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I'm leaving for a trip to BOLOGNA in 2020

Guide with the BEST to visit BOLOGNA this 2020 with excursions and accommodations in which to sleep.

Cheap and economic accommodation where to sleep in Bologna

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Bologna city guide (Italy)

If you like cities where legends predominate, Bologna is a perfect destination for you. But if something catches the tourist's attention the first time they visit it, it is the medieval character of its streets.

And yes, Bologna has the second largest medieval quarter in Europe, behind the not too distant Venice (it is just over an hour and a half by car).

By the way, speaking of Venice, you have to know that, for many years, known to this city as the “piccola” Venice, Little Venice, thanks to the canals that also run through some of the streets of this town, located in the northwest of Italy.

Also famous for being a University City (one of the favorites of European students) you can enjoy authentic Italian gastronomy, as well as unique monuments in the country and in Europe and streets full of life and many leisure opportunities. What are you waiting to book your trip now?

The weather in Bologna

13.9 ° C
15 °
11.1 °
20 °
19 °
15 °
17 °
10 °

Best areas to stay in Bologna

Now that you are clear that you are going to visit Bologna (I assure you that you will not regret it), the first thing I recommend you do is book your hotel. There's a lot very varied options and pricesbut yes it is a very tourist city and, therefore, you can see your options reduced if you do not do it in time.

So that you are not afraid to stay in a bad area, from this article, we suggest that you do so in the following areas, as they are the better areas in terms of security, location and leisure options.

The historic center of Bologna

It is, without a doubt, the best area of ​​all to stay and for various reasons. To get started, all means of transport pass through the centerAlso the ones that bring you and take you to the airport. On the other hand, because it is the safest area of ​​the city and finally, because it is the area with the most life of all.

Unlike other cities, in the Center of Bologna you can find accommodation of all prices. The best? That although you spend a little more than you would spend in a more remote area, you save on transportation, because you can visit all the monuments and places of interest in the city, on foot.

It is also an excellent area if you want to enjoy Italian gastronomy, since there is a wide variety of restaurants, but also bars and pubs where you can enjoy the nightlife. The best stores are also located in this area, especially clothing stores, and you know that if Italians know anything, it is precisely fashionable.

Close to the train station

Did you know that Bologna Station is one of the most important in Italy? And it is that if something enjoys this town it is in a strategic location, from which you can travel easily to the main provincial capitals of the alpine country. Rome, Milan to Florence, among others, they are easily accessible from the Bologna train station.

So if you plan to extend your stay for a few days and get to know these cities, beyond Bologna itself, stay in this area, especially in the south of the train station neighborhood (the safest), it will be the best option.

The best? That you're so only 20 minutes walk from the centerbut that accommodation prices, here yes, they are much cheaper than in this first point that we have mentioned to you. In addition, it is a quite different area from the rest of the city, because it is more industrial and away from the medieval characteristics of other areas of the city.

The university area

Its name says it all, or almost. It is clearly not the most central area, but Bologna is a very well-connected city when it comes to internal transport and, therefore, you will not have problems moving to the point you want.

Also, it is a very economical and quiet area by day, although with enough movement at night. If you like or are looking for go out at night, without being very far from your accommodation, this area is ideal.

And all this without forgetting that it is a safe zone and that in it you will be able to enjoy some of the most outstanding monuments from the city, as is the case of Piazza Santo Stefano, where there are ancient palaces that will make you fall in love. In this part of the city, medieval monuments and some of the most modern in Bologna shake hands.

Near the Bologna Fair

The one in Bologna is one of the most famous fairs in Italy. In this area a lot of events are held throughout the year, so the variety of accommodation is very wide. The best? That the prices are very affordables and it is an area where there is always a lots of activities to do.

Of course, if you are going to stay in this area of ​​the city, keep in mind the calendar, because depending on the date you go, it may coincide with a fair and, then yes, it will cost you more to find accommodation.

