What if you lose your bank card during your holidays?


During travel cases of theft or loss of cards they become more habitual than you imagine, even though during vacation periods the authorities try to raise awareness among people to be more cautious and avoid theft, the reality is that it can happen to anyone, so it is necessary Know how to act and avoid major discomforts.

One of every three cards is stolen during holiday seasons in our country according to official statistics, so to not be part of them we will show you the most effective way to act and prevent the loss or theft of your card turning the holidays into a disaster.

Act immediately

The most effective way to deal with the theft or loss of a card is to avoid wasting time, immediately after noticing the disappearance should be given notice to the bank that issued the card. The process is not complicated and with a simple call you can solve the problem.

The first thing to talk to the customer service manager is to notify the situation and request the immediate blocking of the card, so that nobody without the owner's consent can use it.
In the event that you go to cancel bankia cardIn addition to the telephone line you can do it easily online, accessing the Internet officeOnly if you are already registered, the option will be found by clicking on the following sections "Cards", "Queries" and finally "Loss" in which the indicated steps must be followed.

When notifying the loss takes into consideration the following:

  • It is convenient to have the telephone number of the bank written down in another place and not only have the telephone number on the back of the card. It can be stored in the mobile phone to have it on hand in case of any problem.
  • As a method of precaution, take note of the exact date and time when the cancellation of the card was notified to the bank, this will help in case any claim should be made.
  • When calling, have the following information at hand, the most personal information that you surely know, but it is worth remembering it. Name (preferably as it appears on the card) ID, postal address, name of the issuing bank and a secret question randomly to verify your identity.
  • It is convenient that the number of your card also have it written down in a safe place, some entities also request it. It is better to caution.

Go to the police station

In case of theft it is essential to go to a nearby police station to record the criminal act. In addition to presenting the corresponding complaint for what happened, the police report will collect data such as the date, time and description of the incident, this document will be essential in case you should make some kind of claim to the bank issuing the credit card.

This report will be a backup for you in the event that, in addition to the theft of the bank card, fraudulent purchases were made at the hands of a third person. In this case, an investigation will be carried out so that the insurance of the card will be responsible for the outstanding debts due to said theft.

I am abroad what should I do?

If the loss or theft of the card happened abroad is not cause for concern, the measures to be taken are exactly the same, act immediately for the blocking and cancellation of the cards.

The banking entities have customer assistance via national and international telephone, in addition to the online services of attention, for which the claim can be made without any type of inconvenience.

Some extra tips

  • Be cautious, even though it can happen to anyone it is not necessary to go a step ahead. A good alternative that even security forces recommend is not to carry all the cards in the same pocket or wallet to avoid total loss.
  • Common sense is also an important part. It is never convenient to carry the password of the card next to it. This is considered by the banks as a misuse of the product and may be reason for this to be free of liability in case of return of some money.
  • Join the technology and make use of the security options that the banks offer, such as receiving notifications of bank movements that are made is an excellent alternative.

The loss or theft of a card is not something strange, it can happen to anyone, the difference is in how to act before the situation and with these measures this will not go beyond a simple scare.

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