I'm going on a trip to ZAGREB on 2023

Guide with the BEST to visit ZAGREB this 2023 with excursions and accommodations to sleep in.

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Guide to the city of Zagreb in Croatia

During your visit to destination, you will have the opportunity to delight yourself with the great diversity of sites to know, in and around the city.

From a fabulous historic helmet, surrounded by medieval monuments, markets, restaurants and bars, until the tranquility of the lakes, gardens, mountains and pretty landscapes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your visit to the Croatian capital

Tour the streets of the old town from the city of destination, is to know many years of history of this fabulous city. But, if you are one of those people who prefer the nature and be away from the noise of the city, your journey through the capital de Croatia it will captivate you.

If you are looking for ideal choice to enjoy your holidays alone, as a couple or as a family, the Croatian capital It offers everything you need, so you will never forget that trip.

There's no doubt destination, Is one of the Touristic centres most important cities in Europe, becoming the ideal destination, for millions of visitors all year round.

The weather in Zagreb

donji grad
clear sky
1.1 ° C
2.7 °
-1.9 °
3 °
7 °
7 °
6 °
6 °

Best areas to stay in Zagreb

Although destination there is no great diversity in Hotels, especially if you want stay in the most areas downtown, you will have other good ones Options to rest on your journey through the Croatian capital. Some of them are, the apartments y luxury residences Available in various areas.

If you wish to stay in the city ​​centerThere 2 zones recommended. Donji Grad (Lower City),  located between the train station as well as the Central plaza, with some of the best hotels y grounds From the capital.

And the other area, is the full Zagreb center (Gornji Grad or Upper Town), located north of the central plaza. Here are the Main market from the city, the Cathedral and Memorijalni Stan Marije Jurić Zagorke.

Although there are also others accommodation areas outside of Zagreb center, as Novi Zagreb, Maksimir and Jarun, where you can enjoy the tranquility and the fabulous nature. Next, we will tell you in more detail, the best areas to stay in Zagreb, so you can choose the one you like best.

Gornji Grad (Upper Town)

Without a doubt, one of the best areas to stay in Zagreb, is in the city ​​center.  Gornji Grad it's in the old town From the capital Croatian. Is the area oldest from Zagreb, which hosts the monuments most attractive in the country.

Gornji Grad, Also known as Gradec, still maintaining the charm of a medieval city, with its churches, squares, mansions, and cobbled streets. Here you will find a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Kamenita vrata) as well as the Zagreb Cathedral of the Assumption.

In this area you can visit the residential catwalk Strossmayer Promenade or the wonderful Ban JelacicMain square from the city. You can also visit the Tkalciceva street, where you will find in its surroundings, the restaurants, bars and clubs most representative of Zagreb. 

If you want to go from purchases, very close to the Cathedral is the Dolac Market Or you can visit various shops and stores in the Ilica Street.

On the other hand, if you like the tranquility as well as the nature, you can find the Zrinjeva park within walking distance, which is very beautiful at any time of the year. In addition, you can visit the Sava river, one of the longest of Europe.

As to accommodation, in this area of ​​the city you will find mostly holiday apartments, residences and some luxury hotels, although with rates Affordable.

Donji Grad (Lower City)

Located in the lower area of destinationDowntown stand out for its classic avenues or with a environment typical of a modern city (with more traffic and movement of people). 

Downtown It is another of the very good areas for stay in Zagreb. Here you will find various museums, big plazasparks fabulous and treasures architectural. Highlights the famous Green horseshoeplatforms, park runner That runs through the city.

In this area you can visit the Main squareplatforms, Art Pavilionplatforms, National Theater of CroatiaKralja Tomislava Fountain and Town hall. You will also find markets and stores of all kinds.

And if to do purchases We speak, Downtown offers you places like him Importanne Centar, one of the largest shopping centers in destination, or the Oktogon, an octagon-shaped gallery.

If you are a good lover gastronomy as well as the night life, In the Lower Town you can enjoy excellent restaurants and the best Zagreb nightclubs, so your nights for the Croatian capital They will be a lot of fun.

En Downtown you can find a greater diversity of hotels that in the high side from the city. You also get modern apartments that offer you all the comforts for your accommodation.

Without a doubt, Downtown it is the ideal place to eat, enjoy and rest while visiting Zagreb.

Novi Zagreb

This area of destinationIt is the perfect option if you travel in your car. It is an area a bit far from the city ​​center, just south of Sava river.

Although if you do not have your own car, it is an area very well connected in public transport. If you use the trolley car, you will be in full Zagreb center in 30 minutes.

Novi Zagreb it is an area mostly residential. But in recent years, several sites have been created lodging and has become one of the best areas to stay in Zagreb.

