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Hotels in Antwerp Belgium

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Trips to Antwerp

In Antwerp, history and modernity coexist; The diamond capital offers visitors sixteenth-century architecture and a flourishing avant-garde art scene.
The city of Antwerp is known for diamonds, avant-garde fashion and Gothic architecture. This city of half a million inhabitants stands on the east bank of the Escalda River and its historic center is characterized by its lively atmosphere. Residents are reputed to be relaxed and pleasant people, always willing to change their language, flamenco, to English to help visitors.

Thanks to its position as an important center of commerce, the city prospered during the 16th century. Many relics of this golden age are still preserved. Buildings like the Town Hall in the square Grote Markt and the palatial Central Station they make the architectural beauty of the city comparable to that of the great European cities. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal), an impressive Gothic cathedral of rich ornamentation that treasures in its interior works of Rubens, natural artist of Antwerp.

Art lovers will be able to know much more about this artist in what was his home and studio, the House of Rubens. The sculpture garden of Middelheim Park, south of the city center, is also a point of interest for art fans. In it you will find modern and traditional works scattered among bushes and winding roads.

Antwerp is considered the diamond capital of the world. Nearly 60 percent of the world diamond trade takes place here. Look at the dazzling shop windows of the Diamond District jewelry stores, east of the city center.

The city's fashion school is one of the best in Europe. Many important designers studied in Antwerp. You can find exclusive designer clothes and accessories in the Kammenstraat area.

It is easy to move around Antwerp on foot or by bicycle. You can rent one through the public Velo system; You will find Velo points scattered throughout the city. There is also a good network of buses, trams and metro. It is best to buy a fixed price transport card.

The climate is typical of the coast, with mild temperatures and frequent rains throughout the year. In winter it does not usually snow and the months of June and July, the warmest, are also the rainiest. The city knows how to take advantage of its climate and there are numerous nice bars and cafes. Don't forget to enjoy a Belgian beer in a bar frequented by the people of Antwerp.

Discover Antwerp

Antwerp, the second most populous city in Belgium, abounds in elegance and history, and although its origins can date from the second century, its economic expansion occurred towards the fifteenth century, which has influenced the appearance of its buildings. With an industrial cut, it produces the bulk of the world's diamonds. In addition, it is known for the great interest of its inhabitants for sustainability, since they even have small urban gardens on their balconies, beautiful!

Hotels in Antwerp

Being such a large city, Antwerp presents the maximum variety of accommodation. Those with tighter budgets will not have to miss out on anything: they have everything from quaint and cozy hostels to functional low-cost hotels, perfect for students. It is also worth choosing one of its four or five star hotels. Its stately style, the most luxurious suites and all kinds of details will make you feel like in another era. You just have to imagine your perfect accommodation and you will find it in Antwerp, with the services you need: Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking, spa, connecting rooms… everything!

What to see in Antwerp

Antwerp is a city of history and monuments. Buildings like the town hall, in the Plaza Mayor (Grote Markt), will help you get an idea. Its museums also stand out, such as the Rubens House Museum, the Diamond Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts, and the cathedral. Nature lovers can visit the Stadspark colonial park and the Plantentuin botanical garden, which is free. If you like adventures, the city has two perfect attractions: the Santa Ana tunnel, an underground pedestrian path under the river, and De Ruien, some underground tunnels that can be visited.

How to get to Antwerp

The city of Antwerp is very well connected, so you can choose the transport you prefer. Its international airport receives daily flights very frequently and is only six kilometers from the city. There you have a taxi, train and bus that connect to the center, as well as several rental car companies. If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, take the opportunity to travel to Antwerp by train: its central station, located east of the city, is one of the most beautiful in the world. Although, of course, you also have many bus options.

Where to sleep in Antwerp

If you still don't know where to stay during your visit to Antwerp, check out the websites, where you can choose between nothing more and nothing less than 96 hotels in this popular holiday destination.

Among the most exclusive hotels you can book in Antwerp are Hotel 't Sandt Antwerpen, located in Zand 13-19, and Hotel Julien, in Korte Nieuwstraat 24. Hotel Diamonds and Pearls and Quality Hotel Antwerpen Centrum Opera are two other establishments that they can be interesting.


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