How to organize the Camino de Santiago?

Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba
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The Camino de Santiago is one of the great tourist treasures of Galicia, and traveling it is one of the most satisfying life experiences that you can access. always arise doubts when starting to plan the trip and the routes, that's why we are going to help you step by step to organize it.

The preparations can be a bit chaotic, especially if it is the first time you do it. That's why we recommend trusting an agency such as TuBuenCamino to be able to contract any route with the guarantee of living the experience without unforeseen events or shocks.

Tips for planning the Camino de Santiago

The best time to do the Camino is usually the spring and summer months. Although it can be done at any time of the year, winter can be tough for beginners.

The time you are going to invest in traveling the path is your decision, depending on where you want to start or the available time you have. In the Agency of the Camino de Santiago TubuenCamino you have all the route options with its different times.

An agency will take care of everything to make your route as comfortable as possible. They will care about your well-being and will adapt to your needs at all times.
They will show you best hostels, hotels and rural houses to help you in your perfect experience.

What do I need to go through it?

Before starting we recommend preparing physically a couple of weeks in advance. Keep in mind that every day you will have to walk 15 or 20 km. The next thing is to prepare your backpack and decide what you have to take, but We advise you to take only what is essential to relieve weight.

It is essential that you do not forget the hydration and nutrition carrying with you containers of water or isotonic drink with mineral salts for recovery. Along the way you will also find sources.

Hiring a specialized agency will take away headaches. The agencies to complete the Camino de Santiago are responsible for providing pilgrims with everything they need to enjoy a unique, safe experience with maximum comfort.

If you intend to enjoy the Camino without the classic doubts and setbacks, the ideal is a agency that includes travel insurance to be protected against any incidence. Some agencies offer 24-hour assistance to solve possible problems or doubts, advising and guiding you at all times that you require it.

accommodation and restaurants

In the Camino de Santiago agency they work with small accommodations with close and familiar treatment, as well as with charming hotels and with guaranteed hosts, and, if you prefer, private hostels to enjoy the company of other pilgrims.

It is important when you prepare your Camino de Santiago that you seek accommodation as central as possible in each locality. Or, at least, that these are accessible to walk.

As for restaurants, you can rest easy because along the Camino you will find a wide range of restaurants and bars where you can refresh yourself, recharge your batteries and share anecdotes with the waiters and customers.


The best way to squeeze the experience of the Camino de Santiago is to hire organized routes of the Way tailored to your needs. The preferable thing is that they have a transfer service upon arrival to take you to the starting points, and that the agency is in charge of transporting the luggage. And it is that, for the trip to be perfect, we must not give up the comfort of guaranteed accommodation on each route. Two weeks before the start, the agency sends you all the details of the accommodation as a route book. The Camino de Santiago is something unique in life and it is worth organizing it in the best way.

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