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Karpathos Island Guide (Greece)

If you plan to travel to Karpathos in this guide we will talk about this beautiful paradise island, we will mention how to get there, which systems are the best to move around, and the best places to visit and we will talk about where to stay.

Karpathos it is Greek island It is belonging to Dodecanese archipelago, in the Aegean Sea. Between Rhodes y Creta, being one of the most virgin and unknown islands of Greece. It is an excellent place for those looking for a exotic island, especially equipped with a great peace and tranquility. Its landscapes, its traditional atmosphere and its beaches make it a truly unique island.

Karpathos it is long and very narrow, with 160 km of coastline and very mountainous. At the easternmost end is the small island of Saria.

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How to get to the island of Karpathos

The Island Karpathos It has its own airport, but its flight inflow is so low that it really is easier to get to the island by ferry. This airport is called Karpathos International Airport, But has few international flights, its function is rather internal of connection with the other islands of the archipelago Greek.

The system more Management to get to Karpathos by plane is from Rhodes, Crete or AthensNext, we will make a brief explanation of all the possible cases.

In the case of wanting to get to Karpathos from Rhodes, you must take a flight to the Rhodes-Diagoras International Airport, from which you can take a bus or  taxi direction to City of Rhodes, once in Rhodes go to port to catch a ferry address Karpathos.

In the case of wanting to arrive from Creta, you should go to one of the airports in Creta, One best communications is the Heraklion International Airportfrom there you will have to take a bus or a taxi to the port of Crete and there take a ferry to our wonderful island and paradise Karpathos.

In the case of Athens, you must make the last route described, the fastest option is from Rhodes, by flights and frequency of ferries Rhodes-Karpathos, so it is the most recommended proposal.

How to get around Karpathos?

Karpathos does not have no car rental system since it does not have any office to make said rent.

It has a network of Bus that connects all the towns, but it is not very reliable since in certain low seasons there are hardly any journeys.

As a recommendation, it is a very good island to practice ecotourism, get one bike, walking would be a good system for sightseeing.

In any case, Karpathos has taxi drivers in almost any small town so it will be relatively easy for you to move from one side of the island to the other, in any case, always have a phone at hand as you will waste less time.

Recommended beaches in Karpathos

Spiaggia di Apela Beach in Karpathos, Greek Islands

Spiaggia di Apela beach in Karpathos, Greek Islands © PhotoAndreaMagnani -

The beaches of Karpathos are lonely and quiet. This island is endowed with a multitude of coves, the vast majority do not even have a name.

The best known are Amoopolis, Aguio Nikola, Kira, all arranged in the south of the island, being the most outstanding beaches of this region, to the north in the Pigadia area, are the beaches of Finki, Afarti and Palatilos. There are many small coves that can only be accessed from the sea.

Our recommendation is that you risk discovering and investigating corners of this beautiful unspoilt island and discover beaches that very few people have stepped on.

What to see and do in Karpathos?

The capital and the main town of the island is Karpathos, it also receives the Pigadia name, which contains the main port of the island. There is also a second port called Diafani. Karpathos follows the traditional architecture of these characteristic islands, in this way the capital is a most peaceful town.

Port of Finiki in Kaspathos, Greek Islands

Port of Finiki in Karpathos, Greek Islands © PhotoAndreaMagnani -

Visiting the island's towns is a must on this trip if you want these vacations to be the most unforgettable, as their beauty is difficult to describe. One of the The most characteristic towns are called Arcasa and Menetes, inhabited since medieval times, with beautiful churches and beautiful architecture. But one of the true and majestic attractions of this island are the group of towns, called Catojoriá and the Panojoría. Of these two, the first Catajoriá stands out for the small towns of Apero, Volada, Ozoas and Piles, which feature the classic Greek architecture of snow-white houses, quiet and coastal.

Another reason to visit this island is to do walks for its beautiful beaches, camping in these to enjoy their views and see how the sun sets, as well as wake up in them.

Visit the island if you have a ship It can be one of the best experiences you can live in the beautiful Karpathos, since the love affairs are not expensive at all and it is possible to access all the coves of the island, so you can discover some hidden places that you could not have dreamed of.

Where to stay in Karpathos?

Another one of the beaches of Karpathos in the Greek Islands
Another of the Karpathos beaches in the Greek Islands © Birgit Prentner -

Karpathos is a very virgin island, where the tourism has not arrived in excess so it is perfect to relax, it does not have many hotels and they are all located in the capital Karpathos or Pigadia.

Most are about rustic hotels, with a very close and familiar customer service, thus demonstrating the typical Greek hospitality. They have all the services you would expect from a hotel located on an island as paradisiacal as this one. Being in the same capital, access to transport is very simple. With really very affordable prices, from € 30 a night to € 60.

Another option if you have a boat is  moor in one of the two ports on the island, Karpathos and Diafani. This possibility will facilitate mobility from one side of the island to the other, it is really a very suitable option since if there are no areas that you will not be able to visit in any other way, so if you want to enjoy a dream vacation in a magical place hardly visited this is your island.