Flight searches through app have increased an 18% this summer


According to the survey that accompanies this study, 81% of those consulted use the mobile to manage their trips and the use of the desktop computer has dropped 5 points in the last year. Most of them are millennials who claim to always use the app or the mobile web to search for flights.

  • The 81% of respondents say they use their mobile to manage their trips
  • Millennials are those who, to a greater extent, claim to always look for their flights through app or mobile web
  • The use of the desktop computer has decreased 5 points in the last year

blankAccording to the latest meta-search study Skyscanner, flight searches made through the app have grown by 18% compared to those made during the same period * of the previous year. The upward trend in the use of new technologies when managing travel is not limited to the use of the application, since the sum of the searches carried out on the smartphone, either through the app or through the mobile's website, is also They have increased by an 13% compared to last summer. The use of the desktop computer, however, has decreased in 5 points and remains with the 56% of searches.

When it comes to consulting the use of mobile phones among travelers, 66% of respondents say they use their smartphone at times; the 15%, on the other hand, indicates to do it always, whereas the 19% affirms never to use its telephone for this purpose. The age range of those who always manage their trips through mobile is that of the millenials. The 43% of those that indicate to use it occasionally are between the 31 and 45 years and the 40% of those who use it frequently are less than 30.

The app has many advantages, such as allowing flights to be saved as favorites or price alerts to arrive in the form of a mobile notification, simplifying access to the content, but the main reasons why travelers choose to search for their flights on the phone are , for 8 of each 10, the convenience of being able to do it anytime and anywhere; the 12% says to prefer the mobile because it avoids turning on the computer and the 8% because it is faster and easier. Mondays and Tuesdays are the days when most users enter Skyscanner to inspire and manage their next escapades, both from mobile devices and desktop computers.

"In Skyscanner we believe that the use of the mobile device for travel management will continue to increase in the coming months, so we will continue to bet on improving the app even more so that it is the main option for users of all ages", Says Cristina Ávila, spokesperson for Skyscanner and responsible for the app.

* Comparison of flight searches made in the Skyscanner app in July and August compared to those carried out during the same period of 2017.

** Survey conducted on 2.000 Skyscanner users between 10 and 12 days in September.

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