Thanks to renovation in the area that started a few years ago, Novi Zagreb offers an attractive touristic offer for all its visitors throughout the year.

The shopping centers stand out Arena Center and Avenue Mallplatforms, Museum of Modern Art, the sports complex Arena Zagreb, the park Gradski Park Bundek and excellent restaurants of local and international food. 

In addition to the urban area formed by great avenues and buildings, east and southwest of Novi Zagreb, you will find a rural area with beautiful lagos.

En Novi Zagreb you get more affordable hotels that in the city ​​center. If you want save a bit of money in accommodation, is an area recommended for you. Although it is not so prestigious, you can perfectly enjoy your days for Zagreb.


Maksimir it's a zone of destination located next to one of the oldest and largest parks in southern Europe.  It is a place out of the surroundings of the city, ideal to enjoy the tranquility which offers the nature. 

It is certainly an option highly recommended for Lodge in the capital Croatian. And the pretty park Located to the east of the city, your whole family will surely love it.

El Maksimir park It is the biggest attraction of this area of Zagreb.  It has a wonderful environment, with a lot of diversity of trees, ponds and streams.

In addition, it houses a beautiful zoological, ideal for the enjoy in family, next to one of the best cafes of all country.

As to accommodation, there is not much offer in hotelsbut can be found apartments attractive with all the comforts for you and your family. In addition, with an excellent value for money.

Maksimir It is a fabulous option for stay in Zagreb if you arrive by car, since it is located outside the city ​​center, for a better enjoyment and rest of the routine.

Although you can also get to the center the capital in just 25 minutes, if you want to make purchases or visit other attractions en Zagreb.


Jarun It is located southwest of the center of destination. It has very good communication by road and predominate chalets and the small ones urbanizations. In addition, there are many wooded areas or with a lake formed by the Sava river. 

This very quiet area of Zagreb, offers many attractions for the whole family, like the lake Jarun and  Sport centers, where you can rent boats and canoes.

Here you can make many Outdoor Activitiessuch as surfing, surfing, skateboarding, practicing various sports, bike rides or just walking to enjoy the wonderful nature.

Moreover, Jarun has several restaurants of local or international food, where you can savor the best gastronomy of the area. 

And to end the night, you can enjoy fabulous drinks in the terraces, bars and small beaches located around the lake, all with an excellent weather. 

You can also attend various concerts and festivals that are made in this part of destination, so your fun is more than guaranteed.

Jarun It presents few options in hotels or apartments for Lodge, but due to its tranquility, landscape and distance from the noise of the city ​​center, remains one of the best areas to stay in Zagreb.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Zagreb

destination It is an amazing destination, if you want to enjoy a few days, which will be indelible In your memories.

The capital Croatia mix the old of a medieval citywith beautiful scenery, nature, lakes, imposing architecture, history, good gastronomy and artistic wealth. That is why destination, is a city of great touristic interest, which attracts millions of travelers throughout the year.

This European city enjoys an interesting tourist and cultural offer. Would you like to discover it? Next, we show you the top 5 of the visits to be made in destination.

How to get to the city of Zagreb by plane

destination It is a city very well connected by airway, with the great cities of the world and another metropolis of the own Croatia. Go to Zagreb by plane, is the simplest and most comfortable way to do it. There are several companies, which offer flights from the main European cities to capital de Croatia.

El Zagreb-Franjo Tuđman International Airport (ZAG), is one of the most important of Croatia, along with those of Split y Dubrovnik. It is located at 17 kilometers al southeast of the city and millions of people every year, pass through its facilities.

How to move from the airport

As for the options of public transport, which exist to arrive from the airport until Zagreb centerThe cheapest and easiest way is to take line 290 (ZET company) that connects Velika Gorica and Kvaternikov trg square, located somewhat east of the city center. This service does various stops and the trip takes about 30 minutes approximately. The buses They have a frequency of 35 minutes and it is the most affordable of arrive to center from the city. The bus stop is behind the airport parking, on the main road.

Eye you're going to have to buy two tickets (Yes, it is a bit strange) since along the way you change zones and you have to validate the two tickets (one when you get on the bus and another when you change zones while on the move). Once you arrive at Kvaternikov trg, you can reach the center on foot or take trams 11 or 12.

The other option by bus is to take the company bus Pleso Prijevoz, which takes you directly from the airport to the city bus station, runs every half hour every day of the week. Of course, we already warn you that it is much more expensive (three times more) than the 290 bus.

How to get to the city of Zagreb by train

Another way to get to the city of destination, it is through a train. The central train station, is located in Trg kralja Tomislava 12, about 10 minutes from center from the city and receives trains from all Croatia and various European cities.

To get to Zagreb center, you can take some of the tram lines, which start from the train station.

