Free tour of Krakow Free!

Be seduced by the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings of the Old town of Krakow and discover why it has been declared Heritage.

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Spanish · 2,5 hours

Free tour of Krakow Free!

Nothing can be better than touring places rich in history and incredibly beautiful for no payment. Yes, as you read it, this free tour of the beautiful city of Krakow It's totally free. For all those who wish to register, they must take into consideration certain conditions that apply.

Krakow It is the second most important city in all of Poland. In it a niche of fundamental history is preserved for everyone, especially its center that has been declared a World Heritage Site.

What does Krakow hide?

Krakow It is an extraordinary city that is worth exploring. The route is designed so that the tourist knows each one of the details of the zones and places that are in it. It is wanted that the tourist appreciates all the historical, cultural and gastronomic elements of the city.

Some of the places you will meet and contemplate are the Market Square, the Basilica of Santa Maria and the Cloth Hall. Each of them contains a host of elements that make it attractive and that enclose a particular magic

During the tour, our specialized guides will be responsible for telling the historical events that occurred there. In addition, they will share with you the different myths and legends that enclose each locality and that both tourists like to hear.

Route to follow in Auschwitz I

The first thing you should know is that the entire tour of the Free tour lasts approximately two and a half hours, in which the famous area of ​​the Stare Miastro or also known as the Old City is visited. In it you can appreciate a very ornate architecture.

Then you will walk through the Market Square, which is said to be the largest in Europe for its large dimensions. From there you can see two of the most important monuments of the city, the Basilica of Santa María and the Lonja de Los Paños.

Then we will enter the historic center of Krakow, appreciating in this way the medieval splendor that remains in its surroundings. You can contemplate the beauty of La Barbacana and the Puerta de San Florián, which was for many years the entrance to the city.

Likewise, the Tower of the Old City Hall, the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo and other important places of the city will be observed, which will make the tour an unparalleled experience.

A valuable and mysterious journey

This tour is very special because they allow tourists to increase their level of general culture. This happens thanks to the preparation that our guides have. Not only do the tour an educational experience, but they inject that recreational touch so characteristic of our company.

We must remember that to make this tour one of the best experiences of his life and especially free, the group should be 6 maximum people. Otherwise, it is necessary to opt for private guided visits that our guides also offer.




Important information

  • Duration: 2,5 hours.
  • Languages: The tour is done exclusively in Spanish.
  • Includes: Local guide expert in art and history.
  • Cancellation: If you are not going to be able to attend the tour, please cancel the reservation, otherwise the guide will be waiting.


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