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Hotels in Rovinj Croatia

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Discover Rovinj

Enjoy a getaway on the coast with this nostalgic port city, an attractive mix of Italian and Croatian culture.
Surely you want to spend your holidays in Rovinj, one of the main tourist cities of Istria. Visitors come to it for its special charm. Check our cheap trips to Rovinj and stroll through its old town, narrow and pleasant at the same time, located on a small oval peninsula. You can also take a look at the markets of the place and the traditional church, as well as take advantage of the boat trips to the islands of the Rovinj archipelago.

Although it is now linked to the continent, in the Middle Ages Rovinj was an island, which explains in part why its buildings are so close together. For more than five centuries, this region was under the dominion of the Republic of Venice, while between 1918 and 1947 belonged to Italy. Take a look at the holiday packages in Rovinj, a city where you can hear Italian speaking if you pay attention. Many residents are bilingual and communicate in both Croatian and Italian.

El old town de Rovinj has a lot to offer. Walk its maze of meandering pedestrian streets and Venetian-style houses. Also look at the arch of the Balbi, once the door of the old walled city.

The cobbled street of Grisia It is lined with numerous galleries. Local artists often exhibit their works here, outdoors. Follow the narrow Grisia to the impressive Church of Saint Eufemia, a famous symbol of the city built on a hill. If you climb the ramshackle staircase of its bell tower, you can enjoy the views of the Adriatic Sea and the peninsula.

Also, if you are interested in nature, do not miss the forest park of Punta Corrente. Take advantage of its many well-preserved trails, on foot or by bicycle, and nothing in its pebble coves. The islands of the Rovinj archipelago are also a popular destination for excursions. Browse to Crveni Otok o Sveta Katarina If you are looking for quiet places to swim, as well as wooded parks and family beaches.

In Rovinj the cuisine is fantastic and, often, its Italian influences are distinguished. Do not forget to buy truffles, oils and "tapenades" in the food market that you will find near the port, and you can not leave without enjoying the Italian-style pasta dishes in one of the many restaurants in the town.

Rovinj is a small city and can be explored on foot. It is located just 40 kilometers from the Pula airport and also has direct bus routes from most major cities in Croatia. If you travel to Rovinj from Italy, you can arrive by boat from Venice.

Where to sleep in Rovinj

If you are looking for the perfect accommodation in Rovinj, check out the websites, they will allow you to choose between 58 hotels and other accommodation options in this interesting holiday destination.

Some fantastic examples of accommodation in Rovinj where you will enjoy first class services and facilities are Maistra Monte Mulini, located at A. Smareglia 3, and Aparthotel Villa Valdibora, located at Chiurca Silvana 8. Family Hotel Amarin and Naturist Park Koversada Villas are also interesting. Family Hotel Amarin is located in Val de Lesso 5, while Naturist Park Koversada Villas is in Koversada 2.


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