How to keep your home safe and burglar proof


Nowadays the robberies do not stop, before the worry of thousands of owners and the disappointment of the Police.

To mention just one example, the Ministry of the Interior acknowledged that they daily rob an average of 37,4 houses only in Madrid. Many of them made by mafias of expert thieves, whose networks extend to Portugal and France.

Why has home and business theft increased?

Unfortunately house theft has been sophisticated, and now thieves employ ingenious techniques to circumvent security measures.

One of them is the bumping, which consists of inserting a key into the cylinder of the lock and then hitting it hard. This blow causes the counterpistons of the lock to align perfectly and the lock can be opened naturally.

Thieves also continue to use old accessories to open doors and windows, like the picks.

This opening system is totally clean. That is to say, leaves no trace that the lock has been violated. Therefore, thieves can enter any house and close it from the inside so as not to raise suspicions among the neighbors, while they take over the loot.

Unfortunately, most houses use light and castle locks. Therefore, the chances of being assaulted through these ingenious methods is very high. Many people who return to their homes open the lock as they do every day and when they open the door they find the unpleasant scene of seeing everything scrambled on the floor.

Burglar proof locks

Given this type of crime that seems to stop, we must strengthen our security measures, both at home and in the office, the car and where we have real estate.

In this sense, we must hire the best locksmiths from Spain, with more than 10 years of experience in installing the most reliable locks on the market. Those with a bumping proof security system, lockpicks and any illegal method.

Mister Smithlock locksmiths have been offering guaranteed 100% jobs for more than a decade so that your home is insured, thus guaranteeing the security that you and your family deserve.

Similarly, These locksmiths are experts in installation of locks for any type of doors. So your house, office or property, even the car, can be safe.

And do we forget the keys placed in the car?

Surely it has ever happened to you to forget the keys placed inside the car and to find you with the doors closed.

Although we think that it is not normal, it is enough and most locksmiths know it. That is why they have been concerned to learn the Different techniques needed to open the car door without damaging the lock, since these are more complex than those of a door.

So forget about breaking the driver's window as it was done until recently, because thanks to the work of these professionals there is no lock to resist.

There are three characteristics that everyone appreciates of a good locksmith company

Stable prices

Thanks to your years of experience, A good locksmith company knows how much a lock plus its installation costs, in this way you will not take unpleasant surprises with last minute budget changes.

National presence

Only a solid company has a presence throughout Spain through its subsidiary companies, which offers greater security in its work.

Fast service

Thanks to its network of subsidiaries, customer service is immediate.

What are the services offered by a good locksmith company in Spain?

  • Installation of safe thief-proof locks.
  • Opening damaged locks or having the keys left inside the house or car.
  • Opening of safes without having to break anything.
  • Locksmith service the 24 hours of the day, because nobody knows at what time an emergency can occur.

The best locks to secure your door

After having seen how thieves have become experts in breaking a lock, it is important secure your door with locks proof of evildoers.

Cylindrical Locks

Also known as European locks, they are one of the simplest and at the same time they are among the safest. It consists of a cylinder with a pearl bowler, which when the key is inserted, the lock is lifted automatically.

Many of these cylindrical locks have an anti-dumping system, which prevents them from opening with blows as explained at the beginning of the article.

Multipoint locks

They are very safe locks because they have several anchor points, which are installed in the door frame, preventing thieves from opening it with a lever.

Recessed locks

They are called that because their system is completely covered with the door and only leaves the hole where the key is inserted. As it is one of the simplest locks, you should ask for those that have an anti-dumping system.

Currently, trials are underway with the digital locks for houses, in which keys will not be used but will be opened when entering a key in the application from a smartphone or through a fingerprint.

While it is true that many companies and hotels use locks that are activated with a smart card, tests are still being done to implement them in homes, since this system works well in restricted spaces, such as hotels and companies, where few people have access to said cards.

While this technology reaches our homes, we have to count on the experts in locksmithing in Spain, with more than a decade of experience, 84 technicians in locksmithing throughout the Spanish territory and more than 2500 satisfied customers.

Do not wait to suffer the theft of your belongings by using a poor lock that opens with a blow. It is better to insure the assets by investing in a good lock and the best locksmith technical service, which will install the locks to your house, company and car so that you are calm.

Do not waste your money on bad locks, it's Better to invest in high quality locks with anti bumping technology to keep your family and your assets safe.

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