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Guide with the BEST to visit DUBROVNIK this 2024 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

Cheap and budget accommodation to sleep in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik city guide in Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful Croatian city located on the Mediterranean coast and because of its privileged situation it is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Characterized by the beautiful landscapes decorated with impressive cliffs, it is completed and complements perfectly with Paradise beaches of transparent waters that call the bathroom all its visitors.

In the surroundings of the capital you can find numerous places of great natural and scenic interest such as the beaches of the coast of Montenegro or the Konavle valley where a large number of sports fans meet in natural environments such as the hiking, fishing or horse riding. Very close to the coast is the famous islet called Lokrum in which the remains of an old Benedictine monastery can be found in addition to a beautiful botanical garden and a forest reserve of great interest listed as National Park.

Dubrovnik is a walled city and the enormous medieval defense that surrounds it, up to 25 meters high, is one of its largest and most impressive monuments. The old town is a magnificent example of the medieval structure of a city. Its narrow streets with steep slopes and numerous stairs allow visitors to lose themselves in its historical aroma that has earned the city its cataloging as a World Heritage Site.

After the catastrophic earthquakes that took place in Dubrovnik in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as the damage produced after the bombings in the Balkan War; The city has undergone a continuous process of restoration, recovery and growth that have made it a beautiful tourist destination of great interest and with a living force that gives it an unquestionable charm.

Best areas to stay in Dubrovnik

Old Town (Old Town)

The Old Town (Old Town) is definitely the best area to stay in Dubrovnik. Choosing the historic center to sleep, allows you to have all the tourist attractions within walking distance, to be able to walk anywhere and be in the middle of the most charming streets de la ciudad.

Si traveling by car is not the best option where to stay in Dubrovnik since you will have to pay for a parking lot outside the walls. It is the area with the largest hotel offer, although if you are looking for large hotels here you will not find them. In the ancient city there are mostly apartments and small hotels.

El old town It provides a privileged position to go shopping, enjoy a terrace, a sunset or taste the exquisite Dalmatian cuisine.

Furthermore, ideal for dining out or take something to one of the many places there are, and walk back to the accommodation at any time.

The neighborhood of Ploce

El Ploce neighborhood It is one of the best located to book a hotel in Dubrovnik because its height gives it spectacular views of the city, it also has an extra attraction such as the Museum of Modern Art.

In Ploce, the hotels by the sea They have a private beach and are close to the public beach of Banje. Hotels in this area usually have private transport to the center, but there are also public buses that travel for a fraction of the cost.

Anyway there is a economic bus that arrives in Old Town in a few minutes. If you choose a hotel closest to the historic center, you can even walk in a few minutes.

Strolling through Ploce during sunset is a beauty, no doubt, a good alternative to stay in Dubrovnik, cheaper than in the old city and very close to it.

The neighborhood of Lapad

Under the mountain called Petka Lapad neighborhood, It is in this neighborhood where the the vast majority of hotels in Dubrovnik, and at the best prices, this neighborhood is a great option for accommodation of visitors to the city, and especially for those who visit it for the first time.

La huge beauty of its gothic buildings and the presence of the Archaeological and Modern History museums make this barium a great option for the accommodation of visitors to the city.

In this neighborhood they are also some of the best coastal beaches of Dubrovnik, where you can see incomparable landscapes, and the most emblematic buildings, such as the Church of the Virgin of Mercy, the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Modern History of Croatia.

We recommend you Lapad for its tranquility Although if you only have a few days in Dubrovnik, perhaps the best option is to sleep in the old city or in Ploce.

Babin Kuk

Babin Kuk They are located in the northern part of the peninsula, which goes into the Adriatic Sea, so you can enjoy the coast during the holidays in Dubrovnik.

Babin Kuk is known for its green spaces where you can walk surrounded by a beautiful environment. It also has some beaches that are worth it (and much less crowded than those in the center).

here is the Dubrovnik's largest beach: Copacabana Beach. It is one of the greenest areas in Dubrovnik, with trails and walks that enter through the vegetation of pine trees typical of the Mediterranean.

Babin Kuk is ideal for families, since there is a lot of forested space and the hotels are usually very family-friendly. Couples looking to pamper themselves in a five-star hotel, relax on the beach and take romantic walks will also enjoy Babin Kuk.

How to get to the city of Dubrovnik by plane

Dubrovnik Airport is located southeast of the center, in the town of Cilipi. At the third busiest airport in Croatia you can go through the D8 road.

To move from Dubrovnik airport you can take the carThrough the D8 road it takes between 20 and 25 minutes to the center of Dubrovnik, the distance is 21 kilometers.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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How to move from the airport

You can catch the bus, there are buses of the Atlas company that leave to and from the Dubrovnik Central Bus Station located in Gruž, a neighborhood in the north of Dubrovnik. The bus station is located near the port of Dubrovnik, where many cruise ships dock during the summer months.

The bus does not go through the old city of Dubrovnik, but does stop just outside the city walls. If you are traveling from the airport to the old City you can get off at the stop 'Pile Gate'.

If you travel in the opposite direction, from the old city to the Dubrovnik Airport, you can take the bus at the stop 'Cable Car Station'. From Dubrovnik Central Bus Station the bus leaves approximately 2 hours before the departure of each flight.

La duration of the route From and to the old city is 30 minutes, schedules are available on the Atlas website. The bills They can be purchased on board the bus and you can pay in euros.

Why travel to Dubrovnik?

To cross the streets of the old town of Dubrovnik is to travel many years of history of this city on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Today it is one of the most important tourist centers of the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The one known as “Pearl of the Adriatic”It is an impressive city but it has ceased to be one of the best kept secrets to be one of the most popular destinations. Much has had to do with his important role in the series Game of Thrones as location: "King's Landing".

