I'm going on a trip to MILOS in 2023

Guide with the BEST to visit MILOS this 2023 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

Cheap and budget accommodation to sleep in Milos

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Guide of the island of Milos in Greece

Milos on an island that stands out for the beauty of its landscape and the colors of its mountains, beaches and their land, that is why they call it the "island of colors”. Famous for having found the Venus de Milo in this place, we can still contemplate the place where it was extracted.

Highlights the port of Adamas, it is a beautiful town of white houses and cobbled streets, that is, the typical Cycladic town. Plaka, the current capital of Milos, has the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, with white houses, windows and colorful doors, balconies full of flowers and narrow and twisted streets with Venetian reminiscences. From Plaka you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Milos.

The island has transparent waters and it is full of beaches of fine white sand. The best beaches are from difficult access from land, but it is worth reaching them. Highlights include Jivadolimni, Paliojori, Emborio, Apolonia, Sarakinico, Firopotamos, Tsigrado, Ayia Kiriaki, Gerontas, Papafrakas, Provatas, Mandrakia, the sea cave of Smaragdenia and Sikia, the Zalasiná Meteora area and the famous Kleftico.

For get to the island of Milos you can embark from the port of Piraeus, Rafina and Laurion, or take a flight from the airport of Athens or from Thessaloniki. There is also a regular maritime connection with the Sifnos Islands, Serifos, Kithnos, Santorini, Crete, RhodesFolégandros, Ios, Paros and Syros.

What are you waiting for to discover this authentic island jewel?

Best areas to sleep in Milos

Do not forget, by the way, that from the 2018 you have to pay tourist tax for sleeping in Greece. The fee varies between 0,5 € and 4 € per day depending on the category of the hotel or accommodation you have chosen to sleep.

Adamas, the main port of the island, social and tourist center

Adamas is the main port of Milos, it is a beautiful town of white houses and cobbled streets, that is, the typical Cycladic town, it is the place where the life of the island is concentrated. Here we advise you to visit the Church of the Blessed Trinidad and the Mineralogical Museum of Milos.

Because of its ideal location next to the port, Adamas is the ideal place to stay and establish your "base camp", moving from here to the rest of the island is simple and comfortable.

In Adamas you will see some restaurants and a good number of business to rent motorcycles and cars. Renting a quad is one of the most comfortable and cheap ways to travel the island of Milos with total freedom.

If you also like the beach and the sun, Adamas also has a couple of beaches, Lagada and Papikinos.

Plaka, the capital of the island of Milos

Plate It is the capital of the island and is characterized by traditional architecture. It really has all kinds of services for tourists In addition to a multitude of leisure options.

Do not miss the opportunity to lose yourself in its streets on the way up to the castle and enjoy the contrast of colors that give away their streets and let yourself be carried away by their picturesque corners.

In Plaka you will be able to find various museums, inns and restaurants where to dine, with lots of terraces full of lights that make the walks through its alleys can be very warm and romantic.

The most advisable is Visit Plaka at sunset, at dinner time since the lighting of its streets make it magical.

Pollonia, the most cozy fishing village

Pollonia It is a small fishing village located in the northeast of Milos. Here you can find rooms and apartments for rent, in addition to a nice and hospitable family atmosphere.

From the Pollonia area is where you can catch most of boats to the island of Kimolos, which is about 50 km away from Milos, totally recommendable the excursion to this island!

We already anticipate that Pollonia is a very quiet area where enjoy the calm and local cuisine. Of course, if you're interested, near Pollonia are the ruins of the ancient Minoan city of Fliakopi.

How to get to the island of Milos by plane

Travel to the island of Milos from plane it's quite simple since the airport is scarce 4,5 km from the capital of the same name. Said airport does not receive direct flights international but has a great influx of internal flights. If you are going to travel from outside of Greece, you have to do scale in the International Airport Eleftherios venizelos of Athens, to later take a flight to the Milos airport.

Milos airport is very internally communicated therefore access from Greek airports it will be something very easy, the journey lasts one About half an hour from Athens.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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By bus from Milos airport

Bad luck, there are no buses day by day from Milos airport and you will have no choice but to take a taxi at least to the capital where if you can make use of the public bus system to move. Anyway, they are not 5 km, so the cost is quite affordable.

How can you move around the island of Milos

The option that most of us who visit the island use is rent a vehicle, be it a car, quad or motorbike. On the island there is a lot of rent to rent a quad because they are super-manageable and are parked anywhere. We leave below a car rental comparator for you to see the best offer on the island.

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Milos Island is very well connected since it has a system of very extensive roads that can take you any area of the island.

Milos by bus

La extensive bus network will bring you closer to any city and some Turistic zones of the island. The schedules and frequency of these vary greatly depending on the season, in summer they greatly expand the schedules but in winter they are very reduced.

En high season there are itineraries from Adamas to Triovassalos, Plaka, Tripiti, Pollonia, Philakopi, Zefiria, Paliochori, Hivadolimni and Provatas. You can check frequency and schedules depending on the season in https://milosbuses.com/

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Milos

What are the best beaches on the island of Milos?

The island of Milos is very famous for its unique beaches. Previously, Milos had been a ancient volcano, currently sunk under the sea, fact that creates Rocky formations really impressive.

Milos presents some beautiful beaches de White sand that would shade any Caribbean island since it has amazing gulfs that create Rocky beaches surrounded by cliffs offering a truly unforgettable landscape.


