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When preparing the luggage for a trip, short or long, the uncertainty arises of not exceeding ourselves, but also not carrying less than necessary.

The luggage organizer Most of these inconveniences have been solved, by offering the comfort of well-compartmentalized luggage, which helps us to find everything more easily when we arrive at our destination.

Tips for organizing luggage

Choose the luggage format

It is essential and will depend on the number of days of travel, if it is on airlines that always impose certain restrictions, if you are going to use different means of transport.

All these are factors that will influence the decision between a common suitcase with wheels or a practical backpack.

Make a list

Write everything you need to take on a list. Create sets of clothes, combining several clothes that match each other.

In these combinations think about shoes and accessories, in such a way that you do not stop wearing a garment because you did not pack the shoes or the right belt. This list will be your best luggage control.

Organization is the key

When you start packing, remember to place the heaviest items at the end of the suitcase or backpack.

Another very useful suggestion is to roll the garments in a tube shape, it takes up less space and wrinkles less.

The most delicate presses should go on top and preferably placed in the organizers designed for this purpose.

Carry some empty bags

It is an element that will be very useful. Always put a couple of bags inside your luggage that will be used to place dirty clothes or any wet garment in them.

Protection for electronic items

The laptop, camera or tablet require special protection. If you are traveling by plane, try to carry these items in a carry-on backpack.

In the market you can find specially designed luggage, with padded compartments to offer the best protection.

Be careful with liquids

Of special care, what you least want is to reach your destination and find that the shampoo or soap is scattered all over the clothes.

On air travel, all these liquids must be carried in individual containers with a capacity of less than 100 milliliters and always in a transparent bag. Check the special restrictions that the airline may have in this regard.

As you can see, it only takes a little organization to put together a luggage where everything you will need on the trip fits.

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