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Guide with the BEST to visit PAROS this 2023 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

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Guide of the island of Paros (Greece)

In this guide we are going to talk about the paradise island of Paros, is a small greek island belonging to Cyclades archipelago, located in the bright Aegean sea. This island limits the north Island of Delos and to the east the Naxos, the latter interconnected with Paros through a channel. This beautiful island is perfect to enjoy the sun both in family and as a couple since it has more than 118 km of beaches.

The Greek island of Paros It is one of the most popular and tourist of the Islands Cyclades and the reasons are obvious: exquisite sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, traditional villages with white cubic houses with colored windows and doors, narrow alleys, bougainvillea of ​​various colors, chapels, churches, monasteries, an exciting nightlife ...

It barely has vegetation, it is practically mountainous and has large tracts of land suitable for cultivation, being of the few Cyclades to dispose of them. It has two large natural gulfs, called Naussa y Parikia.

The coastline of Paros offers numerous small coves and two large bays, Naussa and Parikia. Naussa It is one of the most beautiful villages in all the Cyclades and its picturesque port, in which we find a Venetian fortress, the white houses, the narrow and cobbled alleys, the arches and the churches, in addition to its renowned beaches, attract a multitude of visitors every summer.

We strongly recommend that you leave a day off to do a excursion to the nearby and wonderful island of Antiparos.

Best places to sleep in Paros

Do not forget, by the way, that from the 2018 you have to pay tourist tax for sleeping in Greece. The fee varies between 0,5 € and 4 € per day depending on the category of the hotel or accommodation you have chosen to sleep.

Parikia, capital and port of the island of Paros

Parikia is built in the form of an amphitheater around the port and it has the most typical architecture, with whitewashed houses and flat roofs, doors, windows and colorful balconies, narrow and labyrinthine streets.

The capital offers a wide range of structures, from luxurious 5 hotels, to comfortable apartments. Excellent option to have everything at hand, move by bus, take boat trips, and enjoy the island of Paros.

In Parikia, you will find the bus station near the map of Parosmuelle, from there you can take buses to other destinations. The frequency of the routes depends on the season, however, bus transport is frequent during the summer since connects with many regions as Parikia Paros, Naoussa, Aliki, Punda, Golden Beach.

Naousa, the area where to party in Paros

Naousa is a little quieter but the options of leisuremultiple parties and  many night spots they are a clear distinction of this gulf.

It is located in a wide bay in the northern part of Paros to 10 km east of the capital. It is considered one of the most beautiful fishing villages of the Cyclades and, despite the development of tourism, it maintains its white flowers and small houses and its churches and chapels, surrounded by labyrinthine narrow and cobbled streets.

Walk around Naoussa At any time of day it is delightful. You can see the fishermen fixing their nets, the ruins at the end of the pier and the small Church of St nicolas, next to the port.

How to get to the island of Paros by plane

In this beautiful island can be reached in plane since it has a own airport just 9 km from the capital with the same name as the island or Parikia, it is easily accessible through taxi bus.

Said airport the whole world the island with AthensCrete y Rhodes, so the most recommendable is to travel to Athens and there to do scale to Paros, although during the high season connect with others foreign cities. There are also less frequent flights to the islands of Heraklion y Rhodes.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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Once at Paros airport, to move to your destination you have two options: take a taxi or take the bus line, if you want to know bus schedules you have them in http://www.ktelparou.gr/en/

How to get to Paros by boat (ferry)

By tue you can approach to the island through ferry or hydrofoil, this first takes about 6 hours and is highly recommended since you can take advantage to visit others greek paradises like the neighboring Cyclades and more sporadically with the rest of the Greek islands. Connect directly to the port of Piraeus, Rafina, Naxos and Mykonos.

Normally you will not need to book the ferry tickets in advance but eye if you travel in high season, the number of tourists is high and these months if you have to be attentive with the ferry tickets and book them in advance.

Mind you, when we talk about arriving by ferry to Paros it's because We assume that you are either in Athens, or on some nearby island. It is very common to travel by plane to Athens, from the airport take the subway to the port of Piraeus and then take the ferry to Paros (usually the cheapest route).

If someone is wondering how the issue of electronic ticket, we will tell you that today only Hellenic Seaways handles the electronic ticket, with the rest of the companies you have to go with the locator that they give you after buying the ticket online to any of their offices to give you the real ticket.

How can you move around the island of Paros

The option that most of us who visit the island use is rent a vehicle, be it a car, quad or motorbike. On the island there is a lot of rent to rent a quad because they are super-manageable and are parked anywhere. We leave below a car rental comparator for you to see the best offer on the island.

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Bus stops

Paros in an island very well connected, network Bus works very well, especially in summer because it has multiple routes to a Reasonable price that run practically all the surface of the island.

It is a perfect island to travel in bike several trails to explore but general transportation can be done without problems with a car or a rental motorcycle, because all the towns are asphalted and for the main road It is easy to access, so we recommend it because it is the easiest and fastest way to visit the island.

Go taxi is also good choice If your wallet doesn't care, you can also find them almost anywhere.

The trip in boat It is indispensable to visit certain beaches of Paros, nearby islets and even for Antiparos beaches which are the most wonderful to see and cannot be missed, most of these boats they leave the capital. This island is also perfect to do walking excursions and marvel at every lost corner that only getting lost can you discover, but we must warn you not to go out when the sun is tightening because the area is very warm.


