I'm going on a trip to RODAS in 2023

Guide with the BEST to visit RODAS this 2023 with excursions and accommodations to sleep in.

Cheap and budget accommodation to sleep in Rhodes

Hotel Parthenon Rhodes city
blankblank Single Room from 15.2 EUR

City Plus Rhodes Hotel
blankblank Single Room from 40 EUR

Royal Aparthotel City Center
blankblank Single Room from 40 EUR

Pearl Hotel
blankblank Single Room from 42 EUR

Manousos City Hotel
blankblankblank Twin Room from 29 EUR

Caravel Hotel Apartments
blankblankblank Room from 43 EUR

Oktober Downtown Boutique Hotel
blankblankblank Twin Room from 43 EUR

Lindos White Hotel & Suites
blankblankblankblank Double Room from 40 EUR

Venice Resort Hotel
blankblankblankblank Double Room from 40 EUR

Rhodes Princess Beach Hotel
blankblankblankblank Double Room from 41 EUR

Sun Beach Resort
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Rhodes Island Guide (Greece)

The Island Rhodes It's the Greek island more extensive of the archipelago of the Dodecanese La capital of the island has the same name and forms the peripheral unit of Rhodes.

Located at only 18km of the Turkish coasts, it is one of the zones more tourist of Greece for its sunny beaches and by legacy of myths y legends That endures in any corner of the island.

In Rhodes, Helios fathered seven sons and a daughter with the Nymph Rododaughter of Poseidon. The island took its name in honor this nymph. Since then the inhabitants of Rhodes se consider children of the sun and in fact the island with more than 300 sunny days a year is one of the places sunniest in the Mediterranean.

Best places to sleep in Rhodes

On this island it is highly recommended compare . willfully that Prices of the places where alojaros Well, it can really come out expensive especially in the city ​​of Rhodes where accommodations They are nothing flights precisely.

Do not forget, by the way, that from the 2018 you have to pay tourist tax for sleeping in Greece. The fee varies between 0,5 € and 4 € per day depending on the category of the hotel or accommodation you have chosen to sleep.

The capital, city of Rhodes

La most interesting visits of the island are concentrated in the surroundings of the city ​​of Rhodes, capital of the island, so I we recommend spending most of the nights here. It is also, by far, the area with the largest hotel offer on the island and where you will find more variety of accommodation and prices.

The capital offers a wide range of structures, from luxurious 5 hotels, to comfortable apartments. Excellent option to have everything at hand, move by bus, take boat trips, and enjoy the island of Rhodes.

La medieval city of Rhodes It is the part of the city that is inside the walls. The walls of Rhodes are the city ​​symbol and were built from s. XIV onwards. The walls of Rhodes are of great length, they envelop the city and its state of conservation it is perfect.

Lindos, the best city in Rhodes

Lindos is a small characteristic town with its white houses, beaches and archeological sites. Excellent to visit the southern area of ​​Rhodes, especially if you like tranquility. It is one of the best areas to stay in Rhodes. Yes, sleeping in Lindos is much more expensive than doing it in other parts of Rhodes.

The old town is made up of a network of narrow lanes full of shops, taverns and whitewashed white houses. The most spectacular are the so-called "captains' houses", with an architecture mix of gothic and oriental style that has been preserved until today.

If you stay a few days in Lindos, you can enjoy a bath in their two main beaches: Pallas in the North, and St. Paul's Bay in the South. Both are perfect places to practice the snorkel, since they lodge amount of fauna and flora. At night you can enjoy in all kinds of shops and taverns managed by families of locals.

Faliraki, party and fun at all hours

Faliraki It is the ideal place for those insatiable looking for a city ​​that never sleeps and party 24 hours a day. It is therefore a perfect destination for thousands of young people from all over Europe, especially from the United Kingdom. In Faliraki you will find many nightclubs, English pubs and taverns traditional in which to have a good time and meet other university students.