Another benefit of staying in this area is is very well connected when it comes to transportation, so you will not have any problem moving to the center or any other point of the city; neither to the airport or the train station.

Close to Maggiore or Sant 'Orsola hospitals

They are two areas located at outskirts of town, but they are very well connected to the center. They are perfect to know the authentic life of the Bolognese and to be able to easy access to the city center.

They are different areas from the center, but you will also find some palaces and very beautiful areas to walk around. Of course, the prices in these two areas from the city - the first one to the west and the second one to the east - are much cheaper That if you stay downtown and the options are very varied.

You will not lack restaurants, bars and shops food where you can do your shopping for the day or take some nice memories of this university city.

The best what you can see and do during your stay in Bologna

And now that you have the most important things (accommodation, the train ticket and you already know how you are going to get to the city), all you have to do is start thinking about the routes you are going to take through it.

To help you, at this point we have compiled for you the top 5 places you can't miss, you stay the time you stay in the city, and they are as follows:

How to get to the city of Bologna by plane

Getting to Bologna by plane is one of the most comfortable options. Located about 20 kilometers from Bologna, Gluglielmo Marconi Airport, which is what it is called, has excellent connections to the center of Bologna.

How to get to the center of Bologna

Beyond being able to get there by private transport, public transport is available to everyone and is the most popular option, because it is really comfortable. In this case you will have to take the bus which is known as TPER and that takes you directly to the bus station.

The journey is approximately 30 minutes and the same works with a frequency of 10 minutes, so you will not have problems going to the point you want from Bologna. The best? Than with that bus ticket, if you have to take another transport within the city itself, you can transfer within the next 75 minutes to take the TPER.

Tips on your visit to Bologna

When traveling to Bologna, keep in mind that shops usually open quite late compared to Spain (around 10 am, although you will find some open before) and which close at 18 pm. For their part, restaurants often close kitchens at about 11 at night.

You also have to keep in mind that while most of the plugs you will find are like in Spain (from type F), in some places you will find them in type L, so it is better to take an adapter with you.

Of course, don't forget the European sanitary card so that, in case you need it, they can attend you without problems in a hospital. And, above all, enjoy Bologna, a very safe city with a lot of police surveillance, but as it happens in all cities, at certain times it is better avoid some areas or at least do it alone.

How can you move around the city of Bologna

If there is something good about Bologna, as I have already told you before, it is that it is a very comfortable city, worth visiting on foot. However, it is true that depending on the time you have to visit it, the accumulated fatigue you may have or the areas you want to visit, take into account the public transport options, it will always come in handy.

The best thing about Bologna is that, like other Italian cities, it also has a excellent network of public transport, beyond taxis or the possibility of renting private cars that, really, unless you need to go on excursions that are difficult to access, are not worth it.

Thus, in Bologna you have metro service, which connects you to the different points of the city. It is a modern metro, with a very good frequency and that works like a charm.

El bus is the most popular optionSince they are very punctual, they take you to any point in the city and their price is very affordable. For tourists there are different fare options.

Finally, we cannot stop mention the trainespecially if your idea is to do some getaway to nearby towns or located not far from Bologna, such as Florence or Venice, among others.

Of course, we can not fail to mention that if you are one of the people who like to be able to get around by bicycle, in addition to the city being very well equipped for it, as far as bike lanes are concerned, there is also a municipal bicycle rental service, which you can also have access to if you wish.

Bologna Welcome Card

Before moving on to the next point, what we do want to talk about is the Bologna Welcome Card, which has different prices and in addition to offering you discounts and even, free passes to one of the main monuments of the city, it also has transportation discounts. Also has discounts for shops and restaurants, so be sure to inform yourself about it to save money and take more than a pleasant surprise.

Around Bologna

Do you have a few extra days to be able know the surroundings of Bologna? Perfect! Because this area of ​​Italy is one of the most beautiful in the Alpine country, in addition to having hundreds of places to visit, where you will feel like you are immersed in a story.

