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Trip to Lesbos (Greece)

If you plan to visit the beautiful Lesbos Island, in this guide we will show you the best of said island and we will give you a little information when moving around in it.

Lesbos It is the third Greek island of greater magnitude y It is also known by the name of Mytilene, which is its capital. It is located right in front of Asia Minor, it is a mountainous island but with large fertile plains, the south of this island is especially green and you breathe a fresh air that inspires a great tranquility. The northern zone is a volcanic zone so it does not have a large amount of vegetation, but thanks to this, it has a great variety of thermal sources with healing properties.

The weather in Lesbos

The Island Lesbos enjoys the typical moderate Mediterranean climate, with hot, sunny and dry summers, and mild and brief winters. During the summer months the average temperatures reach 34 ° of July, while of winter they do not descend below the 9 ° of January.

The months with rainfall they are January and February, while in months like October and March the climate remains relatively hot.

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How to get to Lesbos?

Arrive at Lesbos it's something simple because its capital Mytilene, have a airport that connects with all of Europe. The Mytilene International Airport, also known as Odysséas Elýtis, is the only airport on the island, and the easiest way to get to this beautiful island.

El Lesbos airport It only has a cafeteria and a duty-free store.

This airport is located at 8 km Mytilene and it can be accessed in a very simple way. It also has a car rental system, something that will facilitate transportation on the island, if you do not want to choose this service you can opt for a bus system that connects with the center. Mytilene.

How to move around Lesbos?

When moving around the island of Lesbos we have to take into account that it is an island of large dimensions, so it has many places to visit, therefore access a method of transport  autonomous and fast is the most viable so, in this case, the best recommendation is to rent a car at the airport, that will give you a freedom that you will appreciate when traveling.

Lesbos - Castillo capital Molivas
Lesbos - Castillo capital Molivas (c) Can Stock Photo

In case of not wanting to opt for the rent a carisland of Lesbos It has a very wide bus network It connects all the cities and some tourist attractions.

Other options available on the island of Lesbos are hiking and biking on some of its roads. And as a curiosity, there is the possibility of doing an excursion on a donkey.

Lesbos It also has a taxi network that will take you where you need it.

Recommended beaches in Lesbos

La island of Lesbos It has two very different areas in terms of beaches, in the south it has beaches with beautiful cliffs, the typical paradise, where the trees reach the end of these cliffs, giving a contrast of gray and green colors with the really beautiful blue of the sea. This area is difficult to access if it is not by sea, so it is best to access them con a boat, and anchor in these beautiful coves.

The north zone has big beaches of grayish sand due to its volcanic origin, with little vegetation but a large abundance of thermal springs, with healing properties.

At the  Mytilene area, the beaches of the Scala Polijniu, Scala Eresú and Aspropótamos which are three of the most beautiful on the island.

What to see and do in Lesbos?

En lesbos We have a multitude of leisure options, from museumsarcheological ruins, Centers watersportsbarsnight areas and even guided excursions for its volcanoes.

Lesbos - Beach village Petra
Lesbos - Beach village Petra (c) Can Stock Photo

At the  capital there is a large castle chaired by its main square called plaza de la libertad, surrounded by old houses and modern buildings that create a characteristic contrast in this beautiful city. In this city you can visit a lot of churches and a couple of castles y manor houses really amazing.

In the old part of the city ​​of Matillene there are two museums, one of Popular art and the other is a archeological Museum. In addition, it has many Turkish baths. He Aqueduct of Mount Olympusin Mytilene, It is very famous for its impressive history since it is said that the waters of the Mount Olympus.

It is also advisable to visit the Petra town, located in a privileged place, in the middle of a great gulf, with very traditional houses, or with a crystal clear sea, a town worthy of being visited that will not leave you indifferent.

The city of Molivos, Also called Metimna, is built to the environment of a huge castle. Of narrow streets, with many fountains and decorations, it is a town that must be seen, at least, once in a lifetime.

At the  Scala of Sicaminia are the Sanctuaries of Zeus, Hera and Dionysus and the Temple of Apollo, a truly sacred monument for the Greeks.

En Sigri, a picturesque village of the island of Lesbos is the Natural Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesbos, created to conserve the natural heritage of the island, visit it will not regret.

Where to stay in Lesbos?

Lesbos is a Very large island, which has all kinds of adaptations for tourism, with many hotels and hostels and a wide variety of quality ranges and prices.

Lesbos - Aerial beach view
Lesbos - Aerial beach view (c) Can Stock Photo

Then we will talk about the best areas of the island:

Mytilene, Is the capital of the island, apart from being a city with great contrasts between its old houses and its more modern constructions. It has restaurants, bars, nightlife, the bus station and many hotels of medium to high range.

Petra is another town of the island of Lesbos, a privileged place with traditional houses. In this town we can find bars, restaurants and the odd hotel, but the most curious thing is the Agrotourism Association of Petra, which welcomes and accommodates tourists in their traditional homes for a very reasonable price, granting a very authentic experience of what life is like in Petra and the Greek charm.

Sigri, is the second port of the island of Lesbos, this town is less oriented to tourism so you can enjoy a quieter experience in this humble coastal town, with some hotels, bars and restaurants.

La island of Lesbos It has many towns, which we have not named, with a number of hotels, so we encourage you to look beyond what we have been able to offer you and Believe us, if you visit Lesbos you will never forget it.

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