Lloret del Mar, travel guide of the Spanish city: everything basic and essential


Travel guide of the Spanish city of Lloret del Mar with all the basics and essentials.

Coast of Lloret del Mar, Spain
Coast Lloret del Mar, Spain © matthi - Fotolia.com

Lloret del Mar is one of the largest cities on the Costa Brava, its panoramic view to the south encompasses the entire Mediterranean Sea. With an area of ​​48 square kilometers, it has a millenary history, through this time it went from being a small fishing village to a popular spa, especially visited by young people.

Another factor that contributed to this change was its climate and geography of the city, in addition to being close to cities such as Barcelona and Gerona, additionally borders the border with France.

Among the characteristics that we can observe, it is its mild climate with the absence of cold winds, allowing tourists to rest in a phenomenal way on the beaches, which compared to others are narrow but very cozy. But traveling friend, not only the city lends itself to passive rest, Lloret del MarIt also offers water activities that include fishing, diving and water sports equipment rental.


What can we see when visiting a city like Lloret del Mar?

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Likewise, like every city, Lloret de Mar has places of historical interest and traditions, we can see it through its most representative festivals and festivals that are organized during the year, and as a public stage are its main roads of the city. An important place to observe and admire is the monument to Doña Marinera that is dedicated to women, for the suffering they have in waiting for the return of their husbands and fishermen.

Within the cultural albito one of its representative monuments to visit and more if it belongs to the Catholic belief is the Church of Sant Romà, a Gothic monument with Renaissance influences built between 1509 and 1522.

But if dear traveler if it is a question of living a medieval experience, not of going to the  Castle of Sant Joan, This fort dates from the XNUMXth century and its purpose was purely defensive, thus countering the attacks of the Turkish, English and French pirates and invaders, of this only the Tower of Homage remains, which is currently in its state of preservation. It is acceptable, and for what you want most, do not forget to attend the Museum of the Sea, there you will know all the natural benefits that the Mediterranean Sea offers.

Another aspect that has contributed to tourism development in Lloret del Mar is the certification achieved by the city, which gives it the endorsement of a Sports Tourism Destination, a distinction awarded by the Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT), to achieve this distinction The city for several years dedicated itself to offering specialized resources and services for elite athletes. The city has had this distinction as a Sports Destination since 2006, with an infrastructure concentrated in a single sports area in the entire center of the town, near the hotel zone and 800 meters from the beach. But this is not the only distinction that the city has, in 2010 it received the distinction of Family Tourist Destination from the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Beaches of the city

Beach of Lloret del Mar, Spain
Lloret del Mar beach, Spain © Boggy - Fotolia.com

Currently, Lloret del Mar has reinvented itself as an urban beach tourist destination, a new concept of coastal destination, which highlights its natural attractions such as sun, sea and beach, complementing them with a set of added values ​​of the territory as its history, its population, traditions and customs, in addition to its wide commercial offer of leisure, tourism and services.

All this is due to the creation of the Strategic Tourism Plan, in which it brings together the public and private sectors, to carry out works and investments for the development of the city. So far the result of this program has been excellent, either in the socio-cultural, economic or political sphere of the region.

This has led Lloret del Mar to currently offer a commercial area equipped with more than a thousand establishments, of which more than half are concentrated in the old part of the city, which is due to the fact that the administration allows them to open all its establishments throughout the year, a policy applied since 2010, offering festivals such as the Medieval Fair or the Street Shop at different times of the year, that if any of your visits coincide with these events, be sure to visit them, where you can get all the articles and crafts that we normally buy as reminders or gifts; However, this does not mean that they are not achieved at any other time, it is only that at the time of the fair all the artisans and artists congregate.

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Parties and events in the city

Panorama of Lloret del Mar, Spain
Panoramic view of Lloret del Mar, Spain © carlos_bcn - Fotolia.com

If your vacation plan is to party, you can visit the city, in the month of February, every year the city celebrates its carnivals, events that are characterized by being phenomenal, and year after year they are surpassed with the best shows in the sports and cultural field, added to the concert performances of the most famous artists.

Similarly, Lloret del Mar offers different events throughout the year, some of these are; the Mediterranean National Cup, a tournament for promising young soccer players held in April and the Lloret Formula Weekend, Event that uses its central theme in the formula and is performed on a weekend of the month of May year after year, among others.

In the gastronomic field, the city is distinguished by Catalan, Mediterranean and European cuisine, which we are forced to try in a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars, which transports us to the nightlife of the city, very crowded by young people who frequently go to clubs and discos, which offer unique and renewed entertainment shows.

As you can see friends, lovers of travel and new experiences, the city has a wide variety of tourist attractions, if at any time you are encouraged to visit Lloret del Mar, you will not be bored, otherwise you will have the most fun in any of its offered tourist programs.

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