Madrid, what you have not seen yet of this city

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The capital of Spain is one of the favorite destinations for travelers around the world. This is shown by tourism statistics, in which Madrid already benefits from other cities such as Paris or Rome. But beyond the most common places to visit in this destination, what are the best places to see if you take cheap flights to Madrid?

El Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Gran Vía, Plaza Mayor… the center of Madrid is full of common places to visit… and people. However, there are other more hidden and less known enclaves of the city that also deserve to be discovered. It is for this reason that today we are going to show you what they are.

Let yourself be advised to go to those corners of Madrid that few people see, although many times it is in front of their noses. Get away from the noise and the madrid marabunta to visit places you can not miss.

You can step on the Kilometer Zero of Sun without noticing

One of the best hidden secrets of the capital of Spain is the 0 Kilometer of roads. From that precise point, all the Spanish roads start to destinations as distant as Andalusia, Galicia or the Valencian Community. But even if you are in the midst of a crowd of people in the Puerta del Sol, few know how to discover it.

It is true that the 0 Kilometer is well known by many people, but it is also true that its secret is kept so clearly that it is almost impossible to discover it unless you know how to look. And is that such an enclave is on the floor of Puerta de Sol, very close to the exit of the Cercanías. It's a secret kept in full view of anyone, and that's why it's harder to find.

Be careful, because you may ask for it without realizing it and that you stay without knowing it. It is also a pretty small plate but, if you look at it, it really draws attention. The arrows indicate all the paths that can be followed from that precise point, since they start from there all the directions of the motorways of Spain.

A walk on the roofs of Madrid

Now looking up from the ground, it's time to address the best roofs of the capital. Contemplating the Renaissance and modern buildings of Madrid from the top and with a drink or a soft drink is always an appetizing plan, whether you go alone or with friends or with your partner.

For this simple reason is why you should include visiting these roofs in your step of 24 hours, or more, for Madrid. Surely many of them will surprise you, such as the El Corte Inglés Gourmet, or the Secret Garden of Salvador Bachiller.
You're sure to be impressed when you contemplate the roofs of emblematic buildings such as Schweppes, Rolex and the Press Palace.

In the Retiro it is possible to meet some nice peacocks

What cannot be done in Madrid, cannot be done in another part of Spain. With the exception of a beach, which as the song says "there is no here ...", in the capital of Spain You can even meet one of the most curious animals that exist: the peacock. The Buen Retiro Park is the place where it is achieved.

Created in the seventeenth century, this immense park is the lung of Madrid, a city that accuses pollution enough. King Philip IV was the first to enjoy it, and now it remains open to the public. In the corner dedicated to the gardens of Cecilio Rodriguez it is possible to see the peacocks in freedom, yes, the most beautiful are the males, because they use their multicolored plumage to attract the females.

El Retiro also has the only source dedicated to the devil

In Madrid there is room for everyone. Even for the devil, who has the only source dedicated to his image in the whole world. In the heart of the aforementioned Buen Retiro Park, the sculpture is named after "Fallen Angel", and it is a curiosity that can - and must - be visited in the capital.

With a clear influence of "Laocoon and his children" made at least 5 centuries ago by Agesandro, Polidoro and Atenodoro de Rodas, the statue of the Fallen Angel is something very special and unique that not many people know. Whether you are religious or not, you should go to meet him and take a few pictures.

These are just some of the corners that tourists rarely visit, but that tell many stories about what Madrid is like. Can you visit them all? If you have at least one day, you can tour them even with a leisurely stroll between the old streets of the city.
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