What is a hotel comparator?

At this point in life I no longer believe that there are many people who do not know the hotel comparators kayak style, trivago, hotels combined, etc ... but just in case there is still some "clueless" we are going to tell in a few words what a comparator is.

If you have ever sought to book a hotel online, you will see that there is such a large number of companies that are dedicated to it that you can spend a whole week looking for prices, pointing out a thousand details and everything in the end almost certainly not finding the best price.

Combined HotelsBear in mind that it is easy to have more than 50 hotel suppliers with which to hire a hotel, so let's see who is the handsome one who goes through all the pages until he finds the best possible price. You will need at least a couple of days "full time".

As a result of this is when some brilliant mind came up with creating a website that will show you in a single search prices that cost to rent the same hotel according to the provider. In this way, you are looking for a destination and the application is able to give you the price in all the suppliers with whom it has come to associate.

Ok, just don't give the best price on the net, but what is certain is that in a few minutes you have saved yourself looking for days on the internet prices and you probably got an incredible and good discount.

Some of the best-known hotel comparators

Well, this is easy, not that there are too many, really. It must be recognized that it is quite a job to collect information on hotel room prices to provide it quickly and easily to the user who is looking to book a hotel, so we go with the list.

Combined Hotels: It is a metasearch for hotels that, through its associations with numerous online travel agencies and hotel chains, allows users to search and compare prices and hotel availability with just one search. Users can sort and filter the results according to their preferences; In addition, guest comments and external website scores are also included.

Trivago: is an online hotel price comparator that searches and compares in real time the prices offered by the main Internet travel agencies for a hotel room in the city to which the user wishes to travel. The company was founded in Germany in 2005 and has been present in Spain since the year 2007. It currently has a database of more than 730.700 hotels worldwide and receives about 45 millions of users per month on all of its 47 international platforms.

Momondo: It is a search engine based in Copenhagen that allows users to search and compare the price of hotels. Momondo does not sell directly, but offers a summary of the travel services available on the Internet and redirects users to the travel agencies that offer these services.

Hotels Combined: 2015 Best Hotel Price Comparator

Hotels Combined - Hotel Comparator and SearchWell, yes, as every year the awards ceremony for the best meta search engines on the planet has been held and, in the hotels section, the winner has been nothing more and nothing less than the Australians from Hotels Combined…. "For the third consecutive year!!! "

This super hotel search engine has been winning the award for 3 years in a row fighting against giants such as Kayak or Trivago. In this 2015 competition has been tough, but they have won above all their rivals, 5 super companies which, like Hotels Combined, is also dedicated to the comparison of hotel prices: Kayak, Trivago, Momondo, ProntoHotel and Hipmunk.

From here our most sincere congratulations to this great monsters of the internet tourism industry.

Let's talk a little more about the Hotels Combined hotel comparison

Hotels Combined - Hotel Comparator and SearchIt is obvious that the main objective for which it is good for us to access this page is to be able to see the price search comparison, but do not think that this is the only thing it offers, no sir, it is at the level of the best websites on the planet in terms of descriptions, photos, opinions and other data of a hotel.

It is enough for example that you do any search on the web of a destination to realize what we mean.

Some hotels have more than 3.000 reviewsCome on, if with this amount you do not trust the data, stop looking for hotels on the net. It is what it has to be a search engine of the most used, which takes advantage of that to store the opinions of tourists and thus it is safer for everyone to make hotel reservations. Honestly, I am the first to, or see good opinions or I don't reserve and I believe that the confidence in people who have already stayed before is what can make the service provided by a hotel better day by day.

Let's go with the photos theme: right now, as I'm writing these lines, I've chosen a random hotel in Vienna and has about 50 photosCome on, almost impossible to be fooled. Among the photos and opinions you already have the guarantee that at least you have chosen a good place.

Hotels Combined - Hotel Comparator and Search

Apart from all this they have one thing that I love and it's a map with the exact locations of each accommodation, which makes it very easy to know where we will spend the nights.

As for the issue of being able to search for hotels, of course it is one of the most powerful that I know in terms of possible filters, look at the list of things we can filter by: stars, price, name, type of accommodation, user rating, facilities, services, theme and hotel chain. Come on, the one who doesn't find his ideal hotel is because he doesn't want to.

Do you dare to try it? Here I leave your official websitehttp://www.hotelscombined.es

Hotel Price Comparison on Mobile

Of course, it could not be that a website like this had not taken into account the mobile market and for this they have put the batteries and removed their own mobile application To make it easier for you to find your ideal accommodation, there are own versions for Android, Apple and Windows Phone systems, thus covering almost the entire mobile market on the planet.

If you want learn more about the mobile application From Hotels Combined you can do it from your website for apps: http://www.hotelscombined.es/Apps

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