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Greece travel guides

Greece, undisputed travel destination on your vacation. Greece, famous for being fertile land to produce excellent wines of recognized quality, productive land to harvest delicious olives. In addition, land always remembered by its gods and the great and rich Greek mythology, land of beautiful and evergreen mountains, beautiful coasts, intensely blue sea and paradisiacal islands. It is, without a doubt, the unforgettable destination on your vacation.

But you need the best company to organize your trip and feel well taken care of when planning your visit to Greece. You can trust the information that memarchodeviaje has for you so that you find the best options in terms of Accommodation and excursions to the most incredible places in all of Greece.

Travel Guides of Cities and Islands of Greece

What to do, see and visit in Greece

Greece, a paradise for many tourists. Who has not dreamed of knowing the Acropolis or swimming in the paradisiacal crystalline waters of any of its islands? Greece is considered one of the richest territories of history, culture and nature in all of Europe. In addition, it offers endless options to see, do and visit.

Planning your itinerary with memarchodeviaje, you can organize the best excursions and have the best accommodation wherever you want to go in Greece. You can stroll through the incredible archaeological sites of ancient Greece, temples and suggestive ruins of cities of the past, fabulous places Unesco heritage, such as the monasteries on the rocks of Meteora, Delphi and Olympia. Also, in Greece you can dive turquoise and crystalline sea islands that will surely make you feel like in a dream. For this, memarchodeviaje can offer you the best excursions.

The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are impressive and you can choose different destinations: the Ionian archipelago, the Cyclades archipelago and the Dodecanese archipelago, as well as the large island of Crete, cradle of the Minoan civilization, with an exotic touch.


Know a little about this wonderful country before visiting it. The Greece capital es Athens. She modern city, recognized by its solemn and grandiose monuments and its archaeological museums. Athens is also recognized as the birthplace of great philosophers of antiquity. Athens is the ideal destination if you want to immerse yourself in a journey to travel through ancient times of Greek history and recall the origins of democracy.

You will be attracted by its wonderful buildings. You can visit the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Agora or the different Greek temples that are preserved in Athens. And the best accommodation you can find with the assistance of memarchodeviaje.


Santorini It is a volcanic island and one of the most beautiful in Greece, and it is for various reasons. Among them, you can appreciate their white houses with blue domes, views of the Mediterranean, the narrow and picturesque cobblestone streets or artisan shops. There, in addition, you can contemplate unforgettable sunsets. If you want to visit Santorini, do not hesitate to do so in the company of those who know more: memarchodeviaje. Surely you can live pleasantly unforgettable experiences in the most beautiful places of this island.

Of the Greek islands, Santorini is the most famous. But in reality it is a small archipelago that is part of the Cyclades Islands, in the Aegean Sea. Santorini has opposite landscapes: West, with a great precipice on the Aegean. The South, of beautiful beaches with gentle slope towards the blue sea. Y West wooded and peaceful. There are, then, wonderful contrasts of blues and whites. To know them, we recommend a multi-day excursion. And memarchodeviaje can offer you the best accommodations on this excursion.

There is a lot to see and do in Santorini. We already mentioned the wonderful sunsets. You can see them in Oia, a small and bohemian town, with narrow and steep streets, churches and hermitages, and cafes with terraces overlooking the sea. Oia, with his white and blue houses, It is the most typical image of Santorini.

  • We invite you to learn about the highest point of the island, the village of Pyrgos, Ancient capital of Santorini. You can visit the ruins of an impressive Venetian fort.
  • Also in Santorini you can visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri, a city over 3.000 years old. It is a very well preserved city, which is often related to the myth of Atlantis.
  • Undoubtedly, we invite you to walk without hurry all the towns on the island, each one with its particular charm. For this tour, you can count on the best excursions that can be offered by memarchodeviaje.


The Island Mykonos, or Mykonos, as it is also known, is located on the Aegean Sea, and is one of the most visited places of all Greece for its particular natural and architectural appeal. Also their white houses are characteristic. This island is part of the Cyclade and bases its economy above all on tourism. It has little more than one hundred square kilometers and 10 thousand inhabitants.

This island is the most cosmopolitan of all the Greek islands and attracts many visitors from all over the world, including a large number of artists and intellectuals. Here, the beautiful sweet hills are intertwined with magnificent beaches and the landscape of the island is truly unique. In its capital, Chora, you can appreciate a spectacular port in which luxury yachts dock.

It can be said that this island has a very different image to that of most cities on the islands of the Aegean Sea. Mykonos develops on a flat land and its white houses with wooden doors, windows and balconies painted in a very colorful way, create a very lively and cheerful atmosphere. Among the houses are small churches, shops where you can buy souvenirs of your trip, among other products.

