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Hotels in Utrecht Netherlands

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Trips to Utrecht

Utrecht, with its myriad of canals, cafes, squares and pedestrian alleyways, survives as one of the oldest regions of the Netherlands. The famous Dom tower It offers beautiful views of the entire city, home to centuries-old museums and monuments. Discover the wide variety of boutiques located in picturesque buildings next to the canals. This city in the center of the Netherlands has been the country's religious and cultural center since the 7th century.

Visit the emblem of the city, the famous church of Dom, also known as San Martín Cathedral and built between 1254 and 1520. See the church tower, 112 meters high. Climb the 465 rungs that will take you to the highest part and enjoy the views of the entire city. Try to identify other more distant reference points, such as Amsterdam y Rotterdam. The French design of the Gothic church is particularly unusual in the Netherlands.

Visit also the Rietveld Schröder house, a fascinating place that was built for a woman of high society, in the year 1924. This structure, a perfect example of a Dutch movement known as "De Stijl architecture", is included in the Unesco World Heritage List. Contemplate its simple style of few walls and open spaces. The house also has a fascinating use of color, with white walls that contrast with touches of intense red and yellow.

After touring the different attractions of the center of Utrecht, take a short trip to the medieval town of Amersfoort (NL), to the outskirts. Discover its history, from prehistoric hunters and gatherers, to settlers of the Middle Ages. Visit the Tower of Our Lady, a church of the XV century that, with its 98 meters of height, is one of the highest medieval temples. And, as a final touch, walk through the picturesque center of the city, which has been preserved over the centuries. Rest next to one of the channels and breathe the feeling of serenity that the place gives off.

Utrecht enjoys warm summers and cold winters with plenty of snow. The Rhine River flows through the city and gives it the appearance of a picturesque oasis, just south of Amsterdam and northeast of Rotterdam.

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