Knowing places like Thailand or Iceland invites you to continue traveling the world

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Traveling is one of the pleasures that everyone dreams of. Currently, there are many platforms that allow you to get the best prices, both for airfare, as well as for the reservation of hotels, and also for the rental of vehicles that allow you to know incredible places like Thailand or Iceland. 

Thailand is a paradise that cannot be missed

To know one of the most paradisiacal places on the planet, you can choose from the variety of travel to Thailand They are offered. It is a country that has wonderful beaches and an exceptional climate. 

Thailand has one of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkokwith its colorful temples. Another city, which was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage is the ancient capital of the kingdom, Ayutthaya. It stands out for having means of transport of the past and old buildings today in ruins. 

Towards the interior of the country, we find the Bridge over the Kwai River in Kanchanaburi, (mythical place that gave a name to a movie classic) and we can visit the park that was the first kingdom of what is known today as Thailand, the historic Sukhothai park.

For those who just go to rest, the beaches of Thailand are incredible, they seem like dreams, with turquoise blue waters like Koh Samui. They are ideal beaches for honeymooners or for a romantic wedding anniversary getaway, with the best hotels, to live wonderful moments.

Why do travelers choose to visit Thailand?

Spanish citizens have the advantage that they do not need a visa to visit this country. This is why Thailand is a very popular destination for Spanish tourism.

Thailand is a thriving country in Southeast Asia that offers all visitors who are looking for it: culture, relaxation, water sports and exceptional beaches, with wonderful cities, the friendliness of its people, adventures in the untouched nature, and gastronomy that in the world is being a trend. 

Using the best hotel search engine to compare prices helps you save on trips

Google Hotel Ads It is a platform responsible for offering users who search online for different rooms and hotels so that a price comparison can be made, as well as knowing the establishment's score and choosing the most convenient offer. It is the platform most used for this purpose by tourism.

In the last year it has grown exponentially, because it provides very complete and updated information. You can also see the availability of dates, which allows the traveler to book hotel rooms from the same platform. 

The Google Hotel Ads platform helps attract more customers for hotels. The combination of the platform with PPC strategies (pay per click), the sending of direct traffic to the hotel reservation engine and the increase in reservations, favors the increase of visibility on the Google results page. 

In this way it is much easier for the user to compare prices in an ecosystem where the same hotel room can be found at very different prices for the same day of reservation, and also, for different days. 

According to the information provided by the agency SEM and Adwords Quality level, The sum of these tools can generate up to 80% savings for tourists who use them. 

Touring Iceland by motorhome is an unforgettable adventure

Iceland is a country with many points to visit and get to know, so it is better to do it on your own, and if you are traveling as a family, the most recommended is the motorhome rental in Iceland

Of course, renting a camper or motorhome is cheap, and it is much more profitable if calculations are made of what it costs to sleep in hotels, and at the same time travel and make the three meals out to know the best places, it would go a lot more expensive. 

In addition, By choosing the most affordable option to rent a camper or motorhome, you can cook food in them, without having to eat in restaurants, which are also expensive. 

All this, transferred to euros, represents a significant saving, also telling that you can know the whole island, or part of it depending on the time of the trip and its duration. 

There are pages on the web that offer the most complete service for the rental of a motorhome or a camper while traveling in Iceland, with everything you need to include to take away. There are offers that propose significant savings and allow you to spend unforgettable holidays.

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