Two-day vacation in Madrid

The Holiday of only 48 hours in Madrid It may seem like something totally discouraging with so much to see and do in the city, do not forget that it is the capital of Spain and where you can find the largest cultural offer in the country. Let yourself be advised by our two day guide Madrid and you will see how you discover the best that the city of Madrid has to offer.

The only thing, remember stay in a downtown hotel and let our approach do the rest. In this regard, one option that we advise you to look at are the Room Mate hotels in Madrid, having a great relationship between quality and price and strategically placed throughout the city are the perfect option to enjoy a rest as every traveler deserves.

The Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid
The Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid - © mrks_v -

1 day itinerary 

You know the football stadium of Real Madrid? It is the Santiago Bernabeu and they offer guided tours, this is ideal especially if you are a great football fan, you can get to the stadium thanks to the subway by getting off at the stop next to the stadium. You will be amazed by the size of the stadium and all the details of its construction.

When searching for a site to eat, we recommend "La Barraca", one of the best places where you can enjoy a Valencian style paella, the place is very close to the Gran Vía metro stop.

Of course, this first day you can not escape shopping or try the tapas that you put in most bars in the city. The easiest way is to take the metro to the stop Puerta del Sol. This is where the famous market square from the city. Make sure you notice the architectural splendor of this square as well as the artists you will find in the area.

Cathedral of the Almudena of Madrid
The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid - © cainfantes -

A few steps from here you will find main square where you can enjoy churros and tortillas in almost any of the bars that occupy it. This area is good for buying a gift or souvenir, but we advise you to be careful because, like any tourist place, the prices here are a little more expensive than if you approach out of the city center.

El old town de MadridHow could we not mention it? Leaving the main square towards the street of San Miguel cava is the market of San Miguel, here you can buy some fresh food to go. After the market, you will reach Arc of the Cuchilleros, built by Juan Gómez de Mora to account for the low levels of the street on this side of the square.

Between one thing and another sure that gives you dinner time, as a recommendation we encourage you to try Botín (located in the same arch), the Guinness Book of Records names it as the oldest restaurant in the world. If after dinner you keep walking forward you will end up arriving at the town square, it is the beautiful town hall square and in summer it is home to a great variety of flowers.

If you still have the strength to walk at midnight, we advise you to take the metro and get off at the stop called "Bank of Spain", Here you can see the huge national post building illuminated with a variety of lights that make it a real delight for the eyes.

2 day itinerary

The second day of your stay in Madrid you can start it by giving a walk through the beautiful Retiro Park, you can get there by metro going down at the "Retiro" stop. The park is home to a large number of sculptures, gardens, fountains and even a large lake surrounded by cars offering ice cream and soft drinks. In addition, as a complementary activity, in the lake itself you can rent boats to enjoy the relaxation of surfing its waters.

Art and culture, how can we not mention two essential elements in a big city like Madrid? Taking the subway, getting off at the stop Atocha and, after a short walk, you will reach the unforgettable Prado Museum. Home to many of the most famous Spanish painters and sculptors, it is worth more than spending a few hours exploring their rooms. Among the most remarkable of the different collections you will find samples of artists like Goya, Velázquez, Rubens or Bosch.

The Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid
The Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid - © Pascal06 -

As throughout the day, especially in the afternoon you will get a bit hungry, get close to the subway stop Puerta del Sol and stop by the famous chocolate shop "San Ginés"You take a snack, it is said to be the place where churros and hot chocolate were invented and that still maintains the quality of the original product.

And the bulls? What did you think, we were going to put aside something as traditional as the art of the bulls? The bullring of Las Ventas You will find it next to the “Ventas” metro stop. If you want to visit it inside, there is a tour that takes place every hour where the history and current situation of the bulls is explained since there are certain complications today with the subject of bulls. If you dare, within the guided tour you will have the opportunity to dress and use part of the equipment that is used regularly when fighting in front of the bulls.

Late at night, we advise you to visit one of the many flamenco tablaos around the city, one that we find interesting is that of Corral de la Morería, also famous for its tapas. Of course, you will have to book in advance if you want to catch a good place in the front row.

By now, it will be a bit late for you, so if you have not done it, take a tour of the Royal Palace, do not leave there without visiting the fountain of the palace gardens, you are in a magnificent place to take the last pictures before going to the hotel and return to each of a wonderful weekend in Madrid.

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If you have been in Madrid and would like to add other visits and activities recommended to this list, leave a comment in this article to be visible to other travel companions.

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