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Trips to Sardinia

This beautiful Italian island is famous for its splendid beaches and the wild nature of its interior.  
On the great Mediterranean island of Sardinia You will find some of the best beaches in all of Italy. The east coast is famous for being an Italian and international luxury tourism destination. But if you are looking for a totally different experience, you can venture into its virgin interiors, where you will find secluded caves, imposing granite cliffs and ancient ruins of the different civilizations that have populated the island throughout its history.  

Come to the Emerald coast of Sardinia and immediately you will understand why it is the usual destination of famous people and millionaires. The white of its splendid sandy beaches contrasts with the emerald color of the water. In this part of the coast there are some of the most expensive tourist resorts in the whole continent.

The fishing port of Alghero has managed to maintain its unique features despite being a great tourist destination. Try to find the reasons for his nickname, "la Barceloneta sarda". Stroll through its magnificent historic center, one of the best preserved in all of Sardinia, or enjoy the crystal clear beaches nearby, such as Bombarde o Leper hospital

Venture to explore the center of the island, a fairly intact area with excellent opportunities for hiking or bird watching. In these more remote regions, more traditional ways of life persist, with many families of pastors. Nuoro, one of the largest cities in the interior, is an ideal starting point to explore the mountain massif of Gennargentu, as well as other smaller towns and villages. 

Do not miss the curious nuragic complexes scattered around the island. These prehistoric ruins were built by a civilization that developed only in Sardinia, between the years 1500 and 500 BC One of the largest deposits is Su Nuraxi, located at barumini, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

When looking for offers to travel to Sardinia, try to avoid the months of July and August, when it is full of tourists, taking into account that between April and June and September or October also has good weather and the prices are much more convenient. Sardinia has several airports with international routes: Alghero-Fertilia, Olbia-Costa Smeralda and Cagliari-Elmas. Although it is possible to get around the island by bus and train, it is recommended to rent a car, because transportation is not always reliable.


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