breakfast. A large buffet will be waiting for us every morning. Of course, we will have to make the effort to wake up before the 10 if we do not want to miss it.

Arrival and departure time is also another headache when we go on vacation. The hotels mark us fixed hours to check in and to leave the room while cleaning. Stay in a apartment it gives us a lot more flexibility to adapt at the time of our arrival. In addition, some companies like Place no extra cost cleaning service of our apartment.

Complementary services

Being on vacation is, for many, synonymous with enjoying the good weather in a large pool. The pleasant temperatures of Barcelona are perfect to relax near the water and, at the same time, offer our daughters and sons a refreshing and safe fun. Where to enjoy these facilities to the fullest? From now on both hotels and apartments.

La hotel pool used to be overcrowded, however, the pool that we can find in apartments like those of Place will be more empty and available for our family. In addition, the good location of these will allow you to go from the pool to the beach quickly.

Other services offered today from some companies that manage apartments in Barcelona are the possibility of buying, buying gifts and souvenirs from the city, renting cars or bicycles or booking tickets for events in the city. These services, formerly exclusive to some hotels, make the holiday apartments win by a win against the best hotels.

Social relationships

When we travel as a family we try to make all the members find their space and relate to their peers. In a hotel the spaces they are older, but they are conditioned by the constant trouble and the crowd. In these environments they are not usually conducive to interaction or to meet new friends or for our sons and daughters to play with people their age.

In contrast, apartments that are in independent farms and that share common areas with other apartments are warmer when interacting. Our daughters and sons can play with the neighbors in a pleasant atmosphere while we and our apartment neighbors enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace during the sunset in Barcelona.

Fully equipped?

Traveling with family may require more than a few bags. Depending on the age of our sons or daughters we may need a cot or a high chair, in addition to other kitchen utensils that will be useful when preparing food. Sometimes in hotels it is difficult to have these utensils, however, the apartments for families are fully equipped To meet all your needs.

The fewer things we have to take from home, the more comfortable the trip will be. In addition, having all the utensils in the apartment creates a greater sense of independence By not having to depend on the hotel staff and their availability.


In the end everything is summed up in comfort. When we go on a trip we want to change the air, but without giving up the facilities of the home. The hotels are spaces without warmthand personality

However, the apartments for families, which years ago were options with few services and not very comfortable, were improving and incorporating a series of services and facilities. In this way they became the best option to go on vacation and continue to feel at home. The perfect accommodation to know and take advantage of everything that Barcelona offers us.


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