Guide to the Candanchú ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Candanchú ski resort in Spain: everything basic and essential.

Panoramic view of Candanchu ski resort, Spain
Overview of the ski resort of Candanchu, Spain © PARDOUX Pascal -

In the province of Huesca we have different ski resorts of the most recognized in fact, on this website we have already done the odd guide on famous ski resorts located in Huesca that you can not miss.

The snow is ideal to go to relax or to do sport. For all those who are fans of snow skiing, it symbolizes something great and there are many fans who go in the best seasons, to the different ski resorts that we can find in Spain.

As we know that you are many who like snow and the sports that are practiced little by little, we are developing guides from different ski resorts in Spain and also around the world. On this occasion, we want to focus on the Candanchú station.



Where is Candanchú?

First, as with any other place we want to go, we need to know where it is so we can get to the right place. Located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, had its inauguration for some years now specifically, in 1928. As far as cities are concerned, the closest one to this ski resort is Aragón and it does the same, border with France.

It is located at 1 km from Puerto del Somport, border with France. Neighbor of the station Astún, is located at 27 km north of the city of Jaca.

What are the facilities of Candanchú?

Panoramic view of Candanchú ski resort, Spain
Panoramic view of the Candanchú ski resort, Spain © Jose Hernaiz -

As in any other ski resort that you find in Spain, the snow is the main attraction of these mountains. However, the facilities that you find and the fun that this may cause you, is what sets the decisive point when it comes to recommending a ski resort or not.

En Candanchú we have different snow tracks that, like all of them, are classified according to density or hazard ratio. It is important whenever you ask the monitors and specialists in this regard especially if you are a person who is starting or who has not played in the snow for a long time.

In the section of the lifts we can enjoy different chairlift rides and see from the top, all the snow and mountains.

A chairlift ride is usually very nice and exciting but you should always keep in mind that you will be on the heights and, in case you have vertigo, it is much better that you do not opt ​​for this installation.

What can we do in Candanchú?

When we ask this question it seems that the answer is very obvious and we would be left as fools, since as a rule, what goes to a ski resort is to ski and be in contact with the snow. However, in this type of sites you can do many things more than skiing. Do you want to know which?

  • Panoramic view of Candanchú ski resort, Spain
    Panoramic view of the Candanchú ski resort, Spain © Jose Hernaiz -

    Nordic ski resort: Within the branch of skiing, one of the best known attractions of the ski resort of Candanchú is the section of Nordic ski resort that consists of a route through the most beautiful parts of the mountain that are covered with snow. Some of the spaces that we can see in this tour are the spectacular Stone Town, the Puerto Viejo Valley and you can even get around the National Park of the Atlantic Pyrenees. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting and beautiful tours you can do in this ski resort of Candanchú.

  • Snow garden: The holidays are for everyone and many of those who are going to ski to this station are parents therefore, the ski resort has at its disposal a snow garden so that the little ones can have their first contact with the snow and sit like at home. Discover the excitement of a small family vacation along the snow! These two are the most pronounced and exclusive activities in Candanchú. Generally, it is one of the poorest ski resorts when it comes to the variety of activities although it is still equally attractive for skiing in the mountains.
  • Ski school: As in any other ski resort Candachú, it has a ski school for all those who are learning or want to start in the snow. There are classes for groups of all ages and they are set up at different times and days. The ski school in Candanchú is more than 50 years old.

What are the offer bonds of ski resorts?

One of the latest developments that are being seen by ski resorts in Spain are the offer bonds. Today, we have a discount voucher for almost everything and the ski resorts were not going to be less.

In Candanchú we find all kinds of offers and discounts for all those who want to enjoy a stay in the snow but for a much lower cost. These bonuses come out from time to time and we have to be very careful not to miss ours.

Where can I sleep in Candanchú?

Today, the ski resorts are perfectly equipped to find in some of its corners, accommodations where we can stay to sleep and be well comforted. In the case of the Candanchú station, we find hotels and apartments in the mountain itself but also in the regions near the valley.

The difference that exists between the lodgings that are in the mountain and the valley is that the first ones are placed in full snow and therefore, the station is what you are seeing at all times and the second ones are located on the road that gives the station is, on the outskirts, in the valley. These houses are ideal for those who want to take a walk in the surroundings beyond what is the ski resort itself so as we see, there is something for everyone!
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