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Hotels in Opatija Croatia

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Discover Opatija

People who travel to Opatija usually emphasize this pleasant city to walk along its beautiful coastline. You will have many options to sit down and rest in a cafeteria. Of course, since you are in Opatija, you should also take the opportunity to get closer here: Parque Angiolina or Puerto de Opatija. You will have a great time! There are points of interest of all kinds, such as Outdoor Summer Theater and Church of Santiago.

How to get to Opatija

You can fly to Rijeka Airport (RJK), located 24,3 km from the center of Opatija.

When to travel to Opatija

Are you interested in knowing which is the best time of year to come? This information about time can be useful:

Average temperature per station
• From January to March: 15 ° C per day, 1 ° C per night
• From April to June: 27 ° C per day, 7 ° C per night
• From July to September: 29 ° C per day, 13 ° C at night
• From October to December: 21 ° C for the day, 3 ° C for the night

Discover the secrets of Opatija

This beachfront resort area is famous for its elegant "belle époque" architecture, renowned seafood restaurants, and mild weather at any time of year.
Enjoy your holidays in Opatija, a very popular tourist destination for more than 150 years. In the center of this town are elegant buildings and country houses in very imposing pastel colors, with various architectural styles, from classical to baroque, Venetian and Gothic. Take advantage of cheap trips to Opatija and stroll along the romantic Lungomare promenade, swimming in the Slatina beach and visit the famous Volosko seafood restaurants.

This city was a quiet fisherman's enclave until the mid-XNUMXth century, when a wealthy merchant, Iginio Scarpa, built the splendid Villa Angiolina for his getaways. Later, the railway reached Opatija and the authorities began to develop and promote this place as a holiday destination for the elite among European nobles and aristocrats. Grab an Opatija vacation package and look at its extravagant Austro-Hungarian architecture for details that reflect its opulent past.

You can know the history of this tourist city in Villa Angiolina, impeccably restored, and other long-established holiday establishments, such as the Hotel Kvarner and Hotel Imperial. The main street of Opatija, Maršal Tito, houses more examples of the splendid Austro-Hungarian architecture.

Take advantage of the occasion and stop at Slatina Beach, where visitors gather to swim and sunbathe. Also stroll along the Lungomare, a 12-kilometer-long promenade. This attractive tree-lined path passes several highly ornate waterfront cottages and leads to spectacular rocky coves.

North of Opatija is the old fishing village of Volosko. There you can taste their praised seafood restaurants, which serve fresh fish from the port. In the center of the city, museums and churches, including the Croatian Museum of Tourism, in Villa Angiolina, and the Church of Saint Jacob, from the fifteenth century, are good places to take refuge in the few rainy days.

If you are looking for outdoor challenges, you can hike to the top of the Mount Učka. The wooded slopes of the mountain loom over the horizon of Opatija. You can also follow one of the different trails that lead to the summit.

Opatija is located about 14 kilometers from Rijeka. It is relatively small, so the best way to discover it is on foot. The town does not have a train station, so to reach this area, it is best to use the regular bus services that leave from Rijeka.

Where to sleep in Opatija

You can choose between nearby 42 hotels and other accommodation options in Opatija through the websites.

Two of the best accommodation options in Opatija are undoubtedly Hotel Milenij, located at M. Tita 109, and Remisens Premium Hotel Ambasador, which is located at Feliksa Persica 5. Smart Selection Hotel Residenz and Smart Selection Hotel Belvedere can also be you interesting. Smart Selection Hotel Residenz is located at Marsala Tita 133, while Smart Selection Hotel Belvedere is located at I Kaline 7.


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