In addition to an uninterrupted party, the city offers all kinds of water sports and beach activities, with which they can entertain themselves during the day. If you decide stay in Faliraki, you can enjoy a fun day sliding down the slides of the largest water park in all of Europe.

In Faliraki you will find many hotels and resorts where you can relax and lie down All day in the sand.

How to get to the island of Rhodes by plane

If you want to be carried away by the Charms full ancient Greece You can get to this beautiful island en plane until Diagoras International Airport It is located at 16km full city ​​of Rhodes. Is fourth airport by movements of Greece and by passenger volume and has a multitude of services: car rental, banks, duty-free, cafeterias and car parks on the outskirts of the terminal.

Numerous airlines they give service to this airport and especially Olympic Airways ofrece internal flights to Rhodes from AthensKarpathos, Heraklion and Thessaloniki of 45 minutes duration. There is also charter flights that connect Rhodes with the Main European cities.

Our recommendation is that use a good flight comparator to locate the flight that best suits your needs, here we leave one to facilitate the work of looking for.

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Move from the Rhodes airport

There are two bus companies on the island, RODA and KTEL. The northwest of Rhodes, where the Rhodes airport is located, is linked by the bus company RODA (http://www.ando.gr/eng), while bus transportation in the southeast of Rhodes is operated by the bus company KTEL (https://www.ktelrodou.gr/en/). Tickets can be purchased from the same bus driver.

Arrive to Rhodes by boat (ferry)

There are ferry from the Port of Piraeus, in Athens, or from Türkiye. The journey from Piraeus lasts 18 hours and includes a travel night, so if you are a and incredible  of the boats It is a beautiful path that you can not miss and it is moored in Port of Rhodes next to medieval city, as far as you can get with the Cruise who stop at said island.

Normally you will not need to book the ferry tickets in advance but eye if you travel in high season, the number of tourists is high and these months if you have to be attentive with the ferry tickets and book them in advance.

How can you move around the island of Rhodes

The city of Rhodes has a good lbus line that connects the center with all the populations of the island, whereby private transportation can even be a bane given the heavy traffic, it is a city with a lot of movementcosmopolitan y busy, so the most It is advisable to rent a motorbike to enjoy the warm air and wonderful views from any special corner.

Car or motorcycle rentals can be made directly at the airport or in the center of Rhodes in the different companies to get the most suitable price. Anyway, if your intention is get more out of the trip and enjoy all the hidden corners, rent a vehicle. We leave you below a car rental comparator so you can see the best offer on the island.

[search_cars city = ”rodas”]

Another more expensive option although more direct are taxis, eye that we put you on notice, then do not say that things happen: always ask before taking the taxi the price that is going to leave. Do not forget that taxi drivers live on tourism and have a bit of Spanish picaresque.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Rhodes

What are the best beaches on the island of Rhodes?

The great attraction of Rhodes is the beautiful beaches that surround the whole of the island. All offer basic services and allows the "topless”In most of its beaches and even has some designed for nudism as the one located towards Ladiko, part of the beach of Faliraki, where the entrance only is allowed to those who go Nudity. Many beaches have the European blue flag.


Tsambika Playa Rodas
Tsambika Playa Rodas
(c) Can Stock Photo / luboskova

La long beach of sand of Tsambika is located to 25 km to the south of the city of Rhodes, under the imposing rock where the miraculous monastery of Tsambika is located.

Turquoise waters and golden sands They create a beautiful landscape, ideal to relax and enjoy the sun. There are dozens of colorful beach facilities available, as well as water sports for the most daring.

The wider region is very friendly and offers Very comfortable during the night and day


Faliraki Beach Rhodes
Faliraki Beach Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / Baburov

Faliraki is one of the most cosmopolitan resorts of Rhodes, located at 16 km south of the main city and 10 km from the airport.

It is well organized with dozens of hammocks that cover the sandy coast, umbrellas and many water sports facilities like water skiing, windsurfing and much more.

