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Guide of the island of Corfu (Greece)

White sand beaches and crystal clear waters, mountains, olive trees, cypresses, history, culture, cuisine and a lively nightlife. All this and much more is Corfu, the Greek jewel of the Ionian Sea, a small paradise also known as the Emerald Island.

From the capital, the city of the same name Corfu, to its beaches and its people, this Greek island is definitely an idyllic place to get lost and be able to disconnect from the mundane noise for a few days, whether alone, with friends, as a couple or as a family. Its contrasts, its natural beauty, its paradisiacal beaches and its vestiges of past civilizations will conquer you.

At the Corfu city, the cultural heart of the island, you will find a fusion of British, French, Greek and Italian influences. Don't miss the Palace of San Miguel and San Jorge, British neoclassical style, and the Ancient fortress, in Venetian style.

An hour's drive north of Corfu Town will take you to the northeast coast, which has many family-friendly spots, including the Barbati beach or the Kalami Bay. On the northwest coast you will find postcard beaches. The Canal d'Amour It is one of the natural wonders of Corfu, with cliffs, caves and small coves.

You can get to Corfu by plane or ferry. To move around the island is comfortable rent a car or a moped. Thanks to its combination of beach, countryside and culture, Corfu is an ideal destination for couples, families or groups of friends. Look for a good deal to travel to Corfu!


The capital of the island, Corfu Town

Corfu is the capital of the island and is located on the east coast of the island, to which it gives its name. If you stay here, you can stroll through streets full of color contrasts in which they cannot access vehicles and where they enjoy, without a doubt, the hospitality of their citizens.

The city is the Perfect mix between culture, art and entertainment, since it also has all kinds of taverns, bars and restaurants in which to taste the typical delicacies of the island.

Staying here is the ideal option if you are not going to rent a car, as buses arrive to most of the tourist centers and beaches of the island of Corfu.

Paleokastritsa, perfect for families

Paleokastritsa it is a locality Recommended for families, famous for its fantastic sea. If you like the sea and nature, Paleokastritsa is the perfect place to stay, especially if you want a beach vacation.

This beautiful beach on the west coast of Corfu is perfect for diving in crystalline waters, stroll through picturesque olive groves and enjoy moments of concentration in a former monastery. This area is made up of six small beaches of all kinds, from White sand to pebbles, and all face the seductive Ionian Sea.

Most of the beaches offer the possibility of renting a deckchair and an umbrella, a kayak or a pedal boat.

Sidari, the ideal beach vacation

The area of ​​Sidari is the most visited and is provided with sun loungers, umbrellas and everything you need to do any type of water sport. One of the characteristics of beaches in this area are not deep which gives us peace of mind if we go with children.

Sidari is a holiday resort born from the union of former small fishing villages, and who has experienced a strong growth due to the tourist exploitation of the place and the popularity that it awakens among foreign visitors.

Different hotels offer all kinds of entertainment programs, beach activities, and games for children as well as nightclubs and pubs in the purest English style that will make you have fun until the wee hours of the morning.

How to get to the island of Corfu by plane

Corfu International Airport (Ioannis Kapoditrias) is located about 3 kilometers south of the capital, which is also called Corfu (for the Greeks, Kerkyra). Throughout the high season, many people arrive at this international airport low cost flights coming directly from different parts of Europe and charters that arrive on the island from Athens or Thessaloniki with national airlines.

The plane is usually the most direct and accessible option to get to Corfu and, reserving with time, it is possible to find flights at very attractive prices. The most usual thing is that, before arriving in Corfu, you have to stop in Athens or another European airport, although it is also possible to find a direct flight from Spain in high season.

Two local bus lines, 5 and 6, stop in front of the airport. However, do not forget to check this information in case there are any changes. The ride to Corfu town is quite comfortable and takes about 10 minutes. At the station in the capital, you can take other urban buses to reach different parts of the island. If you want to know bus schedules you have them at https://greenbuses.gr/

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How to get to Corfu by boat (ferry)

Another option to get to the island of Corfu is make use of the ferries, keep in mind that there are hundreds of islands in Greece, so the number of ferries and companies is high. Normally you will not need to book the ferry tickets in advance but eye if you travel in high seasonThe number of tourists is high and these months you have to be careful with the ferry tickets and reserve them in advance. From mainland Greece, you can travel to Corfu by ferry from two points:  

  • The port of Igumemitsa: Located about 500 kilometers from Athens, ships depart daily for Corfu. The trip usually takes between 1 hour or 1,5 hours, depending on the type of boat, and in high season the frequency is usually 15 minutes.     
  • The port of Patras: located about 500 kilometers from Thessaloniki, in this port you can also embark towards Corfu and the trip takes about 7-8 hours.

