Llanes, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Llanes with all the essentials and essentials.

Llanes, interior of the town with the port, Spain
Llanes, village interior with harbor, Spain © jtpalacio - Fotolia.com

Llanes is a municipality of the Principality of Asturias and has a population of 13 960 inhabitants.

Within its economic characteristics we find the city of Llanes, with an active fishing port currently and a strong economic tourism, an activity that records high revenues in the summer, being one of the tourist attractions par excellence in Spain.

From Llanes we can access the National Park of Picos de Europa that belongs to the network of National Parks of Spain, and was one of the first protected natural areas of the peninsula (together with Ordesa, both are protected spaces from 1918), only that in a first moment received the name of Mountain National Park of Covadonga.

What is it that you can visit in Llanes?

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Within its historical heritage, the city of Llanes offers us a great gala of monuments within which we can visit and highlight Basilica of Santa María de Concejo, the House of Rivero, Palace of the Count of Vega de Sella, Palace of El Cercado, Convent of the Incarnation, Casino building, the eastern outskirts of the town, among others, offering us a cultural and exceptional tour of the city.

The city offers a good range of shops and traditional restaurants, both in its urban center and in the rural area and its surroundings, in summer the sector of bars in the city schedule events to animate the night and thus offer a great show and make the three beaches a unique place to want to make a tour of them.

Another place that all tourists should visit is the cliff, and the Paseo de San Pedro, these sites have the facility to change and improve the charm of the coastal atmosphere.

The best beaches of Llanes

Llanes, beach of Vidiago, Spain
Llanes, Vidiago beach, Spain © roberaten - Fotolia.com

It is important to highlight each of the council's beaches, which are located in the Costa Verde Asturiana, which is a protected natural reserve. For this reason the Costa Verde Asturiana is integrated, according to the information provided by the Ministries of Agriculture, Food and Environment, another of the representative beaches of the region that we can highlight in the urban case of Llanes, next to Paseo de San Pedro and the remains of the castle.

La beach of Cuevas del Mar, it offers a great attraction to visit, the panorama offered by its geological formations is great and allows you to enjoy walking along the beach feeling, at the foot the swaying and the tranquility of its waves. Another is the Canal Beach, a geological formation of natural character, it is one of the smallest of the system, with a length of 25 meters, the beach of Guadamía or Aguamía, is located near the town of Llames de Pría, in the mouth of the Guadamía River, there the boundary is formed Ribadesella. This beach is suitable for swimming, composed of fine white sand, also presents formations such as cliffs and jesters. It is reached from the village of Llames de Pría using a road.

La Beach of San Antolin It is the largest in the entire municipality, with more than a kilometer long and with 62 meters wide. It is located at the mouth of the Bedón River, it is considered high risk for bathing, since strong waves are generated, however, it is used for surfing and the attendance of the general public is high, making it semi-urban.

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Gastronomy and parties in the city of Llanes

Llanes, colored cubes by the lighthouse, Spain
Llanes, colored cubes next to the lighthouse, Spain © jtpalacio - Fotolia.com

If you are concerned with your journey of enjoying the gastronomy and festivals of the region, you have gone to the ideal place, its main dishes are the walkers, centellones, bugres or lubricants, they are characterized by their good flavor and color, a way to access all these delicacies you can do it in the culinary days of seafood organized every year in spring.

In terms of holidays of tourist interest what we can find in Llanes, are multiple and diverse, among which we can highlight the San Roque festival, held in mid-August, Santa María patron saint of Magdalena sailors, whose fair is held in the month of July year after year, Other fairs equally representative of the city are Our Lady Virgin of Guia celebrated in the month of September, that of Our Lady of Adrin, celebrated in August, La Sacramental de Cué, celebrated the 24 of June and Santo Cristo del Amparo of Nueva 13 and 14 of September.

For the night Llanes and its commercial establishments offer a wide range, so that tourists choose according to their taste for music.

Thanks to these events, cultural and tourism policy has been strengthened; which, has led it to grow in an accelerated way, generating in recent years a remarkable urban growth, which locals fear and feel worried, for all the negative effects that may affect the environment and landscape.

Activities you can do on site like Llanes

However we can find in Llanes, active tourism activities, one of the most surprising, is that there resides a surf school, where you can take classes in this discipline, and even become an expert on the subject. Another of its attractions is in four-wheeler trekking, water activities such as kayak and paintball, then tourist friend if you belong to the select group of people who like extreme activities, came to the right place.

But do not forget your purchases when you return to your place of origin, in the city you will find a wide range of handicrafts and reminders of your visit by Llanes.

Another factor that you as a tourist should not worry about is the lodging, the city has a top quality hotel line, which is accompanied by rural hotels, hostels, cabins, multi-family dwellings and village houses, with capacity to serve more than two hundred thousand tourists in the summer season, and thanks to the city administration and the private sector it is kept in perfect condition, and is the added value that you and your family get to choose as a holiday destination The city of Llanes, because all the tourist program designed by the authorities, was made so that all tourists, do not worry, feel the sense of security and above all live an unforgettable experience every day during the time they stay in the region.

So do not forget to schedule your next vacation to the city of Llanes.

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