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Discover Germany

This jewel of Central Europe offers much more than sausages and beer. You will find cosmopolitan cities, picturesque wineries, a charming coastline and a highly intriguing history.
Germany is a charming European country, where history merges with modern enthusiasm. Germany is the largest country in Central Europe and has an incredibly progressive thinking, while respecting the past. Countless traditions survive in the impressive mountain range of the Alps, and beer flows like water.

You will be able to observe picturesque rivers that meander through old and commercial cities. You can taste exquisite wines on the banks of the Rhine, discover the cultural attraction of Berlin, explore the snowy peaks of the Bavarian Alps and enjoy the picturesque Baltic coast.

In Berlin, the fascinating stages of history stand out. Visit ornamental and historical museums in the Museum Island (Museumsinsel), pay your respects at the Monument to the murdered Jews of Europe and walk the East Side Gallery outdoors, built with remains of the Berlin Wall. Climb to the vertiginous heights of the television tower (Fernsehturm) to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding cityscape. Enjoy a show of classical national music starring the Berlin Philharmonic.

Visit the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg to discover a bustling city, located on the shores of the port. Neighborhood It has a magnificent Romanesque architecture and a beautiful cathedral. Many of Germany's major cities exhibit interesting medieval architecture and offer a lively nightlife. Buy a sausage in a street vendor and uncover a Pilsner before going dancing to a club. Enjoy a friendly pool game or a local football game.

The north coast of Germany is bounded by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Enjoy a vacation on the beach and visit the picturesque island of Rügen.

If you travel to the south, you will find Bavaria, home of Oktoberfest, the snowy mountain ranges, the classic lederhosen leather trousers and the Black Forest. Start your alpine skiing holiday in the lively Munich. Discover the Romantic Route, a sinuous tourist route where you can see charming castles and historic towns. Explore the Rhine Valley to see the most important winery region in Germany.

Germany has international airports in several major cities, including Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin. You can use the excellent Deutsche Bahn railway network in Germany to explore different regions and cities, or you can drive on motorways, known as autobahn, where cars are the kings. The climate of Germany is variant; anyway, summer is generally hot and dry, and snow is very common in winter.

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