Discover Franche-Comté: nature in the heart of the French region


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Last August, we made our first family trip abroad. I've always been a lover of northern landscapes, so when choosing our destination among my options were England, Germany and France, opting for the latter since it caught our attention from the first moment.

When planning the trip it is best to use the Internet, the problem is that you find a lot of information but a lot of it is worthless, in my case I found a website about France with which you could plan the trip in full.

We decided to go to the region of Franche-Comté, we considered several options but this was the one that convinced us the most on the web. This region is divided into 4 departments, one of them very small, we stayed in three different hotels and rented a car to move more easily, thanks to this we were able to travel much of the region. Our route to follow was: Alta Saona, Doubs and Jura.


The first hotel where we stayed was called Le Rhien Carrer Hôtel-Restaurant, it was located in the nature reserve of Ballons Comtois, near Belfort. It was a different and striking hotel because of the pink color of the facade, very small since it would not have more than 20 rooms, it was the most peaceful and pleasant. During our stay we visited the city of Vesoul, if you go you can not leave without seeing the lake of Vaivre, it is a true wonder of nature.

In our case, we like nature very much and with a small child it is one of the most entertaining plans, so we also spent a day at The Plateau of the Thousand Ponds. Finally we spend a day in the city of Belfort, perfect for a day of walks and terraces.


Our second hotel was located in Doubs, in the city of Loray. There were not many hours of travel to get there, but we took the road to visit The Ognon Valley, another place with a lot of charm and where you eat great. Personally I was amazed during our visits in this second stage of the trip, I had never seen so many forests, valleys and beautiful villages.

We visit The Circus of Consolation, the fountains of the Loue and the jump of the Doubs, all have viewpoints and fantastic views. When trying French cuisine, I recommend you visit villages where the food is of a lower price but with a high quality, for example we pass through the small town of Mouthier-Haute-Pierre where the best artisanal kirsch is eaten.

Jura Mountains

To end this fantastic vacation, we travel to Jura Mountains to the town of Uxelles where our last hotel was located, it was very well equipped with an indoor pool, sauna and spa. We were lucky that the weather was good since we visited all the lakes and forests closest to our hotel, such as the Lakes region, the pertes and fountains of the Ain and the Joux forest. I wouldn't know which one of you all to recommend because we all loved it.

I could not have planned the trip better, besides everything went perfectly and we were able to spend time relaxing and family. I recommend you take a trip like this because it helps to charge batteries, and with this website it will be very easy to plan it.