How to discover the most mysterious of Toledo during a vacation?

Toledo, aerial view
Toledo, aerial view © ALCE –

One of the cities where mystery, magic and myths abound the most is Toledo, since it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of night tours, where the mystery is present at all times. Getting to know the Imperial City at night, in the dark and with the guidance of a professional, will turn your vacation into a unique experience.

best night tour

If you are one of those people who seek adventure and strong emotions, you can take a guided night tour of the magical Toledo, one of the best tours to get to know the Imperial City from a different perspective to the conventional.

There are many routes and guided tours to choose from, depending on what you want to know and the places to visit, such as the tours of legends and mysteries, The Secret of the Templars, visiting haunted houses or those that go through areas where occultism, magic black and the inquisition is present in history.

The different guided tours and routes are focused on offering a complete experience, which will take you directly to the places where the history of sorcery, witches and medieval Freemasonry left their mark.

Without a doubt, if you are a lover of mystery and the occult, you can travel to the Imperial City with more history related to the invisible and dark world, to learn more about an interesting and enigmatic story.

A professional service

When discover the mysterious Toledo You have the opportunity to take the routes or guided tours with a company specialized in offering this service, which entails several advantages for this type of trip.

There are different guided tours and routes that are held throughout the week or the weekend. They all start at night and have a different price, thanks to this there are more options to choose between the experience you want and the budget available.

The company has specialized guides who know the history, mysteries and legends of Toledo, so it is always possible to have past events and interesting anecdotes.

Routes and guided tours, including they have psychophonies about paranormal events recorded in the old town of Toledo, so that you can listen to them during the tours, so that the experience is more satisfactory. Specialized guides know how to create a dark environment that generates strong emotions, so that the experience is more intense and spooky.

If you want to know more about Toledo, the company holds conferences on this subject, this being a good way to complement the tour, by delving deeper into the history and mysteries of the Imperial City.

In addition, the company organizes customized routes and guided tours, depending on the sites you want to visit and the number of participants. With a more personalized tour, participants can enjoy more of what the mystery and occultism that exists in this city has to offer.

You also have the option of reserving routes and guided tours in advance, this offers greater security when enjoying the service on vacation, a time with a high flow of tourists.

Take advantage of a Free Tour

One of the best ways to get to know Toledo is with the Free Tour phenomenon, an option that the guided tour company offers to customers. However, it is important to note everything that a Free Tour does not offer you for avoid bad times during the tours.

The first thing is that as such, they are not free visits, since at the end of the tours you have the option to pay according to what you think the experience is worth and the degree of satisfaction, or for the amount suggested at the beginning. This is the “free price” modality, in which you can pay according to the service provided, either for the quality of the routes, or for the explanations of the specialized guides. In any case, the suggested price at the beginning of the routes and guided tours is very affordable.

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