WYD, an unforgettable journey

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It is also possible that more than one of you do not know what it means when we talk about WYD, it is the World Youth Day, nothing more and nothing less than the meeting of young people from all over the world with the Pope, a pilgrimage, a festival of youth, an expression of the universal Church and a strong moment of evangelization of the youth world.

The event is held annually in every diocese around the world on Palm Sunday, with a main ceremony in the Vatican. In addition, every two or three years, a big meet international held in a host city.

The World Youth Days have their origin in 1984, during the pontificate of John Paul II, to encourage youth participation in the Church and have been very successful: for example, eleven years after its inception (1995), when the World Youth Day was held in Manila (Philippines), attended by more than 4 million young people.

Un trip to WYD offers young people a strong party experience, learning for life, meeting, thinking and sharing their project for the future with young people from all over the world.

The World Youth Day has two symbols that accompany and represent it: the Pilgrim Cross and the icon of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani. These symbols accompany in a very special way the young people preparing their way to World Youth Day in their country.

As in all World Youth Days, the symbols make a pilgrimage to all the dioceses of the country that will host the great event, in this case, it will make a pilgrimage to all the Portuguese dioceses as preparation and motivation.

The World Youth Day begins on the first day with the welcoming Eucharist by the Bishop of the place, and the Pope normally arrives a couple of days later, the day on which a welcoming ceremony is held. During the mornings there is catechism to deepen the faith, and in the afternoons there are various cultural activities and concerts on topics related to faith and the Christian vision of man.

It is almost a tradition of the World Youth Days the elaboration of a hymn that represents the World Youth Day, a hymn which is sung by thousands and thousands of young people. The next World Youth Day will be held in Lisboa in 2023 and for this, the Council of Brotherhoods wants to provide all the facilities for the participation of young brothers "as well as other charisms within our local Church."

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