Galicia, enjoy relaxing on its beaches with its great cuisine

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Although Galicia is known for its way to Santiago, there are many and very diverse entertainment options that this land offers and for which it is worth visiting.

Luxury beaches such as the cathedrals or the cies, spectacular gastronomy thanks to the incredible quality of its seafood or its wines, relaxation and fun in the lower rias, cultural visits in A Coruña, in short, so we could continue with an endless list of things, so the best thing to focus on top 5 amazing things to see and do if you visit Galicia.

Cultural visit in the Tower of Hercules

La Tower of Hercules It is the oldest lighthouse in the world of Roman origin in operation, which has earned it the declaration of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Located at the entrance to the Porto da Coruña, this monumental lighthouse was designed to facilitate navigation along the jagged Galician coast, a strategic point on the maritime route that linked the Mediterranean with northwestern Europe.

If you climb its steep stairs, from above you will be able to enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city ​​of A Coruña and the Atlantic Ocean as the wind blows hard.

More culture in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful city in Galicia and also one of the most beautiful in Spain. This city is the capital of Galicia and its old town is Heritage so visiting Santiago is something you must do at least once in your life.

The main places of interest you can visit in Santiago de Compostela They are the Cathedral, and of course the streets and squares that surround it, such as the Plaza del Obradoiro, as well as the entire old part of the city.

Surf on the Galician beaches

With its 1.500 kilometers of coastline, Galicia is full of a large number of beaches that allow you to visit different spots in a very short space of time. In addition to its beaches, Galicia offers its visitors cliffs, towns and villas with a special charm and spectacular cuisine. All of this makes Galicia is an obligatory stop for surf lovers.

It is difficult to decide the best places to surf on the Galician coast, although surely many agree that the beaches of Pantín, Doniños, Rio Sieria or Montalvo They are the best that the Galician community can offer you.

Of course, surely it can happen to you, that this surfing attracts you and you have no idea where to start. As expected, there are a lot of surf camps in A Coruña of which you can take advantage of to get started in this great sport.

Of course, not only A Coruña offers these types of activities. Art Surp Camp, for example, offers this type of courses throughout the Galician coast and this makes, join the Art Surf Camp surf camp be curiously one of the activities most demanded by these places.

Relax in the Cies Islands

The cies islands form a maritime-terrestrial national park that is one of the most beautiful places in Galicia. The Cíes Islands combine the beaches most beautiful in Vigo with a natural environment and seabed unique in Spain.

The archipelago can be visited by boat during the summer and Easter and is ideal both to enjoy with the family and to spend a weekend of camping y hiking in Vigo.

Hiking in A Barosa

A Barosa is a nice corner formed by the Agra river as it passes through the council of Barro. On its banks we find a succession of traditional stone mills, some restored, arranged around several waterfalls.

There is a nice route Hiking, without much difficulty, ideal to get to know the place in depth.


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