I'm going on a trip to SICILY in 2023

Guide with the BEST to visit SICILY this 2023 with excursions and accommodation in which to sleep.


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There are places that hook for the beauty of its landscapes, for its gastronomy, for the warmth of its people...

Sicilia captures the visitor for all these characteristics, but, above all, for being a magical place, where different cultures merge into one, with places where time seems to have stopped, others where nature is breathtakingly beautiful and alive, as is the case with its volcanoes ...

Without leaving the island, different cities await you, each with its own peculiarities; a Mediterranean gastronomy influenced by other cultures; landscapes where the sea ​​and mountains merge as if it were the same space. Streets where you find authentic gems of history and the warmth of its people, who are always very welcoming.

Sicily is the ideal destination for any tourist. Whether on the beach or in the mountains, whether you like the old or the modern, you can find it on this Italian island. Do you want to know more about this little paradise?

Today we tell you everything what you need to know about your visit to Sicily, but you have to live it to feel it in all its essence.

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The first thing we all look for when we organize a trip, in addition to the journey, is accommodation. Cheaper, more expensive, more central, better communicated ... One of the advantages of the cities on the island of Sicily is that you have varied options within the same area and we have selected the following for you:

Palermo, the largest city in Sicily

Do you know that of "order within disorder"? He overview of the city of Palermo, the capital of Sicily, could be this.

The good thing about staying in this city is that you can move on foot comfortably and know the main monuments of the same and other places of visit that you cannot miss and that I will talk about later.

In Palermo you have at your disposal different types of accommodation that adapt not only to economic level, but also to your tastes and needs. It is not the same to travel as a family, than to do it as a couple, and there are areas that others.

One of the things we like the most about this city is that it is impossible to get bored in it and you will have to plan your stay well because, in addition to all the things you have to see, it is all the public and private programming of events that are proposed to you in this city full of life.

Hotel Baia Delle Sirene

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Hotel Baia delle Sirene has comfortable facilities in a privileged location in a typical Sicilian landscape. Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas.

Catania, the 2nd most populous city in Sicily

Catania is, after Palermo, the second most populated city in Sicily, where the modernity and tradition go hand in hand and in which it is very comfortable to walk through its streets, learn about the customs of its people and observe, almost from anywhere in the city, the Etna volcano.

Precisely, the activity of this volcano has caused the city to have been razed up to 7 times and rebuilt again to look as spectacular as it does today. In fact, it has been declared Historical Heritage of Humanity and thanks to this, many of its monuments have been rebuilt.

A city that will allow you to know part of the history of this island, as well as its exquisite cuisineOne of the specialties being pasta alla norma, with ricotta and aubergine.

Also, it is the place property to be able to do any of the multiple getawayI know that later I will comment.

Taormina, the jewel of the island of Sicily

If someone has ever told you about this city of about 10.000 inhabitants, surely they have described as a gem. And it is, without a doubt, the best term that exists to describe it.

Located on Mount Tauros, about 200 meters high, this privileged location makes Taormina one of the best natural balconies, with spectacular views, from which many tourists take incredible photos. Also to his Greco-Roman theater that, to this day and like that of Mérida, in Spain, is still used.

The best for to go to Taormina is to do it by public transport. If you have rented a vehicle, take a good look at whether the accommodation provides you with parking, as doing so there is somewhat more complicated.

Without a doubt, staying in this city is worth it, since you will have the privilege to enjoy architectural art from different eras, in a city characterized by the joy of its streets and the welcoming character of its people.

Syracuse, the epicenter of Greek ruins

With a cozy city size, Siracusa is well known for its Greek ruins, but also because of how well most of its historical monuments are preserved. In fact, in this city you will find the widest historical heritage of Sicily.

A quiet city, but with a lot of life and perfect for both short staysAs for longer, since in addition to enjoying Syracuse itself, you can also enjoy must-see places, such as Cava del Cassivile or Noto.

For lovers of the sea, Syracuse has a very special boardwalk and there are boat trips to get to know the coast and thus enjoy other views and experiences that hide the Sicilian coast, in this area.

Agrigento, the place of the valley of the temples

If Syracuse has the broadest historical heritage, Agrigento is characterized by having the set of best preserved Greek temples in the world. A space, where they are found, is known as the Valley of the Temples. A spectacular point of the town of Agrigento, a World Heritage Site and which the Greek poet, Pídaro, described as “the most beautiful of mortal cities”.

Beyond the aforementioned Valley, Agrigento is a beautiful, quiet and very pleasant city to explore, especially its historic center, which transports us to previous times, with its houses and cobbled streets. Of course: wear comfortable shoes, because you will find yourself with many stairs, but staying in this area is really worth it.

Why? In addition to enjoying the famous Valley of the Temples or its historic center, it is also worth staying in Agrigento for its spectacular beaches and, specifically, by the Scala dei Turchi, located to the west of the town. A white limestone cliff, on which you can walk and relax with the idyllic scenery.




Our main recommendation is that, at least, spend a week in Sicily so you can get to know the main cities, as well as the must-see places. In case you do not have so many days, then we leave you the top 5 places that, yes or yes, you cannot miss:

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