How can you move around the island of Corfu

One of the most advisable options to discover the many treasures that this jewel of the Ionian Sea houses from north to south is rent a car or a motorcycle The island of Corfu has a surface of 593 km2 and getting lost in its picturesque towns and its impressive beaches with the freedom to travel in your own car and stop wherever you want to discover its magical corners is a highly recommended experience. On the island it is very popular to rent a quad as they are super manageable and can be parked anywhere.

Both at the airport, at the port and in the city you will find numerous options to rent a car or motorcycle at quite affordable prices. Obviously, the price will vary depending on the rental company, the type of vehicle and the days but, so that you can have a reference, you can easily rent a car. Do not forget to compare prices before hiring the rental.

The bus service is also a good option to get around Corfu, since covers virtually the entire island and it is efficient and comfortable. You will meet mainly with two types of buses, blue and green. The blue buses they travel routes near the city of Corfu to Benitses (South) and Dassia (North). The airport and the port are connected to the city of Corfu with bus No. 15. The suburban buses (green) they run from north to south the island and also connect Corfu with Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities in Greece. In the capital of Corfu there are two bus stations easily accessible:  

  • Center of the island. At the Platía San Rócco bus station you can take the blue buses that cover the routes through the center of the island and also have a stop in the Espianada, near the horse cars, which you can also rent to take a different ride through The city of Corfu.     
  • Other destinations. At the Platía Néou Frourío bus station you can take the green buses, from the KTEL company, that connect the city of Corfu with other destinations farther from the island.   

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Corfu

What are the most recommended beaches on the island of Corfu?

Natural bridge between Greece and the rest of Europe and nestled in the Ionian Sea, Corfu has in total more than 200 kilometers of coastline where its beautiful beaches of crystalline waters are distributed. Some of the best beaches are located in the south of the island, where beautiful historical ruins are also preserved that will allow you to get closer to the magical history of Corfu.

Corfu is a Authentic paradise for lovers of the sea and the beach. And, along the more than 200 kilometers of coastline of the also known as Emerald Island, numerous beaches are distributed crystal clear waters, white sand or rocks that are really fascinating. Has a large collection of blue flags granted by the European Union, granting a quality badge to the payas of this beautiful island.

Whether you are one of those who are looking for more services and amenities, like hammocks and beach bars, as if you travel as a family, you search party and animation or are you one of those that you like get lost in small paradisiacal beaches and surrounded by greenery to enjoy peace and tranquility, the beaches of Corfu will undoubtedly live up to your expectations.

Making a selection of the best beaches in Corfu is not an easy task because you have a lot to choose and anywhere you can find idyllic places full of magic, but then we will talk about some of these beautiful beaches of the Emerald Island that are among the most recommended and you should not miss.

Agios Stefanos

agios stefanos beach corfu
agios stefanos beach corfu
(c) Can Stock Photo / ccat82

Agios Stefanos It is a sandy beach that is located located 35 kilometers northeast of the city of Corfu and that is considered one of the best on the island. It is also recognized by the blue flag of the EU for its natural conditions and its services.

The beach of Agios Stefanos has facilities for water sports, endowments for people with disabilities and in its surroundings are located various taverns where you can taste the delicious local cuisine of Corfu with fascinating views.

One of the wonders of this Playa It is its spectacular golden sand, which makes tourists repeat this destination year after year. The services of this Playa They are very complete, from sun loungers and umbrellas to the typical beach bars to have a snack.

Agios Georgios

agios georgios beach corfu
agios georgios beach corfu
(c) Can Stock Photo / ccat82

Also distinguished with the blue flag of the EU, this beach is located about 30 kilometers southwest of the city of Corfu and is considered as one of the most beautiful on the island through the green hills that surround the beach.