En Dubrovnik we will not only find beautiful stone beaches with an unusual charm, if not also a cultural offer For those who want to enjoy a place full of elegance, buildings that will take us to a time when luxury and ostentation were the protagonists.

How can you move around the city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an ideal city to travel at a. Almost everything there is to see is in the old town, mostly pedestrianized, so you can walk almost anywhere.

The bus is the only means of public transport in Dubrovnik, since there is no metro or train. The Dubrovnik bus company is Libertas, which administers urban bus lines that cover the entire city.

The buses are usually circulate until midnight, or until 2 in the morning during weekends and depending on the line. After that time, it is possible to take a taxi in Pile to return to the accommodation. You can check the schedules of the different urban bus lines at:http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com

Anyway, if what interests you is move and visit the surroundings, rent a car, we leave you next a car rental comparator so you can see the best offer in the city.

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Dubrovnik Card - The Dubrovnik Tourist Card
Dubrovnik Card - The Dubrovnik tourist card

La Dubrovnik Tourist Card is a card designed especially for tourists, which allows you to visit many of the attractions principales totally free, others with a discount of up to one 40%, and also allows you to use the public transport for free.

1 day card

This card allows you free entry to 9 of the main attractions of the city: Dubrovnik Walls, Historical Cultural Museum, Art Gallery, Dulčić-Masle-Pulitika Gallery, Ethnographic Museum, Maritime Museum, Vlaho Bukovac House (Cavtat), Monastery from San Francisco and Natural History Museum. Free travel by public transport for 24 hours.

3 day card

Includes free admission to the same places as the 1-day card and 10 free trips by public transport.

7 day card

Includes free admission to the same places as the 1-day card and 20 free trips by public transport.

The card can be purchased in a online and save an 10%, or in the city in any of the points of sale.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik itself competes in beauty with the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it. Its enormous artistic, cultural and historical wealth, make this city a point of enormous tourist interest which attracts the visit of a multitude of travelers throughout the year.

The three best beaches in Dubrovnik

Beaches of Dubrovnik
Beaches of Dubrovnik @https: //pixabay.com/en/dubrovnik-croacia-antigua-ciudad-550060/

If there is anything that makes Dubrovnik a wonderful travel destination, it is the set of beautiful beaches that are there, beaches to relax, soak up beauty and enjoy the sea.

There are many rocky beaches, which are accessed by stairs that descend from the top of the cliffs so it is always appropriate to wear appropriate footwear. Even so, they are still very popular with swimmers and, especially, divers.

Except for some very particular site, all beaches offer shower and bar service and, some, also hammocks and chairs for the beach.

Do you want to discover and enjoy the three best beaches in Dubrovnik?


Due to its proximity to the walled city (it is located just in front of the Ploce Gate), it is one of the busiest beaches in Dubrovnik. Although it is an urban beach with artificial sand, it has great vegetation and its water is very clean. If you want to find a place in the summer months, it is advisable to go very early.


3 km from Dubrovnik there is a series of beaches surrounded by stones known as Lapad beach, it is actually several consecutive beaches separated by rocks that can easily be found at the end of a pedestrian path full of bars, cafes and restaurants. Take bus number 8 to reach it.

Saint James

Little known to tourists, it is located a kilometer and a half south of Banje. Its beautiful coast of small white stones and golden sand makes this beach a good place to take a bath with the silhouette of the walls and the island of Lokrum in the background. To get there, nothing is easier than taking bus number 5 and getting off at the last stop.

Dubrovnik and the game of thrones series

Tyrion Lannister and Varys on the walls of Dubrovnik
Tyrion Lannister and Varys on the walls of Dubrovnik

The producers of the series Game of Thrones they were clear from the start that the walled city of Dubrovnik had to be King's Landing. If you are a fan of this successful series, we invite you to visit the areas of Dubrovnik that have served as a filming set.

Fort of Lovrijenac

The cliff on the outskirts of Dubrovnik has a fortress on its summit. This fortress is the fort of Lovrijenac, from the s. XI and made the city an almost impregnable place. In the series this place is the Red fortress, and scenes such as the appointment of King Joffrey were shot. This is the place where George RR Martin envisioned the famous Iron Throne.

Pile door

La Pile door It is the main door that gives us the entrance to the historic center. As we will see, this area is combined by numerous gates, as well as moats. The Gothic and Renaissance style are also combined between the doors that we can see at every step. Of course, we cannot miss the lift bridges. The outside of the door was used to film the shocking return of Jaime Lannister to King's Landing In season 6.

Minceta Tower

An outstanding mention of the Dubrovnik wall is the Minceta Tower. This place, the tallest in the city, is in the series the House of the Eternals. In this place Daenerys agrees to rescue his dragons. To get over this company, you have to face several visions of black magic.

Dubrovnik gastronomy

As with each trip, to know the customs and culture of the country it is important to access its cuisine and enjoy its best dishes. Thus, in Dubrovnik you can find a kitchen based on a traditional elaboration with top quality materials.

The strong influence of the Mediterranean, creates a gastronomic trend of strong personality with combined products of the sea and the earth to give rise to dishes of enormous wealth, as well as an intense flavor.

Within the enormous variety, fresh sea products such as fish and seafood They take a big role at the table. However, recipes for poultry, pork or veal make up some of Dubrovnik's best-known and celebrated dishes, such as meat pie or chicken stuffed with quince, as well as roast lamb or suckling pig.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. desserts are not left behind, numerous centenary recipe sweets offer visitors the sweetest face of traditional cuisine. On the other hand, cheeses of excellent flavor and own production complete a gastronomy of enormous wealth and great variety.



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