The beach of Sarakiniko in Milos
The beach of Sarakiniko in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / Leoks

Sarakiniko beach, with the white of their rocks they will make you immerse yourself in a truly magical setting. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos and probably the most photographic of all.

Sarakiniko It is also known as Pirate Sarakin and is considered as the essential to visit of all the beaches of Milos.

It is probably one of the most magical to take pictures because of its singular landscape with white rocks that penetrate into the sea forming curious gorges.

Encourage yourself to visit Sarakinino at night, especially when the moon is full, since the white rocks reflect the light, recreating an unforgettable landscape.


Papafragas Beach in Milos
Papafragas Beach in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / Leoks

The Papafragas beachIt is next to Sarakiniko, it is a small sandy beach between two huge rocks creating a really beautiful beach.

The beach recibe his name of a French monk who lived there.

Access to this beach requires special care since it is a narrow and quite slippery road.

Papafragas is a sea entrance on earth with a sequence of coves with secret entrances from which there is evidence that it served as a hideout for Barbaroja.


Beach of Alogomandra in Milos
Beach of Alogomandra in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / ankarb

Alogomandra is another curious beach Where there are.

This long but narrow beach is practically within a arched cave.

Usually there a lot of people, since it is a very beautiful and easily accessible place.

The beach is located next to the main road and has parking about 200 m from the beach.

La cove is well protected and offers a unique swimming experience. You will even find some rocks from where to jump into the water.


Firiplaka Beach in Milos
Firiplaka Beach in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / jcfmorata

The beach of Firiplaka, is a wonderful beach with colored rocks and sand just 30 minutes from the port of Adamas. It also has incredible views to admire the sunsets. The huge rocks that guard the beach outline a landscape of another planet.

You will find the beach in the south of Milos, next to the beach of Tsigrado. firiplaka has the reputation of being the prettiest beach of the island and that is spectacular, especially because of the pink color of its walls and the large rock in the middle of the water.

On the beach you will find hammock service and a bar to have a drink, but this area is only the beginning of the beach, if you walk a little more, passing a high rock in the sea, sand is much more virgin And the entrance to the water is much better.

In a way, this island evokes the sensuality of Thailand and the spirit of Ibiza with its modern chiringuito, Balinese beds and Italian public. This area has a exotic rock in the middle of the water With a small narrow cave that you can swim through.


Tsigrado beach in Milos
Tsigrado beach in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / Pinkcandy

The beach of Tsigrado It is located in the southern part of the island and is one of the most famous beaches on the island although it does not have many services, yes, it almost always has people.

Without a doubt, Tsigrado is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Milos. Located right next to Firiplaka, Tsigrado is a small sandy cove with crystal clear waters.

You will see that going down to this beach is a bit difficult since you have to cross a rocky passage to get there where you will be impressed by the surroundings with the rocky cliffs.

We already let you know in advance that there is a rope to which you have to hold on so as not to stick it down to the sand.

It is not a beach where you are going to find no umbrellas or bars on the beach, so make sure you have everything you need, since you probably don't want to leave.


Gerontas beach in Milos
Gerontas beach in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / ankarb

The beach of Gerontas It is one of the beaches more remote From Milos, you have to walk about 25 minutes to reach it once you leave the car parked.

It is a Beach of dark colored sand, surrounded by arches and caves, made it unique.

The star point is undoubtedly its great Arch shaped rock, which is usually the stopping point of some boat trips on the island.

Forget about any kind of service On this beach, in return, you will find palm trees on the beach that will offer you some shade to withstand the heat during the morning hours.

Although it is a difficult access beach, especially in August, it is usually quite crowded.


Beach of Firopotamos in Milos
Beach of Firopotamos in Milos
(c) Can Stock Photo / karapas

Firopotamos is a small beach surrounded by fishermen's cottages With the colored doors. It has such a charm that it is usually quite full of tourism, so your intention is to come here and do not hesitate and leave soon.

This area is ideal for swimming, fishing and exercising around the rocks that are in the place.

In Summer months there is a bar which is open in case you feel like drinking something. Nearby you will be able to see the ruins of an old building (it is not clear what it was) and a small church.

La nearest city This area has the same name as the beach and is not far from Plaka, the capital of Milos. Formerly, this city used to be a summer resort for people who lived in the capital.

Other beaches of Milos

We could make an infinite list of beaches and we would never end, here we leave you with a few others that are also the most interesting to visit.

The beach of PolloniaIt is a small sandy beach located in the town of Pollonia, the water is shallow and, because of this, many families with children prefer it.

The beach of Paliochori, there are hot springs inside the sea with subtle temperature changes that will make you enjoy unique sensations.

Papikinou beachIt is a wonderful beach with crystal clear waters, the only one on the entire island with a blue flag.

The beach of ProvatasIt is an ideal reddish sand beach for children since the water is not very deep.

The beach of Hivadolimni, known for being the prettiest in Milos, with white sand and crystal clear waters full of fish. It is an ideal place to observe the marine fauna of the island.

The beach of Emporios, just 30 minutes from Adamas, it is the best place for those who want to appreciate the cormorants, a migratory bird typical of the island.

Kleftiko beach, is perhaps the most impressive place and most famous natural site in Milos. It is formed by huge white rocks in the middle of the sea with narrow openings and underwater caves, which create a magnificent spectacle.



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