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Sharing photos of your trips

Today I want to talk about one of those few applications related to the world of tourism that I think is worth having on the mobile. How many times has it happened to you that you take a picture and then to share it and that other users see it you have to send it by email, whatsapp or other applications?

What if I want to share it with a community of traveling users? Yes, I already know that there are many options: facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc, etc, etc ... There is a great variety already on the net, in fact I think we are saturated with applications to share photos, but this time I think we are going to have something different in our hands, it is about Kopyk, now I tell you what it is about.

What do you say this is Kopyk's?

This application is based on the geolocation, that is, when you take a photo and upload it through the application, geolocate your mobile and place the photo in the place where you are, so easy and everything in an automated way, this guarantees Some form the authenticity of the photos that are made since then they can be seen by other users of the community.

How do other users see the photos?

Any user from the place where he is will be able to search well by proximity or by labeling system to appreciate, comment and rate photos that other users have made of the place where he is.

What makes this application so interesting?

The more photos you publish or comment, the more points of experience you accumulate, which gives you prestige and allows you to access events, ie competitions on specific dates and in specific areas, which require a certain level of user and with the possibility of rewarding the authors of the most voted photographs.

These events may be created by Kopyk or by interested external companies using Kopyk and may offer prizes to the best Kopyk photographers.

Kopyk also takes into account the distance between photos to award more points to the most traveling users. In this way, Kopyk rewards photographers who continue to participate in SPOTS during their travels.

You can read more about them on their website http://kopyk.com


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