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Guide to the Island of Cayo Coco (Cuba)

Cayo Coco… As soon as I saw the pictures, I felt an incredible desire to visit her. And it is not for less. Still waters, crystalline, pure. A key is not like any island. It is a low depth island formed on a coral reef. Hence its prodigious beauty.

It is part of what is called Jardines del Rey, several keys that surround the island of Cuba. It is an area of ​​special interest for lovers of nature, especially animals. Do you want to discover this fascinating island?

How to get to the island of Cayo Coco

To enjoy this wonder, you must first get to the island. Cayo Coco has your own airport, so you can go directly without going through the main archipelago of Cuba. It is the international airport of Cayo Coco, which is used to get here and to Cayo Guillermo. The airport is small, it has only one runway. But considering that the surface of the island is 370 km2It can not be much bigger. Receive direct airplanes from Europe and Canada.

You can also take a trip to Cuba and visit Cayo Coco a few days. For this the recommendable thing is arrive by boat, or take a plane from Havana to Cayo.

In addition there is an artificial road called El Pedraplén that was built a few years ago. Its length is about 17 km and connects Cayo with the island of Cuba.

Despite being a small island you can choose how to get there. It is a very popular tourist destination, that's why there are many facilities. But what happens once you are there?

Move on the island. Easier impossible.

Another beach on the island of Cayo Coco, Cuba
Another of the beaches on the island of Cayo Coco, Cuba © kmiragaya -

Again, you have to choose to your liking. There is a regular line of Bus from the airport to the hotel complexes, so finishing the journey is quite comfortable.

You will not have to wait long, since the schedules of planes and buses are usually combined, or at least they approximate.

It is usual to see tourists strolling cycling on the island, by scooter or jeep. Many hotels have bicycle rental service, which is cheaper for customers. It is the perfect transport to get to know the area and enjoy nature in a live way.

They are also rented motorcycles or cars, there is even some independent business. Since the island is small, from 370 km2, many tourists are excited to see the whole of it. A jeep or 4 × 4 is ideal due to the composition of Cayo Coco.

As I said, for tastes colors. The next question is: what can I do in this mini-island?

What to see and do in Cayo Coco

Here nature is the queen. Flora and fauna combine in extraordinary landscapes that can not leave you indifferent. There are more than 200 species of animals and 360 plant species. Reptiles and insects abound everywhere, but what is most striking are the birds.

Flamencos Cayo Coco Cuba
Flamencos Cayo Coco Cuba @https: //

Cayo Coco is famous for the flamingos. It is said that there are more than 30.000 specimens of this pink and long-legged bird. The truth is that they are animals the least curious, apart from pretty. Observe their customs, how they live in groups ... it's wonderful. In addition, the flamingos of the island are used to tourists and interact with them. It's almost a show.

Another interesting bird is the Iris White. It is so typical of this island that it is known as Coco bird. Many come to the island just to meet him.

But the sky and the birds that adorn it are not the only attraction of Cayo Coco. The sea is full of life. If the island is beautiful seen from above, the seabed is amazing. Reserve two or three days for the scuba diving, because with one you will be short. I'm sure you'll want more. See the corals, the variety of fish, plants and aquatic animals that will surprise you ... that's priceless.

For example, The cage, with a depth of 30 meters. Here you will see sponges of different kinds, gorgonians, groupers, rays, even some species of reef sharks.

If you do not want to go down so much and prefer smaller fish, you can visit The Coloradas. At only 12 meters you find an irregular bottom, with many marine caves and tunnels that fill with gorgonians, sea fans, angel fish and other small coral fish.

Artificial lakes are another, somewhat quieter option. Fishing for trout and other fish is very common. Or you can also enjoy the beach ...

The best beaches of the reef

It is difficult to decide between 22 km of beach to recommend one. All are beautiful, full of mangroves and coconut trees. White sands, crystal blue turquoise waters ... they are a real luxury that you can not miss.

Choosing at random, any beach in Cayo Coco would amaze you. Even so, the most famous are Casas Particulares Playa Larga, Playa de los Flamencos, and Playa del Pilar. I am unable to say that one is better than another, each beach stands out for its different characteristics.

The Long Beach arrives until the rock of the Coloradas and lodges a famous restaurant very concurred. Playa de los Flamencos is ideal for any type of water sport. It also offers incredible views for the variety of plants. Y the Pilar beach stands out for its 13 km long. Diving in it is a joy, since it is an area with very calm waters and you can see many corals.

If you choose the beach of La Jaula, or Las Coloradas, you can combine the relaxation of the beaches with a day of diving.

Where to sleep in Cayo Coco?

Almost all beaches have a hotel complex nearby. So I recommend that you first choose the beach and then the hotel. Almost all offer similar services: good service, restaurants, water activities, tours for the island ... everything you want.

100% recommended if you are looking for a dream vacation. It is an incredible island, a gift of nature. You dare? Cayo Coco never disappoints, I promise you.

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