Our golden sands of Faliraki extends along 4 km and, together with the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean, creates a relaxing and attractive landscape.

For those who want to be in a quieter and less populated environment, Kathara Bay is the right place for them. The whole area is full of luxury hotels and other types of accommodation.


Ladiko Beach Rhodes
Ladiko Beach Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / Arsty

Ladiko is a small beach located in a beautiful bay 20 km south of the city of Rhodes and 2 km from the town of Faliraki.

Ladiko beach has a small picturesque cove that offers visitors some pleasant moments under the warm sun. The seashore has fine and clean sand, and some small rocks are scattered around, as well as many beach facilitiesLike umbrellas, sunbeds, fresh water showers and delicious traditional tavernas.

The Ladiko beach tends to be particularly Busy in summer. This cove generally presents a beautiful image, with small boats sailing near the coast. Lush green vegetation surrounds the beach and creates a beautiful landscape.


Kallithea Beach Rhodes
Kallithea Beach Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / nikolpetr

The beach of Kallithea is famous for its thermal springs Medicines that were built by the Italians but that no longer work.

It is located at 8 km south of the city of Rhodes and it is a truly magnificent with palm trees and pines and beautiful renovated buildings with impressive mosaics influenced by Arab architecture.

Our emerald waters of the sea They combine perfectly with this idyllic landscape, adding a touch of beauty to the whole image. Kallithea is easily accessible from the main city of Rhodes.


Beach of Afandou in Rhodes
Beach of Afandou in Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / ppi09

Afandou is a Playa extremely long and big which is located 19 km south of the city of Rhodes. The town of Afandou itself extends around the natural bay.

It is a beach predominantly sand and pebbles and offers many beach facilities to rent. It is a relatively crowded area during the high season and receives many windsurf lovers.

Their crystal clear, deep and transparent waters, they are ideal for swimming and stay cool even under the hot sun. You are going to find some bars near the beach as well as throughout the town.


Prassonissi beach in Rhodes
Prassonisi beach in Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / Panama

La long and extensive sandy beach of Prassonisi is located at 85 km south of the city of Rhodes and 40 km southwest of the village of Lindos.

Prassonissi is known among lovers of windsurf as one of the paradises of this sport Especially during the months of July and August, when the north winds called meltemi blow, the beach is full of people and every day you can enjoy seeing skilled windsurfers.

The beach consists of two sand coves which end on a rocky island that can be reached on foot or by swimming, depending on the level of the waters. Windsurfing equipment is available for rent, even if most surfers bring their own equipment.

There are bars and accommodations near the beach in case your intention is to sleep in this area. The landscape is idyllic And the waters are incredibly clear.


Kolymbia beach in Rhodes
Kolymbia beach in Rhodes
(c) Can Stock Photo / treskol

Kolymbia is a quiet complex, one of the most beautiful on the island. It is a small natural bay located on the east coast of the island, about 26 km south of the city of Rhodes.

It is one of the many Well prepared pebble beaches for tourism in Rhodes, with sun beds, umbrellas and a variety of water sports. The crystalline waters combined with the green bottom are a great attraction for those who visit it

Although the beach has undergone a great tourist development during the last years, it is still a calm and peaceful beach, without the bustling crowd of other beaches in Rhodes. If you go with the car just 6 km north of the beach, you can visit the Monastery of Paramithia.

Other beaches that are worth the island of Rhodes

For those who want places quieter the beach of Traganou has a virgin part really paradisiacal, as is the San Pablo Bay y Stegná, the latter located in the traditional village of Archangels If you go with children the shallow depth of the beach of Jaraki  It is perfect, it is part of a small and beautiful fishing village where the sand is mixed.

If instead you want a little more than adrenalin, Ixia It is the perfect beach for you as it is the favorite place of the windsurf lovers and kitesurf In addition, it has facilities to enter the world of water activities or improve.


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