The best what you can see and do during your stay in Paros

What are the most recommended beaches on the island of Paros?

Paros, as we have said before, has multiple and great beaches, so we will not be able to comment them all, the best thing is that every morning explore one side of the island and you spend every day in a different area. It is also considered the island with the most wonderful beaches of the world made that is causing a tourism boom and that's why recommendable No. visit her in season very high.

Whether you are one of those who are looking for more services and amenities, like hammocks and beach bars, as if you travel as a family, you search party and animation or are you one of those that you like get lost in small paradisiacal beaches and surrounded by greenery to enjoy peace and tranquility, the beaches of Paros will undoubtedly live up to your expectations.


Kolymbithres Paros Beach
Kolymbithres Paros Beach
(c) Can Stock Photo / stoyanh

Let's start with one of the great gems in terms of beaches on the island of Paros. Is found in Naoussa and it's perfect for children, calm, quietnot deep and its distinction the mark the rocky landscape sculpted by nature.

This beach is particularly impressive due to the huge granite blocks that go through it, sculpted in strange and soft forms by the sea and the wind through the centuries. Small sandy coves line up one after the other, constituting the Kolimbithres beach (whose name means swimming pools), and sometimes allows some lucky ones to have their own private bay.

May rent sunbeds and umbrellas in some parts of the beach and of course there are water sports facilities. Along the road leading to the beach you can find some beach bars and taverns.

It can get to Kolimbithres beach by road (by local bus or by private transport) or by small fishing boats (caiques) that leave regularly from the port of Naoussa.


Paros - Monastiri Beach
Paros - Monastiri Beach (c) Can Stock Photo

The beach of Monastiri (the beach of Agios Ioannis monastery) is a couple of kilometers after the beach of Kolimbithres, in a small rocky bay surrounded by huge rocky hills.

This beach It is located in the bay of Agios Ioannis and if you look to the right you can see the monastery (hence the two names of the beach). Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented in the large tavern overlooking the beach and there are also facilities for water sports.

The water remains at waist level for a good 100 meters and there is a good opportunity to dive. The sand is surprisingly deep and very muddy. This beautiful sandy beach has crystal clear waters and is very popular for its beauty, so it can be Very busy during July and August.

In summer, various events are organized on the beach of Monastiri, as concerts, parties on the beach, contests, etc. You can reach this beach from the paved road that passes by or by boats, leaving regularly from the port of Naoussa.


Beach of Logaras in Paros
Beach of Logaras in Paros
(c) Can Stock Photo / jacklyric

The beach of Logaras is at south of Paros, about 20 km from the capital of the island, Parikia.

In addition, a few kilometers from the Logaras beach you will find the village of Piso Livadi.

Logaras is a long medium-sized sandy beach surrounded by bars and hotels that has quite stony sand.

It is a beach oriented to rest and bath where you will not find the possibility of renting equipment for water activities.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach Paros
Golden Beach Paros

Located south of Parikia, the golden beach is considered one of the Paros best beaches.

It is a long beach of golden sand that extends for 700 meters, famous for windsurfers for its ideal wind conditions.

Every August the Professional Windsurfing World Cup is organized on this beach, where many windsurfing celebrities meet. The Golden Beach beach is fully prepared and offers many facilities of windsurfing.

There are a lot of hotels, apartments and rooms for rent in this area. You can reach these beaches from the paved road in local buses or private means of transport.


Beach of Krios in Paros
Beach of Krios in Paros

Krios is a beautiful beach located very close to the center of Parikia, just 2 km away. Is a long sandy beach with crystal clear water which are surrounded by a bay well protected from the strong winds of summer.

The beach is well organized with umbrellas and terraces And it has small taverns that serve food and drinks. Krios has a great view of the city of Parikia and the surrounding landscape.

Access is very easy by public transport and you will also find a large parking area, next to the beach. Within walking distance, there are other beautiful beaches and you can also find many hotels and rooms for rent.


Beach of Pounda in Paros
Beach of Pounda in Paros

The Pounda beach is one of the most famous and crowded beaches from Paros and very reminiscent of Paradise Beach in Mykonos. The beach itself is quite straight and approximately 250m long.

It is a fully organized beach and located 2 kilometers from Logaras (southeast of Parikia) that offers a large tourist complex with many interesting facilities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, shops, sea sports equipment, bungee jumping, etc.

Most of the people who go to Pounda are for their facilities on the beach and for their music and its spectacular parties.

To get to the beach, you have to go through the bar It has its pool in the middle. If you want to use the loungers, catch a drink in one of the bars that are just behind them.

El access to the beach It is very prepared, being able to arrive both by public transport and by private vehicle.

Other beaches on the island of Paros

If you are looking for beaches quitest to relax, Agia Irini It's perfect, the palm trees features they form a most charming bay no crowd problemsSanta Maria and Piperi, on the other hand, are two beaches near Naoussa from which you can enjoy idly across multiple water sports and of sand that they offer.

Punda it's a paradise particularly exotic given that it is preferred by YOUNG by parties and  sports that give you a tropical air and if you want observe Naxos from this neighboring island to approach the waters of Molos, for this you need a car where to enjoy its waters deep and a wonderful view

As you can deduce, the key to enjoying the island of Paros well is to make a tour around Paros and decide where you prefer to get carried away by the Greek charm and magic under your own criterion.



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