Is one of the quieter beaches of Corfu. The depth of its waters increases gradually and is ideal for windsurfing and is accessed through a narrow road downhill.

Agios Georgios is divided into two zones, the north beach and the south beach. The first offers a quieter environment, while the second has a livelier atmosphere, ideal for those looking to enjoy leisure and various activities, in addition to the beach and the sun.

Agios Gordios

agios gordios beach corfu
agios gordios beach corfu
(c) Can Stock Photo / lukaszimilena

This unique beach, which combines fascinating rock formations with a sandy beach and pebbles and is surrounded by a green environment of vegetation, one of the most popular on the island.

It also has the blue flag of the EU, has umbrellas and hammock rentals and offers the possibility of practicing water sports.

The only downside is that, given its great popularity, this beach usually filled with people, but without a doubt it is a beach that well worth.


roda corfu sunset
roda corfu sunset @https: //pixabay.com/en/sunrise-grecia-corfu-roda-de-viaje-447199/

It is a fishing port that has been put lately very fashion.

Not in vain, has a beautiful beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters with all kinds of services and distinguished with the blue EU flag perfect for relaxing, while the lively old part of the port is ideal for tasting good Mediterranean food and having a drink in its restaurants and bars.

A perfect combination.


glyfada beach corfu
glyfada playa corfu @https: //pixabay.com/es/playa-puesta-de-sol-971087/

Located in the western part of the island, Glyfada is another of the most popular beaches on the island of Corfu because of its idyllic and unique natural landscape.

It is a beach of crystalline waters and white sand surrounded by cliffs with trees and with formidable rock formations at sea.

Your conditions, with all kinds of services, they are also accredited by the blue flag of the EU, and in the environment of the beach there is a great diversity of hotels, restaurants and shops.


sidari beach corfu
sidari beach corfu
(c) Can Stock Photo / Paul_Cowan

It is a beach white sand and crystal clear waters and very clean. It is one of the most visited beaches because it is located quite close to the center of the city of Corfu.

Sidari Beach has sun beds, umbrellas and everything you need to practice various water sports and is one of the preferred for families with children because of the shallow depth of their waters.

A point to keep in mind if you travel with the little ones.


ermones beach corfu
ermones beach corfu
(c) Can Stock Photo / obencem

Located on the west coast of the island of Corfu, this beach is a perfect combination of beach, sea and vegetation.

The long white-sand beach is surrounded by tree-covered hills and, without a doubt, the landscape is spectacular and invites tranquility.

The beach is equipped with all services, such as umbrellas and hammocks and facilities for water sports, it is totally accessible for people with disabilities and in the area a wide variety of hotels, bars and restaurants are located.

Other beaches that are worthwhile on the island of Corfu



One of the favorite beaches of those looking for the combination of sun, beach and party. Located at 47 kilometers south of the city of Corfu, Kavos is a long sandy beach with all services and a lively atmosphere. And there are numerous bars and clubs around this beach and the activity is guaranteed during the 24 hours of the day.


This beach located north of the island of Corfu is an extensive sandy area of ​​about 8 kilometers, ideal to enjoy the tranquility and practice of water sports. Like Sidari, it is one of the most visited beaches and is among the families' favorites because of the quality of its sand and because it offers the possibility to choose between very different activities. In its environment, in full development, there are great variety of restaurants and bars.


As the last other remarkable beach we mention the one of Benitses, It's about the Playamore popular south of the city of Corfu. With a ideal combination de rocky beaches and big pieces of beach with very fine sand. This beach also has the distinctive blue flag of the European Union.

Cultural route through Corfu

The uniqueness of Corfu is undoubtedly one of its strengths. And it is that throughout the island, in its capital and in its towns, they are appreciated the vestiges of the different civilizations that throughout history have occupied Corfu. Civilizations that have left their mark and created a mix of culture and architecture very interesting that it is worth discovering, through its streets, its buildings, its squares, its museums, its palaces and its churches.

The city of Corfu has excellent museums. Some of the most important are the Archaeological Museumplatforms, Museum of Byzantine Artplatforms, Museum Dionysios Solomos or the Pinacoteca de Corfu. For his part, Asian Art Museum It is the only one in this category in Greece and one of the most important in Europe, with more than 11.000 parts. A jewel.

