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Hotels in Carcassonne France

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How to find the best hotels in Carcassonne

The French town of Carcassonne, located in the south of the country, is an old medieval citadel, which has the largest fortification in all of Europe. This is one of the main reasons why Carcassonne, also known as the Cité, has become one of the most popular tourist centers in France. Along with its complex architecture, it has an important culture and history, as well as delicious cuisine.

These are more than enough reasons to have become the tourist destination of many visitors. The tourist will be able to know in his trip places like the great fortress and the castle Condal, his ample green spaces and his popular culture, aspects for which it will be difficult to forget the stay in this beautiful French city. To make your trip unforgettable, we want to recommend the best hotels in Carcassonne, from the most luxurious to the smallest, which have a special charm. We present you, the widest range of accommodation in the Cité, so you can find your ideal hotel.

All hotels are classified by price and have the comments of other tourists. In this way, you can discover the charms of Carcassonne with total peace of mind.

How is Carcassonne

Carcassonne offers tourists who want to know this city a wide range of activities, to get the most out of your stay. You will be able to know first hand its history and architecture, through its most emblematic buildings, such as the Condal castle, the Saint-Nazaire basilica and the Carcassonne cathedral.

To promote its culture, it has important museums, among which the Museum of Fine Arts, libraries, cinemas and theaters, such as the Jean-Deschamps and the Municipal Theater Jean-Alary. To rest, visit and visit all these cultural centers, you also have the possibility of disconnecting in its wide parks and gardens, as it has many green areas, among which we can highlight the gardens of Maria-et-Pierre-Sire and André-Chénier. Also, you can take a relaxing boat trip through the Canal du Midi, the oldest navigable canal in Europe, a delightful journey that links the Garonne River Toulouse with the Mediterranean Sea.

You will be able to enjoy all this and much more during your stay in Carcassonne and, so that you have as much tranquility and comfort as possible, we recommend that you choose to stay in one of the hotels in Carcassonne that we propose.

Tips to get along with the inhabitants of Carcassonne

To travel to Carcassonne and make the most of your trip, it is interesting that you have knowledge of French, even if they are basic, in order to be able to navigate freely through the city during your stay. Your official currency is the euro, as in all of France, so you will not have to worry about changing currencies. Most establishments also accept bank cards as a form of payment, from small souvenir shops to their famous boulangeries, where you can buy delicious French croissants and other sweets such as petits carcassonnais, pavés and briques.

The town boasts a rich cuisine, which you can also enjoy during your stay at the hotels in Carcassonne. The local cuisine is typical of south-western France, based primarily on first-class produce, such as vegetables and poultry. Its most typical dishes, which you should not miss, are the jambonnneau, the cassoulet, the confit of duck and goose, the candied poultry gizzards and the languedocienne snails, among other tasty recipes. It is a locality of humid climate, reason why the summers are not excessively hot and the autumn and the winter present / display mild temperatures. If you visit in the spring, keep in mind that it is your biggest rainy season, when it comes to packing.


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