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Discover the monuments and squares of Brussels with this guided tour of the essential places of the city center. Further, It's free!

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Spanish · 2,5 hours

Free tour of Brussels Free!

There are a lot of excuses to visit Brussels. If you are adept at good food and drink, you can enjoy a delicious chocolate, excellent seafood and a beer sinigual. If you're interested in history and period architecture, Brussels offers you that perfect balance between antiquity and modernity. And for those who have good humor, when deciding on Brussels they will be able to observe in the foreground the famous Manneken Pis.

The tour will begin around the Grand Place, which is one of the most recognized places in the world, since it has been the perfect setting for thousands of photographs. In this square it has in its periphery the most emblematic buildings of the city. Some of them are the Hotel de Ville (At the time it was the tallest building in the city, it has a height of 96 meters and is crowned with an impressive sculpture of San Miguel), the King's House (the King's House, this was the official residence of the monarchy for many years) and Pigeon (place where the famous writer Víctor Hugo stayed at 1852).

Afterwards you will appreciate the popular and super known sculpture of "Child Meón"The Manneken Pis. This small and unique statue has a great variety of legends about its origin. But the truth is that it is an important symbol for the city and much loved by its inhabitants.

The sculpture that is currently appreciated is a duplicate, as the original was stolen by an ex-convict during the seventeenth century. It is worth noting, that this little cherub has a wardrobe of more than 600 suits made to order and that can be seen in the museum that is inside the King's House.

For lovers of the famous and funny comic strip Clink, between the streets of the city there are a great variety of murals dedicated to this singular personage. In the Sablon neighborhood, you must make a stop in the church Notre Dame du Sablon. This is considered the maximum representation of the European Gothic style.

Another building that can not be left behind in this tour is the Courthouse o Courthouse, which for a long time was considered one of the greatest and most imposing buildings in all of Europe. Today it continues to function as the headquarters of the Courts of Justice Belgians

Continuing with the tour, when traveling through the Street of the Regency you will get the Royal Square. From there you can see the facade of the Royal Palace, where the most important offices of the Belgian monarchy are located, as well as some essential offices and ministries for the government.

The Tour culminates when after walking through the Real streets y Treurenberg you enter the Cathedral of San Miguel and Santa Gúdula. In it you can see the greatness and complexity of the baroque style. This tour is designed to enjoy the architectural beauties of the city through a walking exploration of its enigmatic streets and avenues.



Important information

  • Duration: 2,5 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Spanish-speaking guide, entrance to the Cathedral of Brussels and entrance to the church of Notre Dame du Sablon.
  • When to reserve: reservations are allowed until the 19: 00 of the previous day (Brussels time) as long as there are seats left.
  • Cancellation: if you are not going to be able to attend the tour, please cancel the reservation in your control panel, otherwise the guide will be waiting.


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