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Hotels in Thessaloníki Greece

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Trips to Thessaloniki

On the coast of the Termal Gulf, the second largest city in Greece offers historical buildings, traditional cuisine, beach resorts and nightlife.
The churches with Byzantine frescoes, Roman remains, beaches and dynamic nightlife make Thessaloniki one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Greece. Visit the second largest city in the country for its relaxed coastal atmosphere and its proud presentation of more than 2000 years of history.

Get to know the city in greater depth by walking through the cobblestone streets of the upper part and admire the traditional Greek and Ottoman houses. Appreciate the sculptures that decorate the imposing Arch of Galerius of the fourth century. Take a break to enjoy a coffee and a bougatsa (a traditional cake with a filling that can be sweet or savory) in one of the many specialty stores in the city.

Savor the sights, sounds and tastes of the Modiano Market, with its stalls full of cheeses, spices, vegetables and fish and barrels filled to the brim with olives. Join the locals on their night walks (called “volta”) along a 5-kilometer boardwalk. Sail through the harbor in a small boat.

Thessaloniki was discovered at 315 a. C. and has been dominated by the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The reflection of these civilizations can be seen in the buildings they left behind. Take a tour of the oldest sites in the city and include the Byzantine walls, the White Tower of the sixteenth century and the Roman Forum in your journey. Visit the Byzantine churches that are more than 1000 years old and contemplate the Hamza Bey Mosque, from the 15th century.

The sea is very close. Bask in the sun and enjoy water sports in Hagia TriadaPereaEpanomi y Nea Michaniona, all in a range of 30 kilometers from the center of the city.

If you are looking for evening entertainment, start with a drink in a beachfront bar and then visit a traditional tavern. You can find live music in one of the downtown bouzoukia clubs, and dance until late at night. neighborhood of Ladadika.

To get to Thessaloniki, fly to the International Airport of Macedonia, to 17 kilometers south of the city. If you prefer, you can cover a trip of 516 kilometers from Athens by train, bus or rental car. You can travel by bus, taxi, car or on foot. With one of the best climates of the Mediterranean, the coast, culture and history of Thessaloniki can be enjoyed throughout the year. Plan your trip to Thessaloniki with time to find interesting offers.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

This curious tower has evolved to the rhythm of Thessaloniki over the centuries, and today houses a museum dedicated to the history of the city.  
Emblematic symbol present in all the memories and travel guides of Thessaloniki, the White Tower is the most famous monument in the city. The tower is characterized by its cylindrical shape and the panoramic view of the port that its upper floor offers. The role of the torra has changed many times over the years, and today is an exhibition hall of the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

The tower was built by the Ottoman Empire to defend the port of the city. Later it was used as a prison, until the Turks claimed the city at the beginning of the 20th century. Some say that a prisoner entangled the tower in exchange for his freedom, while others claim that the Greeks whitewashed the tower as a symbol of the purification of the city and to erase the legacy of the Turks. The tower played an important role in the defense of the city during the two world wars, before becoming a museum in the 1980 decade.

Before entering, take a moment to admire the impressive structure. With almost 34 meters in height, it is easy to understand why it is a point of reference from the entire city. The outside of the tower is no longer routing normally, but there are still some white parts visible.

Enter the tower to explore the museum. The exhibitions are distributed among the six floors of the tower, linked by a series of spiral staircases. Explore audiovisual exhibitions to learn more about the 23 centuries of city history. If you are lucky, you will find additional temporary exhibitions.

Follow the stairs to the observation platform of the tower. The beautiful views of the city and the harbor are one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful tower during your trip to Thessaloniki.  

The White Tower Museum in Thessaloniki is open every day, throughout the year. A small entrance fee is charged. Keep in mind that, due to the historic structure of the tower, the museum does not have toilets, air conditioning, cafeteria or elevators.  

Where to sleep in Thessaloniki

You can choose between nothing more and nothing less than 60 apartments and other types of accommodation for all tastes and budgets, from luxury hotels to hostels and cheaper options.

Can you think of a better way to find the perfect hotel in Thessaloniki than by consulting the rates and services of Daios Luxury Living, located at Nikis Avenue 59, or Excelsior Hotel, located at 10 Komninon St. & 23 Mitropoleos Av? Two other excellent hotels, which also enjoy magnificent services, are Tourist Hotel and Emporikon.

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