Travel guide of the Espot ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the ski resort of Espot in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Landscape of Espot ski resort, Lleida, Spain
Landscape of the ski resort of It's possible, Lleida, Spain © Frédéric Prochasson -

The ski resort of Espot, as its name represents, a ski resort like many others that we can find in Spain. Located in Lleida, is an ideal station for those people who are true lovers of the sport because in their tracks, they will be able to discover the magic of the risk and the emotion of the adventure.

This station is one of the most famous that we can find in the north of Spain and currently, one of the busiest for athletes who love the snow. In Espot ski you have all kinds of activities to do and also many spaces to enjoy.

With this guide, what we intend is that you know a little more closely all the dependencies that we can find in the ski resort Espot and all the benefit we can give to a trip that without a doubt, we will not forget.

Where is Espot skiing? 

As we have already indicated at the beginning, the ski resort Espot is located in the province of Lleida which is located in the north of Spain, in the region of Catalonia and, we can reach it in very different ways depending always on the place where we are.

However, the means we can take are the usual ones; bus, train, plane or we can even go in our own car and, depending on the province or the point where we are, it will take us more or less time to arrive and we will have to take a different route for our destination.



What facilities are there in Espot ski? 

The Espot ski station is one of the most popular stations that can be found in the north of Spain and is that this space enjoys a privileged situation in the Pyrenees because it is the only one that is located next to the National Park, that is, the Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici.

This station has more than 20 kilometers of tracks and 1000 meters of vertical drop. The tracks are very large and sliding and very beautiful as they are in the middle of pine trees and forests in such a way that it seems that you are skiing in the middle of nature. The views you have towards the mountains is another of the great attractions of the station and one of the details to take into account.

The slopes in which we can ski are separated by levels of difficulty as in many other ski resorts that we are in Spain and we can enjoy each and every one of them depending on the skill we have and everything we are willing to risk.

What can we do in Espot ski? 

In the same way as in any other ski resort worth its salt Espot ski we can first of all, ski. We have as we said many tracks and lots of routes to choose and do ours, therefore, those who have fun skiing, have an appointment in this section of Lleida.

Espot ski is a well-known station among all the stations that we have among other things, for the quality of the snow that forms and also, we have up to 60% of artificial snow terrain so the fun is more than assured.

On the other hand, the recognition of this ski resort is also due to the great competitions organized here for which people come from all over the world looking for a common interest; Enjoy the snow.

However, posts to look for things to do in Espot ski say that thanks to the position in which it is located we have very good part of the mountains that can be seen in the distance and you can directly visualize this exciting landscape.

Espot ski also has spaces reserved for the whole family and, if we want to go with our children or with the whole family, we have spaces such as the ice gardens with which the little ones will really enjoy.

Of course, the station also has typical activities such as sledding or sliding swells in which we can climb with our little ones. The beginners track is ideal for those people who do not know much about skiing or who are learning in this way, they can enjoy all the emotions of the snow but without taking excessive risks.

Guided tours are also often held where they teach you the station from one step to another and it is an ideal time to discover the space in which you are and why it attracts so many people.

Where to sleep in Espot ski? 

Like any trip we propose, rest is essential to have enough energy for the rest of the holidays and enjoy all the moments, so knowing where to sleep when you are already very tired is more important almost as much as organizing your own travel.

Once you know everything you can do and everything you'll find in Espot skiing, it's good to know the places to stay so that everything is perfect and complete.

El town of Espot, is 2 kilometers from the station where we are therefore, is close so you can move there to rest. In the same town, in addition to the traditional houses of the villagers who live there, you can find rural houses, small hotels and tourist apartments where you can stay without problem to rest from a most exhausting day.

The town in question is located in the mountain, therefore, the views that we can see from the window at sunrise are most beautiful. In times of snow, the season is covered and the mountains are also decorated with snow, so you have an exciting landscape to lose yourself in and fall in love with every day.
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