Although there are many more, we have selected the following four:

Ferrara, the Florence of Emilia Romagna

Located just 48 kilometers from Bologna, you have a train leaving from Bologna station, with which you get to Ferrara in just 30 minutes. Located in the Emilia Romagna region, your visit is really worth it.

Ferrara Cathedral of San Giorgio, Italy
Ferrara Cathedral of San Giorgio, Italy
(c) Can Stock Photo / LeonidAndronov
It is a very quiet town, with little more than 120.000 inhabitants, whose center can be walk perfectly on foot and where you cannot miss a visit to its restaurants, because eats great at very affordable prices and that it is perfect to know the authentic gastronomy of the area and part of Italy.

Among the monuments to visit, without a doubt, the most impressive is the Estense Palace. Built in the XNUMXth century, it still preserves its moat and many of its paintings. We recommend you Climb the tower, in order to have a special vision of Ferrara. View from which you will also see the cathedral, which is also imposing and Romanesque in style.

Shall I tell you a curiosity? People say that Ferrara is the oldest tavern in the world, Al Brindisi, in which it is said that Copernicus and Titian were part of the parishioners and that the bar has been open since 1435.

Parma, the university city of cheese

Located about 99 kilometers from Bologna, it is also a University City, smaller than Bologna and very gastronomically known for its cheese (Parmesan) or for its ham (at least, in Italy, because it has nothing to do with the ham we have in Spain, of course).

Parma Italy
(c) Can Stock Photo / silviacrisman
Despite not being particularly large, it does have many monuments you have to visit and, in fact, wherever you go (at least through the center and the surroundings) you will always find a monument that will surprise you.

Among others, it is worth mentioning the Baptistery, which is undoubtedly the architectural jewel of Parma and is located in the Piazza del Duomo. The farnese theaterLocated inside the Palacio de la Pelota, it is another monument that you cannot miss.

Built entirely of wood, it is one of the oldest and most imposing in all of Europe. And of course the park and the Doge's Palace, with its imposing gardens.

You can go by train from Bologna and it takes only an hour. A trip in which I invite you not to miss the landscapes you will go through.

Reggio Emilia, the capital of the region

Located 73 kilometers from Bologna, also can be accessed by train. It takes about 40 minutes and a train passes every hour and a half in this direction, so you can have several options throughout the morning.

It is the capital that gives its name to the region of the same name and, despite being larger than the towns that I have mentioned above, the truth is that you will not find imposing buildings either, but a city where you can discover authentic life Italian with beautiful palaces, a beautiful cathedral and, above all, a national park It really is worth visiting.

It's about the Apennine National Park, within which there are different routes. So if you want to know the nature of the area, this is the perfect place. And if you like that, it is because you like to move in quiet surroundings and move around by bicycle and Reggio Emilia is perfect for it. In fact, it has been named as the closest Italian city to get around on this form of transport.

A curiosity: in this town was where what is known today as the Italian flag was born, the one with the three colors.

Modena, World Heritage Site

Beyond carrying the name of one of the most famous oils in Italy, in it there is also one of the most important cathedrals in the country and which has been named UNESCO World Heritage Site. Romanesque in style and located in the Duomo, in the same square it is also worth going up to the Ghirlandina tower and having a special view of Modena.

Like Reggio Emilia, this is also a perfect city to visit by bike and, in fact, you will see many places where you can rent them and places where you can lock them, when you have a coffee or do some shopping.

And, speaking of shopping, I recommend the visit to the food market that, in addition to the uniqueness of its building, will also allow you to get to know the local and seasonal products.

Of course, don't forget to visit the workshops of the numerous artisans who work in this city, especially the leather craftsmen. Also, if you like to visit modern museums, you cannot miss the Ferrari or the Chrome one, where you can go back to your childhood or get to know some of the curiosities of one of the most important car models in Italy and the world of motoring, at the level international.