How to get around Zagreb

Move by destination it's quite simple, either in public transport (tram or bus), in car o at a. With respect to public transport in the capital, it is based on an efficient tram network, although with a urban center as compact as that of destination, are not so necessary.

For the help of visitors, at all stops there is a map with the routes, to facilitate orientation. The trams numbers 3 and 8, are authorized to circulate the weekend. The bills It can be purchased at newsstands throughout the city.

Something to highlight is that it can be used the same ticket to make a transfer, if this is done within a period of 90 minutes and in the same address.

In addition, in these kiosks, you can buy a day ticket (undnevna karta), valid for the entire public transport until 04:00 the next day. We recommend that, when get on the tram, validate the ticket on the yellow box

Zagreb Pass, the card specially designed for tourism

With regards to Zagreb Pass, is a card specially designed for tourists, which allows you to visit many of the attractions completely free or with a discount of up to a 40% . In addition, it allows you to use the public transport manner Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days.

You have two versions, 24 hours and 72 hours, you can acquire in person both in hotels and in travel agencies.

The best museums in Zagreb

En destination there are diverse museums, thus contemplating the entire history of the city and the country. The Technical museum It is an interesting tourist center and is also very popular with locals and visitors. The rooms are wonderfully designed and allow to interact With the exhibits.

Another of the most popular museums in the area is the Zagreb Civic Museum, which has a remarkable exhibition and a great variety of articles and documents. The Museum of Broken RelationshipsIt is also a place of unequaled cultural importance.

El Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum, are also other options that you can consider, if you want to know much more about the history and nature of Croatia.

El Mimara Museum and Mestrovic StudyThey will not disappoint you either, as they host fabulous performances. It is also interesting to visit the Modern Gallery or Museum of Art and Crafts.

Finally, you can also tour the Natural history museum of Croatia, another place worth a visit. Here you will get very interesting objects.

Day trips near Zagreb

Plitvice Lakes Croatia
Plitvice Lakes Croatia @https: //pixabay.com/en/croatia-plitvice-cascade-from-868547/

Plitvice lakes

The Plitvice lakes, are the natural springs most fabulous in all of Europe. Here you can see waterfalls that flow into beautiful blue and turquoise waters, next to the amazing virgin forests area.

In this natural area, you can see 16 springs surrounded by imposing mountains, something a must for any visitor. Something amazing to admire, is the Color change of the lakes, which adopt shades green and blueAs the day goes by

The entire park area is encompassed within the karstic zone of southeast Europe, whose main characteristic is the abundance of fragile and porous rocks, especially limestone, which gives rise to all kinds of caves, chasms, cracks and underground cavities.

To complete the experience by Plitvice lakes, you can delight the typical dishes of the region, in a fabulous restaurant. Here you can taste the best traditional croatian food, such as roast beef or lamb "a la peka", or any other dish on the menu, which includes options Vegan and vegetarian.

Trakošćan and Varaždin Castle
Trakošćan and Varaždin Castle

Trakošćan Castle and Varaždin

Another attraction for all visitors are excursions to Trakošćan castle and the beautiful city of Varazdin. Fabulous Trakošćan castle, is a fortified palace located in the north of Croatia and surrounded by lush forests located on the shores of a lake, a few kilometers from the border with Slovenia.

Inside this castle, you will be able to know the great history of Drašković family, essential to understand the past of this part of Europe. The locality of Varazdin (former capital of Croatia during the XNUMXth century), it is recognized as "the city of the Baroque, of flowers and of music".

Here you can explore the picturesque air of its historical Center, called by many, as “la Vienna from Croatia”. You can see this city of great monumental beauty, taking advantage of free time for lunch, by some of the recognized restaurants area.

Roman theater of Pula, Istria
Roman theater of Pula, Istria
(c) Can Stock Photo / dbajurin

The towns of Pula and Rovinj

With this excursion to Pula and Rovinj from destination, you can enjoy a medieval village, One roman amphitheaters largest in the world, and one of the coastal towns most beautiful of Croatia.  From there, you can start the journey to the Istrian Peninsula. Once the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea, the first stop is the town of Pula, famous for its impressive Roman amphitheater (one of the 6 largest in the world).

Is Roman building best preserved in the country, which has almost 2.000 a thousand years of history since its construction. That is why it has become the city ​​symbol and one of the most visited places in Croatia. You can also visit other Pula monuments, and Cathedral of the Assumptionplatforms, Augustus Temple or the old doors of the Roman wall.

Subsequently, you have to move to the medieval village of Rovinj, where its architecture stands out baroque and renaissance, the picturesque streets of its historic helmet as well as the Church of Santa Eufemia, Patron saint of the city. And not only will you enjoy the most important monuments of Rovinj, there is also time to delight the Croatian gastronomy, in one of its restaurants overlooking the Adriatic Sea.



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