The churches, fortresses and mansions of Corfu

These are just some of the most emblematic buildings and monuments of Corfu: If you are fond of or loving architecture, Corfu will also fulfill your expectations, with its decadent Venetian mansions, its villas, its Byzantine churches and its monasteries.

The Byzantine fort of Angelokastro, located on the highest mountain of the island and one of the most beautiful in all of Greece.

El Mon Repos Palace, Built in 1824 as the summer residence of the British governor and later of the Greek royal family, it is situated on the ruins of the ancient city of Paleópolis.  

El Phrourio Palace, known as Antigua Fortaleza . Located at the eastern end of the capital city (east of the old town), its history dates back to the destruction of the ancient city of Paleópolis in the 6th century and is one of the most emblematic sites on the island of Corfu.

Agios Spyridon It is the most important church in Corfu, as it houses the relics of the venerated patron saint of the island, San Espiridión, as well as interesting works of sacred art. The bell tower of this emblematic church is the tallest on the island.

Corfu Cathedral Panagia Spileotisa, dating from the year 1577, the Church of the Virgin of AntivouniotissaAncient Citadel as well as the New Fortress, built by the British and vital to stop the siege of the Ottomans, are other points of great interest on the island.

As a curiosity, in Gastouri is located the Achilleion Palace, built by Empress Elizabeth of Austria "Sissi" in 1891 for their retreats. Converted into a museum, both the interior of the palace and its gardens are well worth a visit for its history and beauty.

A land of history, myths and legends: historical ruins

Not in vain, Corfu was the island where Ulysses was shipwrecked when he went to his homeland Itaca on his return from the long Trojan wars, Corfu is a place full of a story that also stars myths and legends, which make the island a destination full of magic and literature.

The island of Corfu preserves some of the most important historical ruins in Greece, such as the temple dedicated to Artemis, a Doric monument dating from the beginning of the 7th century BC whose remains, located near the port of Illaiko, are preserved in an excellent state.

A natural paradise for water sports and hiking

Beyond its culture, its architecture and its history, the mountains, the hills and the 200 kilometers of Corfu coast make the island an ideal place for lovers of the sea and nature. So get ready to enjoy its landscapes and breathtaking views.

El diving is one of the best in the Mediterranean, due to the high visibility offered by its crystal clear turquoise and emerald waters. Similarly, Corfu gives you the opportunity to practice different water sportssuch as sailing, windsurfing or catching a jet ski.

A route of Hiking or in bike it will allow you to get in touch with nature to discover the treasures that the varied orography of Corfu houses, with its mountains, its hills, its plains and its green vegetation dominated by olive trees, fruit trees and cypresses.

Gastronomy and nightlife of Corfu

The cuisine of Corfu, like its culture and architecture, is based on a very interesting mix of influences of Italian, Greek and French cuisine and it offers you the possibility to taste traditional and very local dishes that you will only find in Corfu. Undoubtedly, gastronomy forms a very important and recommendable part of this vacation experience. Although in Corfu you will find gastronomic proposals of all kinds, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of the rich local cuisine in one of the many restaurants and terraces with beautiful views that you will find around the island.

Facing the peace and tranquility that you can experience on the beaches and in the natural landscapes of Corfu, the island also offers a lively nightlife, which is also worth experiencing, with a multitude of bars, pubs, terraces and live music clubs.

This is just one Small selection of how much you can do and see in Corfu. But, first of all, we recommend that you do not obsess with wanting to see everything and that you enjoy the magic and the uniqueness of each place you visit. No hurries. The destination well deserves it.

Day trips to nearby islands

To the northwest of Corfu are three beautiful virgin islands, Othonoi, Erreikousa and Mathraki, better known as the Diapontian Islands. To reach this magical island complex, the fastest and easiest way is to take the boat that leaves the small port of Agios Stefanos.

Another option for a day trip are the islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi, small islands in the Ionian Sea, which are located ten miles south of Corfu. These small islands will be disastrous with their stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes and small and charming taverns. During the summer months, boats leave Paxoi and Antipaxoi daily from the central port of Corfu.

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