One of the most interesting places for those who like history, is the Archaeological Museum of Chora. This contains remains from tombs of the nearby island of Rhenia, sculptures, vases and various figures. Behind its beautiful beaches, you will see the famous and romantic white windmills. You can also find beautiful beaches on the island, such as Agios Stefanos, Psarou, Kalafatis, Platis Gialos, Ornos, Elia, and Panormos. Mykonos is an island with lots of activity and very busy during the day, but especially during the night. For those who wish to have a fun holiday, you will find at your disposal the most fashionable places and memarchodeviaje can organize your visits.


Crete has direct access from the Piraeus port and it is located on the Aegean Sea. Is the biggest of all the Greek Islands, with 8.300 square kilometers and a population of 600 thousand inhabitants. But its magic is centered in the contrasts of peoples, natural treasures and a past of glory and mystery.

Some of the most recognized and visited spaces in this city are the Cnosos Palace. This is the main Cretan castle where the mythical King Minos lived. Also, there are the archeological sites of Festos, Malia and Hagia Triada, the Monastery of Toplou or the Cathedral of Chania.

In addition to its interesting mythological history and its museums, Like every corner of Greece, the natural places of Crete are attractive especially because they contrast in it various geographies that reflect a landscape with very own characteristics. In Crete, you can see mountains up to 2.000 meters high, forests with leafy trees, crystal clear waters and golden sand beaches. Of the latter, the most striking ones can be highlighted Balos beach, the Elafonisi or the Vai. Until there, you can organize your excursions and offer excellent accommodations.


Rhodes, is the capital of the Dodecanese archipelago, and has a length of 78 kilometers in which 174 thousand inhabitants live. This island is located at 490 kilometers from Athens. It is also known for its natural charm, but especially for its interesting mythological story. If we try to delve into its long mythological history, we can know that this island born as a fruit of passion between the sun god (Helios) and the nymph Rodo, daughter of Poseidon and Halia.

One of its most recognized features is that according to different authors, Rhodes it was not always known under that name, but it had as many names as: Ofiusa, Estadia, Telquinis, Asteria, Etria, Trinacria, Corimbia, Peesa, Atabiria, Macaria and Olesa.

Rhodes has a strategic geographical situation, since it is located at the point where two of the most important routes of the Mediterranean Sea, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East. This made its territory very coveted by three continents and diverse civilizations.


Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian. This incredible island is another of the main places to visit in Greece. Important battles and subsequent conquests constitute the history of this island that is also known for its great natural beauties.

In the north, Sidari is a mandatory visit and you can take it to memarchodeviaje, offering excellent accommodation selections. The erosion of the sea and the wind have molded the rocks, creating truly unique shapes. From there, you can visit the ruins of the Byzantine castle of Angelokastro, located on a hill with incredible views. Other beaches in the north are Glyfada and Liapades.

In the south, the most important town is Lefkimi and you should not miss the beach of Bouka and the lake Korission. Also, in the capital, Corfu, there many places of interest such as the Achilleon Palace, the Paleokastritsa Monastery, the new and old fortresses and the Byzantine Museum.


This is the second city of Greece and it has more than 1 million inhabitants. It is also known as an important port in the north of the Aegean. Thessaloniki - also called Thessaloniki - is located about 500 km north of Athens and its attractions are often overshadowed by the splendor of the capital. But nevertheless, Thessaloniki is a charming city with an exciting nightlife.

Being able to walk through the narrow streets of the walled Turkish Kastra district is a unique experience. The wooden houses of the 19th century give it a special touch. The promenade then enters a labyrinth of streets full of churches, ancient mosques, Roman ruins and museums.

In short, Thessaloniki is one of the tourist places in Greece where you can spend a few pleasant days and memarchodeviaje can present you the best accommodations and excursions through the most interesting places and attractions of this city.


La Zakynthos Island is also known as Zakinthos and has 123 km of coastline. The topography of the island is very mountainous and again, as in the rest of the Ionian Islands, you can find fertile and green plains. Its coasts are rocky in the north. In the south they are very sandy, and form several gulfs of different sizes in which the one of Laganás stands out. This island combines quiet and traditional life with the most cosmopolitan tourist environment. The abundant vegetation, the variety of beaches and their historical remains are the ideal mixture to enjoy an island like this.

According to mythology, the island takes the name of Zakinto, son of King Dárdano de Troya. The climate is Mediterranean. It produces olive oil, grapes and citrus fruits. To the southwest of the island is the marine national park of the island of Zante with the famous turtles of the island, the Caretta, an endangered species that is found mainly in the Bay of Laganas. It is famous the sweet grape of the island with which the Zante Currant or Pas de Zante is produced.

The island of Zante is another destination that you can visit with memarchodeviaje, offering pleasant excursions and unrivaled accommodations for the enjoyment of your vacation.