Salamanca: Essential Guide

View of the Cathedral and the Roman Bridge of Salamanca
View of the Cathedral and the Roman Bridge of Salamanca - © Jakob Radlgruber -



Salamanca: guide with the most important things to see and visit and the best activities to do.

Of all the cities in central Spain, Salamanca undoubtedly, It is one of the most complete that exist. In Salamanca you can do everything and we have the best options we can imagine to know the history of our country and the city itself, incredible places to relax, go partying or just walk for hours on its clean streets .

Do you want to know more about the city of Salamanca? We start!

The city of Salamanca is one of the Spanish regions that par excellence carry the emblem of "University City"And is that together with Grenada and Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca, is recognized as one of the largest number of students registered. This beautiful territory was founded by the Iberians in the year 217 BC and since then, cradled the greatest artists of the time whose works have been reflected in some of the monuments we see in the city.

What can I see in Salamanca?

We do not lie by saying that in SalamancaEverything is worth it. Each of the streets that form it has a slight charm and is that the streets themselves are very well organized, clean and maintained (the cleaning policy in this city is very rigorous) and in them you will be able to find numerous bookstores, museums, schools and many places that are worth visiting.

Without a doubt, two cathedrals Salamanca is a must see and if you ever go to the city you can not miss entering them. The University of Salamanca It is well known and, as we said at the beginning, having so many students the building, has become one of the cult monuments of the place.

The visit to the interior of the University is limited, however, we can take photographs of its impressive facade where, for sure, you will also find other tourists doing the same. It should be noted that in the same facade we find a medallion in relief of the Catholic Monarchs very dear to the place.

Interior of the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca
Interior of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca - © mrks_v -

The old Cathedral and the New Cathedral

Exceptionally, the new cathedral of the sixteenth century did not replace the previous building, but was constituted alongside it. There is a mixture of styles, although Gothic predominates with later additions Renaissance and Baroque. The main facade has three covers .; the central one presents reliefs with religious themes.

You access the old cathedral, Romanesque from the twelfth to the thirteenth centuries, through the new. Highlights the magnificent main altarpiece, attributed to Nicolás Florentino, which consists of 53 tables that narrate the life of the Virgin and Jesus Christ. In the center is kept the romantic size of Byzantine influence of the Virgin of the Vega, patron saint of Salamanca, made in bronze in the twelfth century. On the altarpiece, the set ends a fresco of the Last Judgment, painted equally by Nicolás Florentino.

As we have said before, the visit to the University and both cathedrals are forced but we can not miss the opportunity to see the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca: Historically it was sent to build by Felipe V in gratitude for the support that the city offered to the monarch in the War of Succession.

The project, which belongs to Alberto Churriguera, was carried out between the years 1729 and 1755 in order to be used as a bullring for the enjoyment of the citizens. Today, the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca is a place full of shops, cafes and is usually the place where all the people are left to meet when they do not know the city.

The House of Shells

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Built in the 15th century, Casa de las Conchas is another place that you can not miss if you visit Salamanca. Its name comes from the decoration of its facade that is full of shells, the emblem of the Order of Santiago and today, inside, is one of the most beautiful libraries that we can enjoy in Salamanca.

But in the city of Salamanca we will not only be able to see important monuments, we will also have the opportunity to be able to walk along all the historic helmet and make several stops to eat. The center of the city is surrounded by bars and restaurants where we can sit at any time of the day to enjoy a good meal.

In addition, we have the addition that eating and drinking in Salamanca is extremely economical, so you will not have to spend a lot of money to eat well.

On the other hand, this city is also well recognized for being one of the places that young people around the world prefer to party. At night, Salamanca is transformed and its streets are filled with lights and premises that open until late hours in which we can enjoy long days of walking and fun.

Interior of the Historical Center of Salamanca
Interior of the Historic Center of Salamanca - © Jakob Radlgruber -

In its streets there is also room for gardens and we can find beautiful green spaces in which to lie down, sit or walk contemplating the landscape. As we have already said, Salamanca is a cultural city and in it you can find numerous bookstores and specialized libraries of which you can learn not only from the history of the city but also from everything a little.

In addition the territory has special weakness with the figure of the philosopher and writer Unamuno and you have everything about it in the streets of Salamanca. Monumentally speaking we can also find visit the house of Unamuno where you can take a walk through the life of the writer. It is worth mentioning the impressive library that is preserved in it; books written in different languages, since the philosopher dominated several languages.

Is it advisable to visit Salamanca?

The city of Salamanca hides a lot of charm and it's good to go to visit at least once in life. In it you have everything, places to visit, good places to eat and a huge cultural diversity. During the day, the territory of Salamanca is calm, sunny, with beautiful medieval streets very well organized and from which we can take advantage of everything and at night the city dresses up as a party, youth and lights. Ideal to go with your family, your friends or partner Salamanca, always has a place for you.

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